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About Kizer Sliver

The Kizer Sliver is a sleek and compact folding knife that will make a great addition to any EDC rotation. This MODel is outfitted with a black T6 aluminum handle and a stonewashed blade. Open standoff construction provides a lightweight build that is comfortable to use and carry. The tough aluminum handle is backed up by a stainless steel liner lock and features a milled Sunburst texture for a secure grip. A tip up stainless steel pocket clip finishes off the solid EDC design.Features:CPM-S35VN steel provides a high performance blade with excellent edge retention.Dual thumb stud openers offer smooth ambidextrous blade deployment.Item includes a stainless steel pocket clip for tip-up carry.

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Brand Kizer
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 8.25"
Blade Length 3.50"
Cutting Edge 3.375"
Blade Thickness 0.09"
Blade Material CPM S35VN
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Stonewash
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.75"
Handle Thickness 0.46"
Handle Material Aluminum
Color Black
Weight 3.11 oz.
User Right Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Knife Type Manual
Opener Thumb Stud
Lock Type Liner Lock
Model Sliver
Country of Origin China
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife

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Kizer Sliver - orange

Graham H.
3 years ago

My first Kizer knife, bought it from Blade HQ in summer 2020. I'm often drawn to bright colors like the orange that Kizer offers this knife in. I love the milled aluminum handle, its color, shape and feel. It can be a bit slippery compared to G-10, FRN, or micarta, but that's ok. This is marketed more as a gentleman's knife than a serious work knife. Your $80 also gets you solid read more S35VN steel. Very nice blade and handle length. Complaints? The contouring of the pocket clip is ok, nothing great, in my mind. The thumb stud works fine as an opener but I do wish there was a small flipper option as well. All in all, a very solid knife and if you're eyeing it for the color and shape like I was, i don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Premium quality on a budget

Mitchell W.
3 years ago

S35VN? Check. Sweet color scheme? Check. Excellent fit and finish? Check. I can keep going but we'd be here for a while. This is a really fun knife and adds a needed splash of color to my collection. The handles are a little slippery for me but the texturing helps to offset that somewhat.

Solid build, good action

Cassidy S.
4 years ago

My first Kizer and one of the more colorful knives of my collection. I love the blade shape, scales, and easy one-handed opening.


Te B.
4 years ago

Everything about this knife is amazing! It was a good value with S35V steel at $89 bucks, but it's now $68?!!! That's a steal. I love the finish and the packaging was incredible. It's definitely worth the sales price. My first Kizer, and definitely NOT my last!

Awesome knife, better price

Brian w.
6 years ago

This knife blew all expectations away. The packaging, fit, and finish are on par with a knife costing 3 or 4 times as much. The only downside is the liner tends to pinch your thumb when closing. Everything else is great.

Sleek and sexy

John S.
6 years ago

A larger gents knife with a premium blade steel. Smooth thumb stud deployment, and a positive liner lock engagement. Full CNC machining of the scales makes the aluminum grippy and stylish.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was there was a hot spot at the junction of the scale and the liner lock that required some careful filling on my part to smooth out.

From read more all accounts this is very unusual for Kizer knives and is by no means a reflection of their fit and finish.

Amazing quality

Sean E.
6 years ago

This knife under a different brand would cost upwards of $300 and it is a very nice knife a bit large but sleek and light. One thing the pocket clip is fragile so be aware of that mine broke off after being snagged on a gate.

Similar Function to BM 940

Liam G.
6 years ago

If you like the idea of a really thin and long blade for EDC, but the 940 is out of your budget... this is very good option! I dare say a better value than the Delica, but that's an argument for a forum.

CPM S35VN (less chippy than S30V!), beautiful machined aluminum, easily flicks with the large thumb studs, and has a great thin blade for slicing. Bottom line, nothing in read more this price competes well with the Sliver. This also has bronze washers, which is wonderful! The geometry and presentation are absolutely stellar.

However there are a few hiccups. I had to loctite the screws since they would not stay in place, but this is a big deal that is easily remedied. Not only did one screw fall out, the pivot is easily moved by moving in and out of your pocket from your thumb. This affects blade centering, and a constant adjustment for proper flicking. The only other problem is the pocket clip is SUPER stiff and awkward. It looks like it ramps really high up, but I compared it to other models from Spyderco and BM, and it is not as bad as some say.

