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Leatherman Free T4

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About Leatherman Free T4

The Free T4 Series Multi-Purpose Folding Knife packs 12 useful tools into a compact and lightweight frame. All tools open with one hand, and lock up solid for secure use.Components:420HC KnifeSpring Action ScissorsBottle OpenerPry ToolPackage OpenerAwlWood/Metal FileTweezersPhillips ScrewdriverMedium ScrewdriverSmall ScrewdriverExtra Small ScrewdriverCheck out our Leatherman FREE blog post to see exactly what makes this multi-purpose tool so amazing.

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Brand Leatherman
Category Folding Knives
Tools 12
Closed Length 3.60"
Thickness 0.63"
Color Gray
Blade Length 2.20"
Weight 4.30 oz.
Locking Blade Yes
Model Free T4
Country of Origin USA
Product Type Multi-Tool

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Fred P.
3 years ago

Very good

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Yea good!!

Brandon W.
3 years ago

I really do like this product from leatherman. It has a deep carry pocket clip and it a little wide in your pocket but ya get used to it especially when you need it you don't think about it being a little wide anymore in your pocket. As for a edc multi tool this is one of my favorites. Great quality and has the tools on it I use the most for something I need to pull out of my pocket read more most of the times. All leatherman products are very nice and great quality and a decent price.

Perfect EDC Utility

Michael P.
4 years ago

Great little utility tool, with very convenient one hand operation. I removed the pocket clip as it will chew up your pocket edge pretty quickly. I also carry this in the pocket as I have an EDC knife that rides in the pocket clip location. Overall it has a nice quality feel as you would expect from a Leatherman, and takes a good beating.

Great edc tool

Mattis B.
4 years ago

This is more practical than a full-size leatherman and carries better than a SAK (Swiss army knife). I love my multitools, but I seldom use pliers. Every time I try to use a SAK as part of my edc, I struggle to find a way to carry them where they don’t clog my pocket or require a holster. Additionally, I much prefer locking blades and tools. The T4 is the perfect marriage between read more a “traditional” style leatherman multitool, and a SAK.

Quite a Little Toolbox

Rocky P.
4 years ago

I’m sure the T4 will be great once it wears in a bit. It starts off a little tight. Unless you’re more dexterous than me, you will be flipping up all of the tools on one end and then pushing the ones you aren’t using back down. It’s really no big deal.
The tools themselves are typical Leatherman quality, and that is great. It’s a pretty compact package although it’s read more a little bigger than I expected. (I obviously didn’t pay enough attention to the dimensions given by Blade HQ.)
I think it’ll be a great pocket tool set once I get used to it.

No tweezers

Jason L.
4 years ago

My tool did not come with a tweezers anywhere. That was a big selling feature for me and there is not one included. Other than that, it's a little heavy and bulky, but a nice tool overall. Without the tweezers...it's a swiss army knife with a pocket clip at twice the price. Without a tweezer. I'll stick with Swiss Army until the product gets fixed.