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Brand Boker
Category Automatic Knives
Overall Length 7.28" (185mm) 6.18" (157mm) 7.68" (195mm) 7.4" (188mm) 8.4" (213mm) 6.2" (157mm) 7.7" (196mm) 7.75" 7.375" 6.175" 8.125" 6.125" 6.25" 8.375" 7.68"
Blade Length 3.27" (83mm) 2.76" (70mm) 3.43" (87mm) 3.4" (86mm) 3.8" (97mm) 2.8" (71mm) 3.4 3.5 2.8 3.8 3.50" 3.25" 2.75" 3.75" 3.875"
Blade Thickness .1" (3mm) .08" (2mm) 0.11" 1.11" Unknown
Blade Steel VG-10
Blade Finish Satin
Handle Material Cocobolo G-10 Desert Ironwood Titanium Carbon Fiber Ironwood Micarta
Pocket Clip Yes, right hand only, tip up Tip-Up
Lock Type Linerlock Lockback Frame Lock Liner Lock
Weight 1.83oz 1.23oz 1.8oz 2.4oz 1.2oz 1.1oz 1.84 oz. 1.79 oz. 1.05 oz. 1.72 oz. 1.78 oz. 1.08 oz. 1.07 oz. 2.43 oz. 1.70 oz. 1.77 oz. 1.92 oz. 1.15 oz. 1.99 oz. Unknown
Blade Style Clip Point Tanto Drop Point
Assisted Open No
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Material Stainless Steel (VG-10) VG-10 VG10
Closed Length 4.25 3.4 4.6
Handle Color Black Brown/Tan Silver/Gray
Knife Type Folding Manual
Knife Weight 1.8 0.2 0.3 1.1 2.4
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Point Clip Point Drop Point
Sheath Included No
Total length 7.75 6.2 8.4
Automatic Knife No
Blade Grind Hollow Flat
Finish Satin Black Polish Damascus
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.25" 3.375" 4.375" 3.50" 4.50" 4.00" Unknown
Handle Thickness 0.46" 0.32" 0.36" 0.49" 0.39" 0.45" Unknown
Color Wood Green Gray Black Wood, Blue
Frame/Liner Titanium Brass Stainless Steel Unknown
Opener Flipper Nail Nick
Model Urban Trapper Urban Trapper Petite Urban Trapper Tanto Urban Trapper Grand Urban Trapper Lockback
Model Number 01BO734 01BO711 01BO705 01BO780 01BO722 01BO721 01BO783 01BO730 01BO789 01BO784 01BO736 01BO318 01BO733 01BO732 01BO788 01BO739DAM 01BO782 01BO787 01BO786 01BO785
Designer Brad Zinker
Country of Origin China
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Blade width 0.75" Unknown
Handle Width 0.625" 0.69" 0.75" Unknown
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Cutting Edge Unknown

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Review Rating 90%

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Big D.
2 years ago

I just got this knife and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It is deceptively light. It has an amazingly smooth flip action and once you get past the detent in closing, it drops closed so easily. It is slim and super lightweight, you'll barely even notice it in your pocket. I'm left handed and have no problems at all carrying it in my left pocket. This is my favorite folding read more pocket knife in my collection as of right now

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They need to make a half star system

Matthew A.
2 years ago

I would give this knife 4.5 stars. I really love the urban trapper series. I think it'some of the best that the Boker Plus brand offers. These knifes are not hard use. If you are looking for a dedicated work knife, there are so many other options. If you want an every day carry that will handle pretty much any light cutting, slicing, or piercing you will come across, these knives read more are wonderful. They are not all quite the same, but the ones I've handled have smooth action, and a reliable lockup, with a nice thin edge. They are slim, and feather weight, so you won't find yourself short on pocket space, and the look great. One of the other variants that I own had a tad bit of lock stick, but it broke in, and now it does not. It also has a tiny bit of lock rock. The way the lock bar acts as the stop pin can cause that, so I buffed the contact flats on the tang and lock bar, and it no longer has play. These are a classy knives that look great, and are a pleasure to carry and use. Get one.

