Leatherman Free T2

Leatherman Free T2

Leatherman Free T2

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About Leatherman Free T2

The Free T2 Series Multi-Purpose Folding Knife packs 8 useful tools into a compact and lightweight frame. All tools open with one hand, and lock up solid for secure use.Components:420HC KnifeBottle OpenerPry ToolPackage OpenerAwlPhillips ScrewdriverMedium ScrewdriverExtra Small ScrewdriverCheck out our Leatherman FREE blog post to see exactly what makes this multi-purpose tool so amazing.

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Brand Leatherman
Category Folding Knives
Tools 8
Closed Length 3.60"
Thickness 0.63"
Color Gray
Blade Length 2.20"
Weight 3.30 oz.
Locking Blade Yes
Model Free T2
Country of Origin USA
Product Type Multi-Tool

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Like the form factor

Robert T.
4 years ago

I do like the form factor of this tool. I love to fidget with the magnetic opening and I've been able to use the screw drivers a few times and I'm pretty happy. I have two complaints:

1. I didn't realize it didn't have a pocket clip. I saw the holes in the pictures above and just figured it wasn't installed in the pictures, but could be. Turns out the holes are for attaching read more a pocket clip, but you have to buy it for $9 + $5 shipping from Leatherman. That feels super nickle and dimey to me and makes me not want to buy another tool from Leatherman. Just charge a few bucks more an include the clip. I'm not paying 50% of what I bought the tool for to get a clip.

2. You can open all the tools one hand, although the knife is really hard to, but two of the tools have a bit of an edge on the inside of them, so you'll easily cut yourself if you're not careful. I'm fine with it not being super quick one hand open, but just be aware.

All in all, I like the tool, i'm just annoyed it doesn't have a pocket clip included and can't believe they want to charge me so much to get one.

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