Benchmade 940 Osborne

Benchmade 940 Osborne

Benchmade 940 Osborne

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Benchmade 940 Osborne

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Brand Benchmade
Category All Knives
Overall Length 7.87" (200mm) 7.87"
Closed Length 4.47" (114mm) 4.47
Blade Length 3.4" (86mm) 3.40 3.40"
Blade Thickness .115" (3mm) .12" (3mm) 0.12"
Blade Steel S30V
Blade Style Reverse Tanto
Blade Finish Black Coated Satin
Handle Material Aluminum G-10 Carbon Fiber Titanium
Pocket Clip Yes, right or left hand, tip up Yes, right or left Tip-Up
Lock Type Button Axis AXIS lock Bar Lock
Weight 2.65oz Unknown 2.90 oz. 2.65 oz. 2.44 oz.
Country of Origin USA
Handle Thickness .44" (11mm) 0.44" 0.41"
Assisted Open No
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Material Stainless Steel (CPM-S30V) CPM-S90V CPM S90V CPM S30V CPM M4
Handle Color Green/Olive Black
Knife Type Folding Manual
Knife Weight 2.90
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Point Tanto
Sheath Included No
Total length 7.87
Hardness 58-60 RC 59-61 RC
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Black Satin Stonewash
Edge Type Plain Serrated
Handle Length 4.47"
Color Black Green Jade Gray
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Opener Thumb Stud
Model 940BK-2003 940 940BK-2004 940-2
Designer Osborne
Best Use Camp/Hike, Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Model Number 940 940BK 940-1 940S-1 940-2001

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I love the knife, just one problem

Oak H.
2 years ago

I got the knife a month ago, and I loved it. The perfect design for a knife imo. Sad that its only s30vn and not s35vn for the price. Aluminum wears SUPER easy, but I love green. Backspace are great. The omega springs is why it's a 3/5. One broke 2 weeks after having it, so I'll have to tear it apart to put in cheap etsy springs that are better even if they're 5 bucks... major let read more down. I personally have lost faith in Benchmade, cuz of my other knives scales are falling off. I'll change it to 5/5 if they ever update the steel and fix the omega springs as a whole.

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11 years in the making

Eric M.
2 years ago

I purchased my 940 back in 2011 and I’ve used it daily since the minute it hit my hand.

One might ask - “How is it holding up after 11 years?” And I’d answer AMAZING!! The lockup is just as firm as day one. The blade is perfectly centered and has zero play. At 10 years, I had to replace the springs for the axis lock.

Clean annually, lubricant the pivot, maintain read more your edge, and you’ll have a knife to last you a lifetime.

Should Have Been My First Nice Knife

Matt T.
2 years ago

For as small as this knife is in the pocket, I don't think you could buy a sturdier knife. I pry hubcaps and center caps off wheels all day long, dig screws out of tires, and of course, the S30V blade is plenty sharp and easily resharpened. If you need a pocket knife to do more than most would expect from a pocket knife, this one can't be beat.

Highly recommended

Joseph C.
2 years ago

Bought the 940 Osborne in Feb of 2019 and it was my first Benchmade. I thought the price was crazy expensive because I’m used to having $40 knives... It is 10000% worth the money. Best knife I’ve ever had and will continue to use it daily. After two and a half years the action is still buttery smooth and locks up tight every time. Have had ZERO issues with it since the day i read more got it. Highly recommend.

Great knife

David krueger
2 years ago

Wow, this knife is exactly what it claims. If you don’t own a 940, put it on your bucket list.

Best EDC knife ever!

Todd G.
3 years ago

Best EDC knife ever!
I purchased this knife back when it first came out, I was working in a sporting goods store and the first time I seen it in the display case I was in love, the green handles, purple spine and the feel in the hand, I just had to have it… Took me about a month or so of going back and forth to actually buy it since I was in school and working part time, that read more was a lot of money… Actually, it still is a lot of money!  But to be honest it’s worth every penny. Been in love with a good knife since I was a kid and had a pretty good collection going, but they all had been collecting dust since I purchased the 940… Then the unthinkable happened, my everyday companion for the last 15+ years or so disappeared while packing to move… I was heartbroken, hoping to find it while unpacking and settling into our new home I went back carrying some of my knives that had been collecting dust and even looked at some new ones, but have to be honest, I just wish I had my old 940 Osborne back… Well now that it’s been a year and I’ve been through every box, bag and pack I own a few times hoping it would show up, and not finding one I like better I guess it’s time to pull the trigger and buy a new one… If you are looking for something to carry with you every day you cannot go wrong with this knife!