LOVE This knife!

Mikey Y.
2 years ago

This knife is fantastic. I have the cocobolo 3.5'' urban trapper and love it, this one is even better with the longer blade and the more sturdy locking mechanism. It's become my favorite "Gentlemans" knife. Eating a apple, or cutting a sandwich in half, or eating a steak at your friends house is great with this. it weighs next to nothing and I enjoy the extra length. Love it.

Lightweight, functional, and beautiful

Steve O.
3 years ago

This is a homerun for a gentleman’s EDC! With the ladder Damasteel blade, smooth flipper action, easy-on-the-pocket clip, and feather weight, you are equipped for a relaxed dinner out.

A little attention needed.

Lisa N.
3 years ago

This is light and tough and has a nice slim size. The problem with it is the flipper tab is rough and not finished like a knife of this price should be. When you put your hand in your pocket, the tab is sharp and scratchy... not like my other less expensive knives. A little more attention to detail would make it worth it.


Peter Weissenhofer
3 years ago

Nice knife straight out of the box. Didn't take long to break in now it's super snappy. Came sharp no need to sharpen.

Could be so much better...

George P.
3 years ago

I like the Trapper line. They are comfortable in the hand and in the pocket. But quality control and difficulty in breaking them down really hurts this line.
The tiny scale screws can be easily stripped and the scales need to be polished in key areas. The liner lock was extremely rough and needed to be sanded so it would disengage smoothly. Even then, it's still rough (didn't read more want to sand it too much).
Improve the screws, put the pivot and spacer screw on the same side, polish the liner lock bar and this would easily be a 5-star knife.
As is, it's a good pocket knife for those content with an out of the box experience. It's an okay knife for those who like to maintain their knifes by breaking them down, cleaning and oiling them up.

Gift for Grandson

3 years ago

I bought this knife for my grandson's 17th birthday. It's slim and easy to carry when you are dressed up, and don't want to carry something that stands out too much. He loved the scales and say's it opens like butter with just a flick of you finger...

Potentially great gentleman's knife

Don B.
4 years ago

I really loved this knife at first. A true gentleman's knife that I wore and used it while wearing a suit or slacks. The thin nature really disappears in your pocket. Blade shape and steel are wonderful.

Unfortunately, the pocket clip is very bad. Bends like tinfoil and when I tried to push it back to the knife with my fingers, it broke in half.

If I could find an read more aftermarket clip for it, it would be one of my favorites. I feel it is pointless to get another clip from Boker if it is the same garbage it came with.

UPDATE Contacted Boker on clip issue and they resolved it quickly.

Handsome knife with good action

Jesse P.
4 years ago

I have personally had no problems with my Urban Trapper, but a coworker also bought one with questionable action.
I love the look and fit in pocket and hand. The blade finish is very nice looking.
When I received my Urban Trapper it had the worst edge finish of any knife I've ever purchased, but that was of little consequence to me since I had intended on putting a fresh edge read more on it.
The action on mine has not changed over time - still well centered and very smooth. I think that I purchased mine before the price went above the $70 mark, so especially stoked about the overall value.

Gifted 4 of these

Michael C.
4 years ago

Ordered these on here as gifts for x-mas, after they arrived I wished I had ordered one for myself. I decided on these because most people just get tactical black knives. This design can fit more of a modern Gentlemen/work place knife, which is different from what most people own and carry.

The tanto blade looks badass and is super sharp. I read a review on here that this read more knife wasn't suitable for wood work and while I never tried, I also never thought that woodwork was this knife's purpose.

This knife is suuuuper light, I read the numbers when I ordered it but really when i picked it up in my hand, I was like wow this thing is seriously super light.

The flip on the knife is super smooth, I'm not a fidgety person but I can see the appeal to want to constantly flip this thing.

If I pull a trigger on an urban trapper for myself I'll probably go for a wood finish handle version, but was very happy with the feedback from my gift receivers so definitely recommend.

