Wusthof Classic 8" Carvin Knife

Wusthof Classic 8" Carvin Knife


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About Wusthof Classic 8" Carvin Knife

The Wusthof Classic line of kitchen Knives represents the standard for simple, high-quality culinary cutlery. Forged in Solingen, Germany, and assembled from kitchen-proof materials, these Knives are capable in the hands of Homemakers and professionals alike. You’ll find Wusthof’s widest array of blade styles, ranging from tools you know and love, like paring and chef’s Knives, to more specialized cutters. Wusthof Classic will better your cooking experience, last for generations, and won’t offend your wallet—you can’t go wrong!Wusthof Classic kitchen Knivescome in all kinds of styles that serve a wide range of different kitchen functions. Pick out exactly what you need!Carving Knife:Known by its long, narrow blade, this knife is often used alongside a meat fork to carve large pieces of meat. It can also tackle other large slicing jobs.

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