Definition of Legendary Workhorse

Matt L.
3 years ago

Benchmade 940 Osborne. Iconic aggressive blade, robust aluminum handle, and the trusty AXIS lock. It is no surprise that the Osborne has achieved occult status.
The Blade. It is super sharp, solid finish, great lockup, grabby retention, and with a legend of a Wharncliffe blade. Often copied, rarely replicated.
The Action. The tried and true AXIS lock can take a good knife read more and make it great. Smooth and easy, the Osborne can be drop close after just a few seconds of adjustment. I must have opened and closed this knife three hundred times already, it is most enjoyable to manipulate.
The Handle. Comfortable, tough, and simple. Jimping at the thumb and down the spacer. The handle also sports a quality pocket clip. The Osborne is made to be gripped down upon, and heavy cutting tasks do not hurt your hands badly.
If I were to pick two details about the Osborne that I don't really like, it would be that the handle shows wear and tear very easily. The green is coming off and I am not even trying. Also the price. Even though the knife is almost worth it...190 is a bunch. The butterfly tax is very real.
In conclusion, I really like the Osborne. I wasn't expecting the backspacer to be pink, so it technically is my most girly knife. That's okay, it reminds me of a dragon. I totally dig the slim dragon look, I like the rugged feel, and I love the legendary status. 91/100

Super light weight workhorse

Tom Peterson
3 years ago

Very light weight knife. My first 940. Opted for the serrated version for utilitarian purposes. Blue barrel spacers are a nice accent. Wish BM offered matching blue hardware as aftermarket option. Only down side that I've found on this knife is that the pocket clip is pretty tight compared to my other Benchmades but will likely loosen up a bit with regular carrying.

I Want More!

Michael S.
3 years ago

I own many other Benchmade knives along with countless other brands. I have had my eye on one of these for the better part of 5 years.I never pulled the trigger on it for one reason or another on this one. I looked at the pictures and read the articles and reviews. There is a very good reason this model is one of Benchmade's most popular model for 20 +/- years. As soon as I opened read more the box and put it in my hand I knew I should have bought at least one more. I usually buy carry knives in 2s. You carry one and keep the other one new in the box. That's just in case for a backup replacement or if it gets discontinued. This knife is crazy nice and is everything you have heard and read about them. It feels great in the hand and is of good quality construction. The S30V is good blade steel that is easy to sharpen and holds the edge. It also comes super sharp straight out of the box. The Axis lock locks up tight and secure. It is easy to manipulate one handed. Contrary to other owners I think the pocket clip they put on at the factory is perfect. I don't like deep pocket carry clips that make it harder and more time consuming to get it out of your pocket in a hurry. I have a lifetime CCW that never expires and carry a handgun daily. I don't give two flips whether somebody knows I have a knife on me or not. In fact I usually have 3-4 on me at one time on any given day. It's always at least two bare minimum. A Victorinox Swiss Army "usually a pre '85 Champion" and a EDC tactical folder. This one is perfect for something light and easy to carry on days you don't want or need a bigger knife on you. I carry 4"+/- folders for those. Many times they are automatics, assisted or flippers. The Benchmade 940 such as this is a nice companion to a 9051 AFO 2 auto, Spyderco Military, Microtech SOCOM Delta or something else along those lines. I enjoy this one so much that I already have my second one for #2 planned to purchase in the next month. Buy one, you are missing out if you don't. All the hype and rumors are indeed true!

Just what I expected.

Nathaniel C.
3 years ago

Got this knife for my B-day and it is great. Super sharp out of the box, and nothing wrong with it. It is truly a grail knife and I am glad to have it in my collection.

A New Favorite?

Anthony T.
3 years ago

I love knives and have 4-5 that I rotate through for EDC. My two favorites have been a Para 3 in S35VN and a Bugout with aftermarket G10 scales. Since I picked up this 940, I can tell my other knives are getting jealous. It's stunning and SO much fun to fidget flip... I was very fortunate to get one with nearly perfect centering and the action was pretty smooth out of the box. I've read more been flicking it and closing it non-stop to break in the lock (my Bugout got REALLY gritty and lock-sticky for a while) and the action is silky smooth and getting smoother. Not drop-shutty like my Para 3, but a little flick of the wrist closes her easily.

I sold off my PM2 to get this and I am so glad I did. This knife is the perfect blend of toughness with the aluminum scales, thicker blade and AXIS lock yet remains thin, light and carries a lot smaller than most knives with a 3.4" blade. What sold me on the 940 was the YouTube reviews of this knife after 5-10 years worth of ownership. 940s age beautifully as the edges wear and the fact that I can send it back to Benchmade and they will put a new blade on it when this one no longer has any life left in it, makes this 100% a user and not a safe queen.

Thank God this isn't the case, but if you held a gun to my head and forced me to choose one knife to carry for the rest of my life, I'm almost certain I'd pick this over my beloved Para 3. It's THAT good!

Ergonomically Perfect

Matthew S.
3 years ago

I almost always prefer knives 3" and under but the ergonomics of the 940 are so good that it's become my go to for daily use. The green aluminum is beautiful in person and the purple backspacer is a great touch aesthetically. The knife has a great balance and the blade is super easy to flick open, even more so than the rest of my Benchmades. I highly recommend this knife.