Poorly constructed

Zachary g.
4 years ago

To start, I'm an adamant boker fan for go to EDC rotation.

I purchased the kansai and this knife a few months back and I wanted to wait a few months prior to writing a review. In comparison for price and effectiveness for EDC I would not buy this knife again.

Pro's: Pocket clip looks like a pen, can carry in my coat next to a nice pen and appears I carry two pens read more to the public. The blade shape is beautiful and makes for a fantastic slicer.

Con's: Carbon fiber feels like it will splinter you while holding, no routing or sanding finishes appear to be completed on the handles and legit will blister you after 5 opening and closings.
-Liner lock must not have undergone any quality control, small burr on the "jimping?" and it sounds like nails on a chalkboard every time to deactivate the liner lock, despite using blue lube, even used nano lithium grease out of desperation.

-Blade size is very small.

For over $150, it felt like throwing money in the drain, hints why it took so long to admit it with a review.

Good knife but same Boker issues

Lars L.
4 years ago

This is actually a fine little knife for dress up time when you want to carry something a bit on the finer side and more "gentlemanly"

My issues are the same as I always have with Boker. They don't seem to pay any attention to the details. The de-tent is non existent so it doesn't "Flip" open with authority. It will open but you need to flip it hard or point it down.

The read more finger flipper is a bit sharp and unrefined.

But honestly my biggest gripe is with the wood they used for the scales. With such a small piece, and it being a higher end knife (VG-10, titanium etc) I feel they should have taken just a few extra seconds to look at the wood and make sure it is a nice piece. There is what appears to be a crack emanating from the screw. On closer examination it is a deep line in the wood, but come on. Pick a piece with a nice grain. It doesn't take that much more effort. Have a bit of pride in what you put out.

But with all that said, overall it's a good knife for gentleman's carry. I would not choose it for any real work. Get a Benchmade or a Spiderco for that.

Awesome gentleman's knife

Scott V.
4 years ago

I love this knife, it's a great little gentleman's knife. Extremely light weight but still flips very well, which can be a hard thing to get right. The deep carry clip is excellent, and materials are top notch for the price. I'm a big fan of Brad Zinker's designs but have not yet made the plunge on a custom. This lets you get that design and frankly very close to that quality for read more a small fraction of the price.

Very classy

Matt P.
4 years ago

I only carry this knife if im dressing up(which isn't often for me). But whenever I do it turns heads. Multiple people have figuratively drooled over it. The action is butter smooth and the fit and finish is perfect.

Good knife

Harry W.
4 years ago

Definitely a little pricey. I just recently got this knife for my birthday. The quality is really good and useful for EDC, however camping and outdoor activities like bushcraft not so much. This is a knife I'd only get if I had been saving up for a long time.

Great little flipper for a suit

Anthony B.
4 years ago

Great action, a little rough as one review said, but came sharp out of the box and is light as a feather. barely feel it in the pocket. I use the pen pocket inside my suit jacket and it sits perfectly.

A real Beauty

Jozef J.
4 years ago

This thing is a work of art. Long blade with a mirror finish. I'm a wood guy myself so I appreciate the scales. Looks great with my wooden watch and any leather you may have on for that look. Blade itself is still super functional and great. My only issue and maybe it's because I'm not used to titanium but it's sooooooo light weight it feel like I'm going to break it. Flips open read more like a dream and works amazing otherwise.

EDC knife 👍

Sam H.
4 years ago

I purchased this to carry as a work EDC in my slacks I don’t even know it’s in my pocket this is in my rotation now would recommend this to anyone who needs a gentleman’s knife to EDC

Its not flimsy...

Mikey Y.
4 years ago

I got this knife as a birthday present 3 years ago and its like my "dress up" knife. For as thin as it is, its super strong .. I've seen a few people saying its "flimsy" .... Its titanium and VG10 so im not sure if we are talking about the same knife :/? Anyhow I absolutely love it and recommend it if your thinking of getting one. Its one of my all time fav "gentlemans knives". read more

A real beauty!

