Gerber Silver Trident

Gerber Silver Trident

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About Gerber Silver Trident

Gerber Silver Trident is a fixed-blade knife designed for maritime use. It has a total length of 11.22 inches, with a blade length of 6.18 inches. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable. The handle is made of non-slippery Hytrel material, which gives a firm grip even in wet conditions.

The Gerber Silver Trident has a unique double-edged blade, which makes it ideal for cutting through tough materials like rope, netting, and even clothing. The blade has a serrated edge on one side and a straight edge on the other, giving it versatility in different cutting situations. The knife also has a pointed tip, which can be used for piercing or puncturing tough materials.

The Gerber Silver Trident comes with a molded plastic sheath that has a belt loop for easy carrying. The sheath also has a drain hole to prevent water from accumulating inside. The knife is designed for use in harsh marine environments and can withstand exposure to saltwater and other corrosive elements. Overall, the Gerber Silver Trident is a reliable and versatile knife for anyone who spends time on or near the water.

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