Great knife but

Andrew C.
3 years ago

I really love the look of this knife. The aluminum handles feel chalky and it's not my favorite to be honest but I'm getting used to it. I love the look of the knife and profile of the blade. Only issue is my axis lock isn't breaking in super well, but it seems better with use and some bluelube. I wish the grind and action were better for the price but its a great EDC classic.

Amazing Knife

Daniel H.
3 years ago

Purchased this knife back two weeks ago I was surprised how good it was the 940 is everything I've read about. I thought about getting one for sometime now finally got one that's great. The Axis lock is incredible the long blade on the 940 helps it deploy easily or flicking of the finger opens it easily, better than I expected I have a few knives and this is quickly becoming my read more favorite. The width on the knife is great to sit in your pocket and you don't even notice it.

The New Standard

Kimmer C.
3 years ago

This knife has actually exceeded expectations and the hype surrounding the 940. All statements about how good the 940 is are absolutely true and are well deserved. The action was very quick to break in, and became butter smooth after a handful of deployments. I can even deploy it and shut it with my non dominant hand, making it useful in many situations. This knife has set a new read more bar for any knife that I get from now on, I have a Mini Griptilian, but the action on the 940 is much, much better. If you have been on the fence about getting a 940, just do it! You will love it! I love mine, it has quickly become my new favorite knife and has me seriously considering getting rid of all my other knives. Ok maybe not that extreme, but close!

A Classic Knife That Is Worth The Price

Ben G.
4 years ago

First off I want to thanks all the employees at Blade HQ for all their above and beyond customer service and support!!

I had read that Benchmade has had a few QC problems over the years and that some of their knives were showing up dull, uncentered, stiff access locks and some with uneven grinds etc. Needless to say I was a tad hesitant buying this knife online without seeing read more it first. I sent an email to Blade HQ customer service asking if they would be willing to inspect the knife before sending it to me to make sure it was perfect.

I'm happy to report that it showed up centred and sharp, with no play in any direction, with a smooth access lock and with what appears to be an even blade grind. I couldn't be happier with the knife and my experience.

I also called Benchmade and ordered two deep carry pocket clips, a standard size and a short one.

I haven't had a lot of time with the 940 yet so will add to this review after I have a few weeks or months under my belt. However, my initial thoughts are that this is a wonderful EDC knife that looks amazing, feels amazing in the hands and the reverse tango blade shape can be used for a lot of different applications. Due to the thickness of the blade I'm not sure it will be the best slicer but can obviously get the job done. This knife handle will patina over time to show how you used the knife which is something I love!

If you are on the fence know that the 940 has been on the market for 20 years and form my understanding has be selling really well ever since its release. That should tell you something about how great this knife is.

Thanks for reading!

You need one for sure

Alex S.
4 years ago

This is about the most dress up knife I have. It's heavy duty though. Im not afraid to use it.


John W.
4 years ago

Love the 940 ... great knife ... rides well in the pocket.

Well Rounded EDC

David G.
4 years ago

Prior to purchasing this I had been carying the para 3, however this has come to be my go to edc. Between its slim carry profile and great blade to handle ratio its performance really can't be beat. As an added bonus the green aluminum handles with the purple back spacer leads to a very cool looking knife.

So far I love it

Peter A.
4 years ago

After a few weeks since picking up the serrated version of this knife (apparently discontinued) as part of a huge BladeHQ sale, I can say it’s easily the best EDC knife I’ve every had. It replaced a basic Griptillian I’d bought years ago and seem to have lost. The 940 arrived in perfect condition with a very sharp edge and nicely centered blade. The Axis lock on this model read more in incredible! Overall it’s just slightly bigger than I’d been used to yet balanced in the hard and lightweight. There’s are many reasons why the 940 is considered a modern classic. And that green finish is pretty sick, too.

One of the best

Kelly A.
4 years ago

This knife is one of the best knives i think you can buy for hard use or just EDC, the steel is impressive and the tip is super strong. My only downside is that its a little too big for my taste (i have a small/medium size hand) but that's just prefernce. I highly recommend this to anyone!

Everyday Companion

William J.
4 years ago

This knife is by far my favorite knife for EDC. I carry this knife more than any other knife that I own and it has yet to ever lose that title. The green scales have worn in beautifully giving it that naturally worn look.

I love the weight and feel of flicking that blade out every single time!

This knife is a MUST have for any true knife lover.

So far so good!

Maximus F.
4 years ago

I have no complaints for this knife. Amazing build quality, super sharp out of the box.

King of the pocket

Matt P.
4 years ago

There hasn't been 1 day since I got my 940 that I didn't carry it. I may need to adopt Kurts model of carrying 2 knives because I feel bad for only carrying my 940. Absolutely 0 regrets.