Timothy L.
5 years ago

Very light and slim in the pocket for such a long blade, one of my EDCs and I barely notice its there. Sturdy build despite being so slim. Flips and locks in place with ease, though needed some oil and breaking in. Flipping action is addictive.

Is it sharp? ***gasp** terrifyingly sharp... my poor fingers!

One thing I always consider for an EDC is personal protection. read more I live in a developing country where occasionally its good to have something sharp and stabby on hand. I have determined that this knife will also serve as protection, but used with caution as it is not as strong as my usual EDCs due to the light frame design.

I got this one with the drop point as I found it more aesthetic in design and was not disappointed when it arrived.

Very very beautiful knife but too hard to open

Daisuke S.
5 years ago

Super cool knife!
But, it needs little tips to open because it has very small square flipper as the fate of modern gentleman's knife...

I like this knife.

Mark S.
5 years ago

This is a gentleman's carry knife. Keep that in mind.

I really enjoy carrying this knife. I've had it in my pocket daily for about 3 months now. it replaced a 940 that I couldn't keep from breaking the carry clip on every month or so.

this knife is light weight, sleep and with the wood scales has a more classic look to it.

It's meant to be a semi-stylish read more light weight gentleman's carry knife. it's blade shape is good for that. I found build quality on my example to be good. centering is good. blade came acceptably sharp. I like the deep carry clip, it has enough tension to stay where it should but not break off if it snags something (looking at you benchmade).

it's not a utility work horse type knife. it's not a field knife. it's not a bush craft knife.

I did not find the knife to be nearly as rough on my clothes as other reported or as much as any other knife. I suspect this is because the wood scales and the not overly stiff pocket clip. In other words unlike a PM2, a 940, manix, and a few other most costly knifes this one won't pull seams out of pockets after it's been in the pocket a few times.

If this knife had some better steel and the liner / scale flex issue was addressed in a way that didn't change the personality of this knife, it would be a 5/5 knife in it's category.


Matthew L.
5 years ago

Sorry to the guys n gals that like this knife in advance!

First off as usual Blade HQ is awesome they got it to me fast and i love their customer service they really are the best option out there so kudos to the HQ team

Now my critical review and not to just be critical. I am a woodworker cabinet maker metal worker and even a bladesmith and toolsmith for stuff i read more use to work. I saw the BZ tanto and thought cool a chisel point and complex bevel dual grind this should work perfect for my new shop blade which, if anyone cares is still a bm 32 believe it or not! back to the BZ this thing has design flaws out the wazoo for instance try to take a slice out of anything made of hardwood as you would when you whittling etc... you will notice the flex in the blade which does not help at all considering it flexes almost at the pivot like really bad blade play. This is the result of not enough tang left down low and the worst sin ever is a pure ti handle system with no standoff spacer to sure it up!!! ti is not anamanyium or something i think guys buy it for the wrong reason but, ti in the stand 6Al4V is a highly flexable and efficient spring material so what happens when you put sideways torque on it as you would when you basically cut anything not completely dead on and instead with a side grip and side cut? the thing flexes so bad it shouldnt be used to whittle a hotdog stick. there you have it honestly at this price not even a decent collector and less than effective at cutting well anything save your money BZ knives just aint all that in my eyes he makes em pretty thats bout it! happy cutting!

Go easy

David R.
5 years ago

This is a strikingly beautiful knife, in materials and finish, and its graceful lines. It is thin, light, and delicate--you could probably break it with your bare hands. It's a gentleman's knife, so be gentle, man.

It’s ok, Boker

Cesar ramos
5 years ago

I knew this was a lightweight knife when I purchased it, but is definitely more delicate than what I anticipated. If I grab the knife with a full grip and squeeze theirs play on the lock bar, forcing me to release pressure on my grip. This is mainly designed to be used with lightweight shorts or dress pants and definitely not designed for any hard use. Also, does not have a lock read more bar insert so there is out of box stick with titanium on steel when disengaging the lock bar to close the blade, hopefully that improves after time. Shipped fast so 5 stars to DLT for that as usual - thanks.

