Kizer Vanguard Sheepdog

Kizer Vanguard Sheepdog

Kizer Vanguard Sheepdog

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About Kizer Vanguard Sheepdog

The Kizer Sheepdog has been a staple in the knife world for yeARS now, notable from its iconic cleaver blade and comfortable handle. It makes a real statement every time it's drawn. It has a real look to it, but looks aren't everything. It's also a functional EDC knife that can slice like the best of them. Get yourself a Sheepdog, and you'll know why they have the knife community buzzing!In love with this aesthetic? Take a look at Chris Conaway's other awesome designs.

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Brand Kizer
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 7.75"
Blade Length 3.25"
Cutting Edge 3.125"
Blade width 1.50"
Blade Thickness 0.13"
Blade Material CPM 10V
Blade Style Sheepsfoot
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Black
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.375"
Handle Width 1.25"
Handle Thickness 0.46"
Handle Material Micarta
Color Black
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel
Weight 4.50 oz.
User Right Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Knife Type Manual
Opener Flipper
Lock Type Liner Lock
Model Sheepdog
Model Number V4488E7
Designer Chris Conaway
Country of Origin China
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife

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Great knife. Very sharp.

Hockey Reviews
2 years ago

We finally have a midsize Sheepdog with a finger flipper and it's a great one. Came razor sharp from the factory. Micarta looks and feels nice. Looking forward to seeing what the long term performance of the steel is like.

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Definitely one for the knife-nut collection, but maybe not for a newbie

3 years ago

Overall, the Sheepdog is amazing!

I'm generally pleased with the feel and performance of this knife, especially the action.

With a medium/large hand, I get a full 4-finger grip and it's super comfy in the hand when using thumb support at the handle/spine junction, which is most favorable.

Once I switch to the hammer grip, the handle presses awkwardly into the read more pad of my thumb. I wish the handle swell sat back a bit more so that it would fall into the middle of my palm instead.

Otherwise, the saber/thumb support grip feels the best, for standard use. The reverse grip (edge out) is pretty awesome, too.

Despite not having any jimping, the micarta is grippy enough to make this knife sticky in the hand, so the jimping really isn't needed. However, I'd always argue that it never hurts to have jimping---at least, when done properly.

I'm not too familiar with BD1N, but I understand it's like the bigger, stronger brother to BD1. I'm looking forward to learning more about this steel.

It came plenty sharp, and I'm very pleased with it's cutting performance.

I loved this knife so much, I bought the much larger Sheepdog XL, which is AWESOME!!! But I'll rave about that knife in its own review.

I'd love to get the mini, but it seems so tiny in the videos. And if I'm going to spend close to another $100 (with taxes and shipping), I'd rather throw that money towards something else more suitable for my needs and not just a cute novelty knife.

Sorry, but I opine that anything less than the regular Sheepdog is a novelty item because the regular Sheepdog is perfectly sized, and already leans towards the smaller size spectrum, being just a tad over 3inches.

The flipper action is Flip-a-Licious! It's so much fun playing with this guy. I just wish the flipper tab would've been a bit more angled for the push-button method because the handle shape makes it a bit awkward to get the right leverage for the light-switch method.

I'd prefer to be able to push down on the flipper tab, but the tip of the flipper is super POINTY and starts hurting after a few flips.

Therefore, I had to modify my way of flipping, which is similar to a front flipper-style, but with my index finger. So I'm using the inside (side portion) of my finger rather than the fingertip, and it's much more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Without my modified flipping style, I'm convinced the skinny, pointy flipper tab would quickly kill the fidget fun.

Despite its imperfections, I still love this knife and would recommend it for a serious enthusiast.

However, for someone new to knives, there are too many other options available that would be more suitable for a beginner--unless you're a beginner knife-nut who wants to experience it all.

Good luck, and enjoy the slice!


Joshua H.
3 years ago

I've been waiting impatiently for Kizer to do an updated but not full titanium-handled version of this blade ever since I got my mini in 154CM. I really like BD1N for blade steel for its edge holding and overall toughness. The blade shape is formidable and excellent for all tasks (minimal thus far) I've put it through. The green micarta and handle shape make it incredibly comfortable read more in the hand, especially with the unobtrusive pocket clip, which can make it a little difficult to get to sit in a pocket but a tiny bit of effort fixes that quickly. The action needed a tiny bit of oil but it opens smoothly and has a very satisfying and solid lock-up. Very pleased with this offering from BladeHQ and hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience one of these for themselves!

Kizer Sheepdog Natural Micarta (3.2 Black) V4488E5

Christopher H.
3 years ago

For the price this knife knocks it out of the park! I have and love the mini. I also bought the XL but sent it back to get this one. Well made and nice smooth action. The contrast of natural micarta handle with the black blade is beautiful. I can't stop taking it out to look at it, and flipping it! (which anyone with any of the sheepdogs knows is addicting)

Love it!

Adam T.
3 years ago

This is a big knife, but it is surprisingly light. Feels good in hand. Looks GREAT!

Worthy Addition to the Rotation

Steve K.
3 years ago

I am pleased with this knife. Its light in the hand and unimposing when closed, but makes an impressive statement when open. It arrived very sharp and I am okay with the blade material at this price point. It should hold an edge well. I like the micarta handle, it feels good and has a good grip. The handle size fits nice in my large hand and the edges are contoured enough to not read more bite into the palm of my hand. The hinge doesn't appear to have the same ball bearing pivot as my Kizer mini sheepdog. At the sale price, I'm okay with that, but I would have expected more at the full price. The blade does open/close smoothly and is tight and straight through its travel from closed to open - there is no slop. This knife does not have a lanyard hole, but I was able to add one (Combat Ready 5.75" Monkey Fist Lanyard (Green Camo)) around the rear-most spacer. Overall, I like this knife and am happy to add to my EDC rotation.