Excellent EDC

David W.
4 years ago

I've gotta say that the 940 fills a real Goldilocks sweet spot for me--it's just right in size, weight, action, steel, and blade design. Mine arrived with the action, centering, grind, and lockup all spot on, but unfortunately with a couple of quality control problems: The center backliner screw was several millimeters too long and protruded through the frame, enough to snag on read more my pants. I had to remove it and file it down (the assembler/inspector should have noticed this). I now have a silver dot showing where I filed off the screw's finish, I guess I'll just touch it up with a black Sharpie. Also my knife arrived less than shaving sharp, and the edge was visibly rough--you shouldn't have to sharpen a new knife. Those issues aside it's great, the blade freely swings open and shut with the axis lock disengaged yet there's only a touch of side-to-side play.

I like the feel of the 940's aluminum scales just fine and I even like the purple backspacer. However given the knife's small size I wish the scales were just a bit grippier (I assume the G-10 and carbon fiber scales of the 940 variations are better in this regard). I also wish there was some jimping on the blade spine for finer thumb control. I wish it came with a deep-carry pocket clip but for $5 Benchmade sent me one and it arrived in three can choose between long or short, black or satin. I got the long black one and it comes right to the end of the handle, the knife disappears in my pocket. I've been carrying it for a couple of weeks now and it continues to grow on's small, light and surprisingly nearly as good a thin slicer as my Spyderco Para 2 (and it doesn't take up as much pocket real estate).

It's an excellent knife but I personally feel the price is $50 too high. It's a popular, well-reviewed knife that's achieved a certain cachet, nothing else quite fills its niche and they're trading on the Benchmade name. That said, I could have saved $26 purchasing it from Amazon but I've read about Chinese counterfeits and wanted the peace of mind and customer service I get from BladeHQ.

Overall, it's a well engineered knife except for some minor points and fits many of my EDC needs well...I'll rotate it with my Para 2 as the mood strikes me or to best perform the task at hand (the Para 2 is better at cutting down cardboard, as well as being more hand-filling for tougher jobs; for many everyday carry tasks, however, the 940 is easier to get along with). Is it worth the money? Some minor quibbles aside, I think it's worth spending a few extra pennies on something you'll be living with every day, hopefully for years to come.

940 yes

Ronald D.
4 years ago

Great EDC. Action, edge, quality all 5’s. Right out of the box.

Amazing EDC

Edward W.
4 years ago

light weight, great steel, fast deployment. no complaints

Absolute classic

Donovan B.
4 years ago

Clearly this knife is one of the very best things Benchmade makes, the fit and finish feels very premium. However, I do have a few minor issues with the knife, first of all, the edge came to me from Benchmade ground at a relatively thick angle(more than 30 degrees), and the Omega springs easily broke after a while. Other than that this knife is very epicly

OG carry for EDC

Danny F.
4 years ago

The 940 has been a classic carry for most knife guys out there. And I've had mine for quite some time now, that the aluminum handle have worn down to a smooth finish. The blade lasts forever, and the reverse tanto shape is an awesome addition for everyday use. For me, this knife holds a special place in my collection, and it is a definite recommendation. If you need a premium blade read more without killing your bank account, this is your knife. I've loved this knife since the day I got it, and I know that if you need a working tool, you'll love it too.

6+ year review

Eric S.
4 years ago

This was my first "nice" knife. I wasn't sure it would be worth the money, but I love it. I have since purchased other premium knives in super steels, but this is still so reliable and comfortable.
-Easy to carry in the office, very slim and works as a gentlemen's folder, esp with the deep carry clip.
-Nice long blade, but still under 3.5 inches for legality. Sturdy tip read more and decent slicer for how narrow the blade is.
-AXIS lock on this just flips up and down. Barely slower than an auto knife. Thumb studs are a joy as well for slow open.
-Edge held up well. Sent it back after 5 years for lifesharp and came back good as new.
-I like the green and purple, but If I was getting one now I might get the G10 - greed spacer and save a bit of weight money.

Hall Of Fame EDC

John E.
4 years ago

I am in love with this knife. It is the epitome of what an EDC knife should be. I can dress up and carry this knife and dress down and carry this knife. There is absolutely not a day where I haven't carried a knife since I got this. I love the touch aluminum handles that it has and it is sooooo smooth. Don't be afraid to take a chance and pull the trigger on this knife.

Classic carry

Jason M.
4 years ago

This knife is a classic for very good reason. The blade shape, weight, blade to handle ratio, and general aesthetics are all huge marks in its favor. However, I feel the price is a little high and banks on the fact that this knife is a classic. Really great knife and especially if you can get a deal on one, make it happen.

Love this new favorite blade

Eric B.
4 years ago

The hype is real, this blade is exactly what you need. I wish I would have jumped on this superb piece sooner.


Robert S.
4 years ago

Recently purchased the Osborne 940 and have carried it daily since getting it. It is everything I thought and expected it to be - great looking, quality built, with razor sharp edge. Am looking forward to using it daily and putting it to the task this coming hunting season.

Best EDC?