It's good

Matthew C.
5 years ago

Like others have said it's a nice gentleman's folder, but it's a bit thin for my liking and felt a bit flimsy.

Great Gentleman's Knife

Kenneth V.
5 years ago

When your wearing a suit you don't need a tactical folder clipped to your pocket, do you? NO! And here comes the Boker Plus Trapper. Lite weight at under 2 oz. This knife disappears in your pocket, as it should. The tanto blades design gives you a strong tip and sharp? Dang son, Boker is not fouling around. VG10 steel brings the price point down so it won't brake the bank. Titanium read more skeletonized frame looks great and reduces overall weight. Love this knife.

Deceptive pivot tuning

Samuel B.
5 years ago

The pivot on this knife has torx head slots on both sides, but it is, in reality only a single sided pivot with the lock bar side being immobile via a D-shaped pivot race. But it has a torx head so what happens? You break the knife. Ridiculously poor decision that. Other than that, this one shipped to me with the side of the blade contacting the liner. I had to pull it apart and read more fix that before ai could do anything else. That's how ai learned about the looks double sided but isn't pivot. Definitely wont be buying another boker product if they let this one out the door.

Good gent or edc knife

Renae B.
5 years ago

The best size to weight ratio I can find. Nice and thin behind the edge despite the slim blade, yes it's a hollow grind. Excellent fall shut smoothness despite the blade being so light, has a detent ball ramp and track. As to it's supposed weakness, I can only speak for my own use, it opens packages, breaks down cardboard and used an eating utensil and it's never failed or felt read more unsafe, but I don't use it for tactical operator hard use moose skinning type stuff- my cold steels are for that. It does flex when you squeeze it but not as much as the benchmade bugout.

Dangerous design flaw

Earl L.
5 years ago

Index finger when griping knife push against liner lock opening it possiblely and for sure loosening it. The knive also flexes a great deal because is supported by only one post spacer. This also weakens the lock integrity. I have been down with health issue so it too late to return this bad product. Too bad because I would. Don't buy it.

Very fatal design flaw.

Earl L.
5 years ago

I have notice when grip knife in open position your index finger pushes on liner lock opening it. It flexes with slightest pressure. It makes it quite dangerous in use. It looks beautiful but it is poorly designed. I would return it if I could but I have serious hospital issue so it too late. Do not buy it. Also only spacer the whole length of a long knife. Shame I can't send it read more back.

It's like Rocky Balboa with no Apollo Creed... Mediocre!

Brandon D.
5 years ago

10-1-18 Update

Custom improvements raises the rating from 3.5 to 4 stars = B+

After rounding off the sharp corners on the frame and trimming/rounding down the flipper tab to open up more space on the handle to fit my hand a little bit better the ergonomics have improved significantly. I still can't give it 5 stars because I had to do fit and finish work and while read more drastically improved the flipper tab still is in the wrong place.

10-12-18 Original review.

This is Boker dropping the ball on what should be a PERFECT play... 3.5 Stars = c+

I have so many nice things to say about this folder. First of all the design is near perfection. With the ball bearings the flipper action deploys with excellent speed. I enjoy the aesthetics its simple with a traditional and modern materials. The blade shape is perfect and it's very sharp. Its amazinglt light for the blade length. The pocket clip is perfection.

First I took half a star off for the poorly positioned flipper tab that abbreviates handle space and doesn't allow me (my hands fit a large size glove) a complete grip on the handle, either forcing my pinky off the back of the handle but not enough so to still be comfortable or positioning the flipper tab dead center under and digging into my pointer finger if I try to choke up my grip. Did anyone at Boker with regular to large sized hands actually handled this petite model after downsizing it from the full size Urban Trapper? All they had to do was move the tab 5/16 of an inch further up the blade! On the regular Urban Trapper there's plenty of handle space on this one maybe 10% of the handle is lost because of the flipper position.