Overall, stellar fit and finish, great steel, solid lockup, and a wonderful EDC!

Light long blade

John C.
7 years ago

I love it. I'm a fan of light long blades with some color and this fits the bill. My first kizer, but this experience will have me watching them for more. From the factory this was sharp, but not fast (tight at pivot).

Just OK

Daniel C.
9 years ago

Purchased this knife after reading many good reviews on Kizer (this is the only Kizer I own at the moment). I really like the handle but the fit and finish was not as good as I was expecting. The lockup is good, but the liner locks at well over halfway (almost 3/4) of the way into the blade, not leaving much left for wear. My blade was also very off centered when I received the read more knife, also very very difficult to open. I thought about exchanging it but ended up disassembling to correct the issue. I lapped the washers (bronze phosphorus) to get them flat- that was part of the blade alignment issue, the washers were not flat, one was more wedge shaped and the other had a bur on the ID where the hole was stamped. After reassembly I was able to get the blade centered. Now the pocket clip as noted in other reviews is horrible, it fits very tight against the side, and combined with the grooved handle makes it extremely hard to use- it bites into your jeans and won't let go. I fixed this also with a pair of parallel pliers but its still just a really crappy clip design. The thumb studs are not good either, the edges are sharp so it digs into your finger, and they are excessively long. The are also not optimally placed, about 5mm too far towards the tip of the blade so it makes the geometry to flick it open really odd- at least for my hand shape. So with all of this wrong why am I still giving it 3 stars? Well you are getting a 3d machined aluminum handle with an aesthetically pleasing design (I am concerned about the durability of the anodizing, compared to a knife like a LionSteel SR1 the anodizing does not seem as hard, it appears to be a very thin layer). It also has an S35VN blade, which is very nice. So overall for around $60 I think its an OK knife, comparable to some others in that price range its better than some, and worse than some, but the initial fitment of the blade was a big issue and I was let down by the assembly quality. I use my knives all the time for all sorts of stuff, I'm not one of those guys that buys a higher end knife just to open boxes so time will tell how it holds up. Would I recommend this knife? If your into knives and don't have issues with taking it apart to correct fitment issues, and your not super concerned with messing up the handle when it does see use, then if you like it buy it. If your looking for a knife that's going to be perfect straight out of the box and are concerned with long term durability of the finish if the knife sees hard use or gets dropped, this knife may not be for you.

Great Blade!

Heath D.
9 years ago

This is a really great knife, especially for the price. Aside from the fact that it is the least expensive blade on the planet with S35VN, it is really well made too. With cool orange scales, a very nicely stonewashed (and very sharp) S35VN blade, and excellent fit and finish, you won't be disappointed. The knife also has a ceramic detent ball, a very nice touch. And it's the smoothest read more non-bearing blade I've ever owned. Another thing that should be mentioned is that it is very thin in the pocket, very similar to the 940 in that regard.
I gave this blade a 4 instead of a 5 because of a few things. First off, John B. couldn't have said it better. The clip is, in fact, from the planet of odd clips. Pocket retention is too high, and it sticks up way too far. I modified mine in a vice and it's much better now though. Secondly, the thumb studs do stick out farther than they should. I haven't had issues w/ them catching on my pocket though. Lastly, mine was very hard to deploy initially due to a strong detent. Now that I have opened it a bunch, I think the ceramic has worn a bit of a groove in the blade, making it open quite easily. Overall I love the blade though, especially for what I paid for it.

Pleasant Surprise

John B.
9 years ago

My third Kizer, though my first aluminum handled one. Overall length same as a Para 2 but it feels and handles very easily due to handle shape ( no problems with the striations) and weight. The clip is from the planet of odd clips, however no other complaints. Price, quality of materials and construction should all point towards purchasing one

Pretty Great

Eric B.
9 years ago

Beautiful, well built and inexpensive. This seems to be legitimate S35VN, and the stone wash on the blade looks great and is nice and even. Handle shape is good, and again the finish is even and pretty. Now the bad, the thumbstuds and clip are some of the worst I've come across. The studs are as tall as the handles and get caught on my pocket. The clip was way to tight and flared read more out way to far. I have fixed the clip, bit will just have to live with the thumbstuds. Overall, I would still reccomend this to anyone.