Paul DuBois
4 years ago

I finally get the hype!
I’m normally a Spyderco guy, but this thing is awesome!
Only complaints are the purple back spacer and it wasn’t that sharp from the factory.
Buy one now!

Absolute Favorite!

Nicholas s.
4 years ago

This knife to me is the king of EDC pocket knives. Materials, price, size, and weight are all very good. The blade comes very sharp. The cutting edge is nice a long, but the blade isn't huge and bulky and people don't freak out when you take it out. The aftermarket is very large and there are some great scales and backspaces out there to throw on to make it your own. Benchmade it read more the ball out of the park with this one.

Best EDC knife EVER!!!

William S.
4 years ago

This knife definitely lives up to it's reputation as the best EDC knife of all time. It feels perfect in both hand and pocket. Adding a deep carry pocket clip only makes it that much better! The Axis Lock is so smooth and hands down the best locking mechanism on the market. Can't say enough good things about this knife. Good job Benchmade!

Best EDC

Daniel S.
4 years ago

I carry this knife everyday. I love the slim profile.

I Love This Knife, but...

Mike C.
4 years ago

First, let me say I absolutely love this blade, and I believe it to be the best pocket knife on the planet. I bought this one to replace another Osborne 940 that I misplaced about six months ago. Hopefully, I will find my previous blade, but I couldn't stand to be without a 940 so I bought another one. When I find my prior 940, I will happily have two of them. However, the newer read more blade did not measure up to the same quality as the first one. The first one was as smooth as silk and I could deploy the blade just like it was an automatic knife and I could retract the blade just as easily. The new one was rather stiff and the axis lock was sticky to the point that it once jammed and I could not retract the blade. I then lubricated the sintered bronze bearing with some Seafoam Deep Creap, and after working the blade a hundred or more times, it is starting to deploy as smoothly as my previous one. Then I used some Boeshield T-9 on the axis lock which helped free up the jammed lock. The T-9 penetrates deeply but once the carrier evaporates, leaves and smooth waxy lubricant. After a hundred or so lock strokes, it started to smooth out as well. Lastly, the final blade grind was sharp but rather coarse. I expected to need to finalize the edge, just like my prior 940, but I will need to work the stones a bit longer until I work my way up to a 5,000+ grit. We all know that our Osborne's need a final edge, so I was not disappointed; however, it took a lot more work than my previous 940. My conclusion: With about 10 hours of break-in using good lubricants and sharpening, my newer production 940 will be just as good as my prior one was right out of the box. It would have been nice for the newer one to be this way straight out of the box. This is not a show stopper for me and I will continue to buy a new Osborne 940 as long as I keep losing them. Still the best pocket knife on the planet.


Doug W.
5 years ago

It just feels right in your hand! Wonderful knife! Axis lock is smooth and satisfying!

Good knife

Kyle B.
5 years ago

My only issue with this knife is that the slight blade play is increased when you try and have the classic Benchmade drop free action.. other than that this is a solid A grade knife

Timeless Piece

Russell B.
5 years ago

The aluminum handles are light but can hold up. Axis lock is very functional. Purple backspacer pops and brings some contrast to the knife. Blade is made to cut. Wonderful EDC

940 The high end user.

Christian V.
5 years ago

This knife is almost perfect. I really enjoy the finish the aluminum has, i know most people dont. Plade shape is very convenient and useful. The only things i can ding this knife on are ease of maintenance( its a pain to take down) and benchmade's on and off quality control.

The best of the best

Jared a.
5 years ago

My favorite knife of all time. Light weight fits in the pocket amazingly. All around perfect knife

Great knife but...

Tyler K.
5 years ago

What’s up with the purple? And no black handle version? Great knife but could use an upgrade on the colors. Otherwise this knife is freaking awesome!

Go for the 940-2!

Andrew O.
5 years ago

Although the design is great, the aluminum handles just don't feel too great. I recommend going for the 940-2 instead... It's cheaper, and doesn't wear as badly.

One 940 isn’t enough...

James S.
5 years ago

I LOVE my Benchmade knifes! So much so that I bought it in black and green scales. My favorite is the black g-10 with green spacers, but the beater 940 is my green handle beast. These knifes are usable and dressy. Slim in the pocket enough to slip in and out of the packet a big phone like the iPhone 8+. The S30V keeps a great edge and cuts its way through my work day nicely, and read more also polishes up nicely to impress the guys at work. Highly recommended, even if it’s slim nature takes a little getting used to.

So great I own 2!

John C.
5 years ago

I have no complaints for the OG green 940. I just cant wait for the green to wear in areas over time and they look even cooler (IMO). Only mod was a deep carry clip and good to go.

Great but I had a trouble...

Shane C.
5 years ago

I didn't buy my 940 through Blade HQ but I thought I would still jump on and give my feed back. When I first got my 940 one of the employees of the store had messed with the pivot and I coudn't fix it, so I had to send it into Benchmade. I just got it back not that long ago. It is my new favorite knife and I plan to have it in my pocket for a long time to come.