I took a full star off for fit and finish to include sharp corners and edges on the frame and especially the flipper tab, it has a rather shallow edge grind all be it is very sharp, out of the box it was a bit dirty with a few splotches of some kind of yellowish gunk (yet it was still sealed), there is just little bit of lock stick from the frame lock and lastly the cocobolo scales not only have an inconsistent finish between the two but both are poorly/under/lacking finish.

The last half star off is for squandered potential but I guess that just means because I'm pissed. THE POTENTIAL FOR THIS TO BE A PERFECT, ALL TIME, HALL OF FAME EDC IS ON PAR WITH THE SPYDERCO DRAGONFLY! The Dragonfly in my and pretty much the entire knife community's opinion is the best standard bearer of any EDC knife in this weight class. With a few tweaks this knife could be in production for the next 20 years!

As it is I do have the skills to clean up most of the fit and finish issues which I will eventualy do, I expect that will make it more like a 4.5 star EDC leaving just the flipper tab position as the only real anoyance. It makes me sad to think how much Boker left on the table with this one. : -/ But it makes me happy to think about how close I'm going to get it.

Btw I have dealt with Bokers warranty department twice now once on a broken pocket clip and once for a defective and out of production knife (Manero Stingray) that they still were able to replace, sending me the very last one they had. In both cases they really took care of me and I was very impressed with their service! It's not that I don't think they're bad company in the slightest it's just that I think they could do better and I think was companies like We and Reiuke on their way up ladder, Boker better start scrambling quick or they'll be eclipsed in no time... :-)

Good Knife with bad screws

Mark H.
5 years ago

I like this knife but, know this if you get one. The screws must be very soft. I purchased Both the Urban Trapper in carbon fiber and the Petite with g10, both blades were off center on both knives when I got them, but I wasn't worried because I thought I could just tighten it up a little and all would be fine. On one 4 of the screws heads were stripped. I have a really good set read more of torx drivers, So I was able to get carbon scales off, but the pivot head is badly stripped and crossed threaded I can't remove. Both would need loctite to set and keep blade centering. One knife screws were fine, but keep backing out. If I loctite it, I may not be able to make future adjustments. On the other knife the factory messed up the screws. The problem is if the screws come like this one cannot remove them to adjust the pivot. So over time the blade will rub scratching it up.

I'm waiting a response from the factory.

One Helluva' Knife!

Ken F.
5 years ago

The title says it all, and it's a real bargain. I own a couple of Brad Zinker customs and they are well worth the price. The compound grind is an added feature that Brad charges at least an extra $100 for. You get it on this one for less than $100! The knife came plenty sharp and flips like a dream. Quality build with outstanding materials. Buy this knife before they run out.

Awesome knife

Christian T.
6 years ago

Light, quiet, fast, and smooth. Great knife for light use. I liked it so much I got my girlfriend one too. She uses it all the time for little tasks. Well made, completely worth the money. Only problem, the clip bent out of shape.

Great feel.

Jay F.
6 years ago

Feels great in the hand; hard to just leave it alone in my pocket. Colors go well together: nice wood, aged looking titanium frame and satin blade.
Lock has a good bit of grind against the blade when un-locki. I hope it soon goes away. Point is sharp, but edge is dull. No problem to fix.
Over all very nice.

Perfect EDC, Questionable Quality

Han L.
6 years ago

This is one of my most carried knife. It's has 3.5" of cutting edge but feather-weighted. Along with the deep-carry clip, it's hard not to pick this knife in the office. It's also great for food prep.
The build quality, however, isn't perfect. It's hard to get the blade centered. If I want it to flip well (btw it flips like a dream), the blade would get too close to one side read more of the scales. I already have scratch marks on my blade from contacting the scale.

Good Gentleman's Folding Steak Knife

James B.
6 years ago

I like the looks and blade shape of this knife. The flipping action is good, but it's not super. I use it mainly when traveling or picnicking, as a food preparation knife. The only reason that the rating is not 5 stars is that there is some lock stick. Sharpie marker lessens the lock stick, but does not eliminate it.

Sleek and Lightweight

Brian R.
6 years ago

This knife is absolutely beautiful. I love the wood scales and the deep carry pocket. When you press the flipper tab the knife opens so smoothly, not quite snappy but it just glides open.

Good but does have its faults

Jonah B.
6 years ago

As a knife nut I had to pick up this Brad zinker designed boker just for the looks alone.
It's a good knife but has a few issues.

The weight is great hardly notice it in the pocket
The blade shape is great
The steel is good
The wooden scales are very attractive
Great pocket clip!

The flipper tab is a push button only style flipper read more which takes some getting use to.
The flipper tab has some sharp corners
Relatively weak detent.
Doesn't have a steel insert on lock bar so it's titanium against the tang of the blade :(
Not a hard use type of knife so don't buy it for that.

Overall this knife still gets 4 stars because it's a good knife. I carry this in the office and it doesn't scare anyone and it does its job well. However when I got to go out on calls for work I always switch to a stronger knife.
Again still a good knife just know what you're gonna use it for before you buy.

Good Gentlemans Folder

Conner G.
6 years ago

I love the form of this knife, and I got it specifically as a gentlemans mans folder. This knife is really not capable of anything other than light cutting tasks, which is all I expected of it. The lock is a little sticky, and squeaks when disengaged, the flipper tab is a little short, and not super well designed. Failure to flip happens pretty frequently even when button pushing read more and light switching the tab. This could be a detent issue, but I think it’s mostly due to the flipper. The titanium clip was a little bit of a disappointment, it’s kinda short and broad, and not very spingy. The clip deformed wildly with only one snag, and I had to go back with pliers, a butane torch, and a dremmel to fix it. The blade is a great shape and the grind is good. Overall it is one of favorite date-night knifes. It’s got a “folding steak knife” look that is fine with to use when eating in public.

Old School style with Modern Conveniences

Chase B.
6 years ago

The Urban Trapper looks great especially in the cocobolo wood scale. The long clip point blade is functional and gorgeous. It has a nice deep carry clip and weighs practically nothing. However it did not come very sharp and it does have some lock stick/lock rock issues.

Fabulous Knife !

Walter S.
6 years ago

One of the best I've ever bought for EDC. Long blade and handle, yet super light weight. Better than my Al Mar. Opens with a flip. Looks "gentlemanly," not tactical. You can carry it most anywhere.

Great knife

Avninder S.
6 years ago

I am bummed I didn't buy this from blade hq because I would have saved 20 bucks.

I love this knife so much that it is my main edc knife. It surprised me, lightweight but very strong. I forget that it is in my pocket.
I have had it for a month now and I honestly have zero complaints. Everyone I show this knife too wants one. I will definitely be buying more these but from read more blade hq as they have a better deal and Blade hqs service is better than Amazons.

Boker Urban Trapper CF

Carson B.
7 years ago

Very light and elegant. Makes a great light use gentleman's folder without the pocket clip, however, even with the clip it disappears in your pocket. Lockup is early, but no blade play. Fit and finish is great, but not perfect.

Boker Urban Trapper

Steven J.
7 years ago

Love this knife! Thin, very light, and very sharp. Flipper action needs a little work but I just got it.

Amazing knife

Daniel C.
8 years ago

Amazing gentlemen's knife, very lightweight, flipper is small but works very well. I think it has ball bearings to make it smoother. If it's rough, put some WD40 on it. Highly recommended

Great value

Eric c.
8 years ago

Very thin and light. Lots of blade length. Mine locks up a little too early. Still no blade play present. Carbon fiber scales offer good grip.

Boker Plus Urban Trapper

Jim A.
8 years ago

Light and lean; part of my EDC rotation. I wish the flipper lever was a little bigger; a partial open happens often when I do not use a wrist flick.