Awesome knife

Samuel Perez
5 years ago

Gave my original 940 to a friend,,, had to get a replacement,,, I went to my trusted dealer,,, DLT Trading,,, as usual fast shipping

DLT is top class!

Adam Harris
5 years ago

I ordered my Benchmade 940-2 which I love and would recommend to anyone looking for a great everyday lightweight carry. DLT helped me figure out how to use my reward points and was very patient with me. They shipped fast also! DLT is the way to go!

Superb blade!

Justin Chapman
5 years ago

Great for work, but it's my Sunday carry.
I cant tell it's there.

Function over Form

Jacob L.
5 years ago

This is my first time with Benchmade, and my last time buying one of them online. The 940 is beautiful and I have wanted one for some time now, good weight, good handle texture, but bad blade. Having done some bladesmithing in my past I know that function come before form and directly out of the box I can easily be seen that this is not the case. The first thing I noticed about read more the knife was that the blade was ground unevenly in the middle then in then on either side. This defect can be seen in plain sight giving the blade a U shape and is made worse when putting the blade down on a flat surface giving me the ability to see under the blade. Before buying this knife I watched and read reviews and many had complaints about Benchmades grinds but the knife is so beautiful I was willing to take the risk. The point is that is is sad that Benchmade would send this quality of blade out to a customer who is assuming that spending extra money(alot) for a quality name will result in a higher quality out of the box, but that is not the case. I know they have a quality guarantee but that isn't the point, they shouldn't charge this kind of money for a product they clearly don't even look at before putting in the box. All that good steel and nice locking mechanism is looked over when I know I can get the same uneven grind from a 25$ knife. Disappointed. 3

Better than the 940-2? yes.

Matt c.
5 years ago

Feels much stronger than the 940-2 I used to have, the open back on the 940-2 is good to clean it, but it's a mistake on a knife that is already very slim and light. I also think all 940's are a little over priced, I got a deal on mine for $120 used mint condition, anything under $160 is a good price for this knife

Its Great.....

Ian S.
5 years ago

If you’re reading these comments you’re obviously curious what I think. Well pretty great. Fit and finish is perfect and the action is great (a little sticky at first) if you get a deep carry you’ll love it even more. I have L-XL hands and it’s just the right size (almost have my pinky off). It’ll do anything you need and more. Plus there’s an amazing warrenty.

Super Fast

Edric Sanchez
5 years ago

Great selection and service from DLT. The knife has been great. My favorite for EDC.


Inetta de Jong
5 years ago

Bought the 940-2 from DLT, was so impressed it didn't take long to upgrade and get the 940-1 too! it's light, the action and build quality (no bladeplay, solid lockup, perfect centering, all 5/5 stars. the stonewashed s90v blade holds a great edge! Added bonuspoints it'll hide scratches too! perfect service as well!

Slick EDC knife

Cody C.
5 years ago

I’ve been wanting one of these since they were first introduced and finally have one ! This is one of the sharpest knives out of the box I have ever owned. Not so big it’s intimidating to others while in use and not so small it’s hard to hold. I already want a few more of these. You can’t go wrong with this one.

The best of the bunch

John n.
6 years ago

I've owned all three "standard" variants of the 940: G10, carbon fiber, and this. The original has to be my favorite, the aluminum adds a sense of quality when handling it, and allows a better purchase on the axis lock. It also has the classic milling and shape to the handle. The only downside is it might snag your pocket after awhile. If you're unsure of which variant to get, I read more highly recommend this one. Though, any variant is still a good choice.

Handsome, Capable and Durable

Morris G.
6 years ago

Love the design and the light weight. The blade is super sharp and the action is smooth. It hangs up a little out of the box, but it will loosen up nicely with use. Hard to beat the Osborne/Benchmade combo.

One of the best in

Bradley Edwards
6 years ago

One of the best in my collection, love the purple back spacer, order a purple pocket clip soon after


Anthony biondo
6 years ago


Wonderful blade. Very lightweight, perfectly

Inetta de Jong
6 years ago

Wonderful blade. Very lightweight, perfectly centered, and it's made me reconsider Benchmade as a whole coming from spyderco. It hasn't replaced my (incidentally red dlt m390 pm2 as my favourite, but I noticed I carry it daily now for lighter tasks and leave the hard use to a S110V manix or pm2. However it's design is quite clever and the reverse tanto gives the blade some unique read more versatility. Also the inscription was done perfectly! These guys are great.

Classic for a Reason

John H.
6 years ago

This knife is the perfect combination of materials, aesthetics, and practicality. Sturdy enough for hard use, slim and light enough for an EDC, and pretty enough for a gentleman's folder, this knife covers all of the bases.

Great knife, not so great pricing

Antonio K.
6 years ago

This was my first benchmade and sadly I had to return jt to benchmade for some warranty work. The knife design is very good and the balance is great. Through I thing for the materials it's a bit too much as far as pricing goes. I believe 130-140 is where this knife should be at in terms of cost.

Worth the Wait

Ray S.
6 years ago

I've had my eyes on this knife for years and couldn't bring myself to spend the money. A few weeks back, I finally pulled the trigger and I couldn't be happier.

Perfect as usual

Chris G.
6 years ago

Perfect as usual

Top 5 EDC in history

Hutch F.
6 years ago

I have had this knife for a little over two years. The handles are a little dinged and the clip has a beautiful patina. It has turned into everything I have ever wanted. The edge has rolled on me a few times but it gets sharper than a tack. The slim design makes it smaller in my pocket than any other knife i own. Great product

Fantastic Knife

Jordan V.
6 years ago

Cut my self right out of the box with this bad boy, really love the green in person. one of my favorite knifes, very study and really like the blade.

Great knife for a premium price

Kyle W.
6 years ago

First off, this knife is amazing, the build quality is great, feels great in hand and looks even better than the pics in person. However, the knife seems to be a bit over priced for what it actually is. When the knife arrived, blade centering was horrible and it took me a good 2 hours to loosen and tighten the pivot screw until it finally got centered. For a nearly $200 knife, you read more would expect something as simple as blade centering to be fine out of the box. Good news is benchmade is the best with backing up their product.

Can't Get Enough Osborne

6 years ago

I love everything about this knife; the blade shape, the action, the handle shape, the color, everything. I will say mine had a rather uneven grind out of the box, but nothing too wonky to fix.

Another cautionary point would be the omega springs. I likely just have bad luck with my 940 as I've not had any trouble with any of my other axis knives, but with this 940 I've gone read more through three sets of the springs, without using it any differently than my others. Like I said, it's probably just bad luck as there are just some duds bound to be found in any such fragile part production process. Overall, one of my favorite carry knives.

Just Wow...

Brian R.
6 years ago

This is my first Benchmade knife, and first knife over $100. After watching hours of reviews I decided to finally get this knife and it is worth every penny!

Best EDC ever

Max O.
6 years ago

This tool is a MUST for every knife enthusiast or EDCer, the aluminum handles are super ergonomic and extra grippy for when you need, the blade steel is excelent, it’s gonna be sharp for a long long time! The only issue that i have with mine is that S30V tends to chip easy, so keep an eye on that. Over all an awesome kife

The perfect EDC knife

Patrick P.
6 years ago

This has to be my favorite EDC knife of all time. Although first when this knife came out of the box, it’s blade centering was extremely close to touching the inside of the handle scales. However, after taking it apart and fine-tuning it, this knife rocks! (And not in like a “blade-rock” or “lock-rock” kinda way) I’ve now been carrying this knife as my go-to EDC for read more almost a year now and I can say I can use and abuse this knife if I need to. From it’s strong tip to its still sharp edge, this knife was very well designed and the axis lock is always a cheer to play with.


Tanner M.
6 years ago

I have carried this knife for a year now and I wouldn’t want any other knife in my pocket. I love it!

Grail knife achieved

Conner G.
6 years ago

When I lost my mini-griptillian I thought that it was finally time to upgrade, and get my holy grail knife. I’ve had my eye on it for a long time. Fortunately the fit and finish on my knife was pretty good. A tiny bit of horizontal blade play, and the edge grind is only slightly biased to the right side. Other than that, absolutely flawless. I cleaned the action and re set the read more pivot with some purple loctite, and the blade play issue was solved this is a wonderful knife to carry. The powder coated aluminum is one of my all time favorite scale materials. The axis locks up great. This is a big knife that carry’s small. The form of the knife fits in the pocket wonderfully. The reverse tango blade shape is great and is one of my favorites, it is a very versatile shape. If you can afford one, get it. I feel like this is one of the knifes that every knife guy should own at one point or another.

The best

Robert M.
6 years ago

this is by far the best knife benchmade makes, it's perfect. If you are on the fence about it, buy it.

Great EDC

Shea J.
6 years ago

This is my second benchmade knife and I like this one more than the first, it came razor sharp out of the box and it was centered perfectly. I love the slim profile of the knife, it disappears in my pocket. I cut a lot of cardboard at work and it goes through it like a hot knife through butter

The best working knife

Christopher D.
6 years ago

I used this knife every day as a utility worker. It has never failed me. It takes everything you can throw at it

Best folder out there!

Eric B.
6 years ago

This is my all time favorite folder. With the amazing functionality of benchmade’s axis lock, to the well thought out blade shape, this knife cannot be beat. I absolutely love the green aluminum handle scales with the purple titanium backspacer. The S30V steel definitely holds it's edge. This will probably be with me for the rest of my life.

The King of EDC knives!

Erica S.
6 years ago

I could go on for days about this knife- as many others could too. This is a perfect light weight option for your pocket. The blade length is exactly what I need. And it comes SHARP! It is a gorgeous yet simple blade that I recommend to anyone looking for a reliable knife! I love it!

Best edc available

Devon M.
6 years ago

I got this knife about 2 years ago. I had read everywhere that this was one of the best edc knives you could possibly buy between the weight, durability, and quality of craftsmanship and materials. Two years later and this knife has been in my pocket every single day since. I’ve abused it as a screwdriver, a light hammer, a pry bar, and I’ve even swam for hours in the Illinois read more river with it clipped to my pocket. Never once have I had a failure of this knifes behalf or found myself lacking when tasks required a super sharp knife with a good edge holding steel. I’ve tried to make the switch to several other Benchmade’s as well as other brands but even when I do I find myself packing my 940 along too just in case I need something I can trust. Great knife, worth the money for sure!

American icon

Jack D.
6 years ago

The 940 is a great example of spectacular American design made into a perfect edc. The amount of blade you get for the weight is unreal.

What can I say...

John S.
6 years ago

What can I say? It's probably as close to perfect as a folder can come. It's a great size. It looks great. It locks up very well, and is a breeze to close. It is a true work knife, and it's backed by Benchmade warranties. If you've got the cash, I'd say make the purchase.

I ordered a great Benchmade

Jim k.
6 years ago

I ordered a great Benchmade knife for a colleague. I had it laser engraved/etched/marked/whatever with his name.

Even though I ordered very near the Christmas holiday, I received the knife in very short order, and the custom laser work was perfect.

The knife was beautiful, and was well-received by my colleague as he retired and left with a useful and practical read more reminder of our workplace (which is neither useful, nor practical).

Anyhow, no worries with the product, or the custom lettering they did. I won't hesitate to order from them again.

I bought this knife as

Kyle B.
6 years ago

I bought this knife as a gift but it seems to be very well made and high quality as expected for a Benchmade. Fit and finish were top notch with no blemishes or imperfections.

Awsome knife!!!

6 years ago

Awsome knife!!!

Great service, knife came very

Edward B.
6 years ago

Great service, knife came very quickly and very well packaged

As if it needs another 5 star

Ryan B.
6 years ago

If you don't know about the Osborne 940 you're missing out. No blade play in mine at all out of the box. The Axis lock is a bit sticky when trying to disengage it to close the blade and the blade is a bit tight but I imagine that will work it's way out as the 940 is a knife that gets better with age. Very well centered. Love it, if your collection doesn't have one it needs one, read more enough said.

Fast shipping. Great company to

Mark P.
6 years ago

Fast shipping. Great company to deal with. Thank you!

Great knife!

Arian T.
6 years ago

The knife feels great in the hand and opens beautifully. The handle gets scratched a little easy but that's no problem for me.

Benchmade 940-1

Nathan clark
6 years ago

Ordered at 8pm Sunday with custom blade engraving and knive was delivered at 11 am Wednesday. Knife is flawless and blade perfectly new favorite EDC...only problem is it is so light I am afraid gonna lose it. Have free deep carry clip on way from Benchmade. I checked my history and have ordered 15 knives plus axes and other accessories from DLT Trading last couple read more years and have been extremely impressed with their speedy and excellent customer service. I love me some DLT...keep up the great work!IMG_0645.jpeg

Service and shipping, was great

Terry F.
6 years ago

Service and shipping, was great as alwsys. Would have been 5 star, but I was sent wrong knife. Should have been the "S," version, serrated, but was plane blade.

Great products with the best

Mark s.
6 years ago

Great products with the best prices and service. I had some questions about a product. The response from DLT was immediate. Shipping is super fast! It is a pleasure to do business with your company. See ya soon!

Benchmade 940 great knife,awesome service

Todd K.
6 years ago

Benchmade 940 great knife,awesome service

Good buy.........

6 years ago

Purchased a BM 940-2 for a friend to say thanks. Great price, product, and fast shipping. Will buy more ftom FLY in the future.

Lighter than air!!

Jason C.
6 years ago

This is the perfect pocket knife. I forget it's in my pocket it's so light. The steel takes an edge so well that I have actually shaved with it. It holds the edge forever to boot! If you are into premium knives that are built to last then you

The best version besides gold class models

Caleb S.
6 years ago

I have owned the last 4 variety's besides the gold class models and I must say this is the best version still. For one it's thinner than the cf/g10 models. The axis lock is much easier to grab onto because of this. Secondly the aluminum scales hold up to wear very good and when they do start showing wear the knife just looks more badass. The cf 940-1 just chips out and looks dented read more if you drop it. It made me sell it because it looked terrible just dropping it once. The 940 BladeHQ shows here is an older version with a slightly brighter green color than the newer ones. You can also see the one pictured here doesn't have the axis lock milled out like the newer ones. Very minor differences but they are worth noting imo. All in all buy this knife if you want to own one of the best models Benchmade has ever produced. I have a pretty large Benchmade collection and I must say the 940 is up there. I think the kulgera is the only model I prefer.

It's my new favorite knife

Ryan T.
6 years ago

It's my new favorite knife