Ontario RAT Model 1

Ontario RAT Model 1

Ontario RAT Model 1

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About Ontario RAT Model 1

This MODel features a durable D2 tool steel blade with a satin finish and coyote brown handle. The RAT MODel 1 is a superb design from Randall's Adventure & Training that is manufactured by Ontario Knife Company (OKC). This knife is designed for comfort and performance with an index finger groove on the handle to keep your hand where it should be and jimping on the spine of the blade for controlled cutting. The handle features textured coyote brown nylon 6 scales with an open-built steel liner lock frame. The RAT MODel 1 is fully ambidextrous with dual thumb studs and a 4-way reversible pocket clip. The Ontario RAT MODel 1 is a strong, high-quality knife at an unbelievable price!

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Brand Ontario Knife Company
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 8.625"
Blade Length 3.625"
Cutting Edge 3.25"
Blade Thickness 0.11"
Blade Material D2
Hardness 58-60 RC
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 5.00"
Handle Thickness 0.51"
Handle Material GFN
Color Brown
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel
Weight 5.07 oz.
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up, Tip-Down
Knife Type Manual
Opener Thumb Stud
Lock Type Liner Lock
Model Model 1
Model Number 8867CB
Country of Origin Taiwan
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife

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Review Rating 100%

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Good strong knife for edc

Ralph R.
2 years ago

Love this knife so much I have 2 in DT and 2 IN AUS-8. Both are excellent and have not failed me.

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For the $, As Good as They Come!

Marco R.
2 years ago

When it comes to reliable function, I can't come up with a better knife----and there are a lot of great knives out there. But, the Ontario RAT 1 is my overall favorite. I've owned mine for about 5 years, it's in my standard rotation, and the thing is a workhorse and still operates perfectly. Smooth action. Still no blade play closed, through opening or @ full lock-up. The AUS-8 read more blade holds a good edge but where it is top notch, is the ease of getting a killer edge back on it. I have no knife that's easier. For $30ish there is, IMHO, simply no better knife out there.

Fixed blade Rat fan

Harry E.
2 years ago

I have had an Ontario 3 fixed blade for years and like it for hiking / camping so thought I might try the model 1 folder. I haven’t used it in the field yet but so far it seams like a nice folder for camping or other rugged use a good compromise between too small pocket and too big fixed blade for camping hiking use.

I will name my first born child "Rat Model 1 D2"

Joseph A.
3 years ago

This is basically a perfect knife. The only way it could be better is if it were made in the USA. Frankly it is understandable that they haven't tried that: the universe might very well collapse on itself in a singularity of beauty and harmony.

The ergonomics are essentially perfect for me. It is simply a daily toss up whether I would rather carry this or my PM2, which feels read more very similar. One does not feel better than the other, it's merely whether I feel like carrying the satisfying extra 1.32 oz and the slightly less grippy yet more comfortably rounded scales of the Rat 1 on a given day.

It feels premium, frankly more than a Sebenza does. Please, don't try to argue otherwise. I will defend this knife's honor in a manner that surely cannot be described without violating BladeHQ's Community Guidelines.

The action is perfect. And if you think it is not perfect, even though you are wrong it can be fine tuned to whatever suits you, with more subtlety than most knives of any price.

The D2 steel is the master stroke, which perfected an already amazing knife. In practice, those who are serious users rather than collectors know that D2 performs almost as well as most super steels. It is a wonderful steel and I wish more companies would use it to upgrade their own well designed budget knives.

Aside from being amazing on its own, this knife is a perfect platform for customization and gifting. For the non knife nut, the AUS8 is an all time great bang for your buck. For your knife buddies, the D2 version is perfect for trying your hand at a little customization - dyeing, fancy scales, engraving, etc. You can gift them something that's special AND high quality without breaking the bank.

If you're reading this, just buy it. If you're like me and already own 10 of them, buy it anyway. You don't have to be Nostradamus to predict that there'll be a day when you simply can't buy a knife of this quality for this price, and you'll wish you had bought more when you could.

I don't think there is much better out the for the price

Matt P.
3 years ago

This thing is a SOLID knife for the price, I wanted to try the D2 steel as I have never had one, but so far this thing is awesome. The flipper is very nice, it is built like a benchmade. The ONLY complaint I have is this thing is large, if you have a spyderco endura this is about that same, I prefer the smaller version from a size perspective, but built quality and D2 is pretty read more hard to beat for this price level, feels like something 3x, maybe 4x more in cost.

What a BIG knife!

Rich M.
3 years ago

I own a Rat 2 which is 3.5 fingers big (before choking up). I wear XL gloves. I thought the Rat 1 would fit better. It does but the Rat 1 is 6 fingers big. I didn't realize how big the knife actually is until I had it. It is now the biggest folding knife I own. I was going to buy a ZT 0301 with a 3.75 inch blade but the ZT 0350 with a 3.25 inch blade is fine for me.
Even though read more the Rat 1 is big it still fits in a standard male pocket.

The opening sound of the Rat 1 in Aus-8 is softer than the opening sound of a Rat 2 D2. It could be that the Aus-8 is softer than the D2 or my opening speed is much slower on the Aus-8 due to the size and weight of the blade.

Suggestion: I hope they come out with a Rat 3 that is 3.25 inches. That size could still be EDC. I do not think the Rat 1 is EDC.

Great Knife, Cheesy Carbon Fiber. Buy G10 with D2 if you can.

William W.
3 years ago

I love the knife. It lives up to its reputation and I love D2 steel.

The scales, not so much love. I guess they are carbon fiber, but they have a lot more resin than carbon fiber in them. I only bought the carbon fiber scales because that was what was available. I bought this for a working knife. Given the slick surface, it is inferior to G10 in grip and costs more. Oh well, read more still a great knife.

Decent budget knaf

Andrew C.
3 years ago

Pretty good thumb stud flipper. The blade coating will show wear easily. Everything is pretty solid, you could buy the model 2 if you want it smaller and you can get the D2 for an even better starter knife.

Love this knife!

Dan K.
3 years ago

hands down one of the best EDC on the market! D2 holds that perfect edge for what seems like forever! at $40 it makes an excellent choice!

Beast of a knife

Everson t.
4 years ago

good, hard working folder for someone who isnt lookin to impress, just get it done while still maintaining a smaller stature

Can Not Imagine EDC Without It

Joshua C.
4 years ago

Best EDC knife I have ever had. I struggle to find fault in this knife. The handle fits my hand perfectly and the pocket clip has never once fell out of my pocket. In my opinion, the drop-point blade is near perfect and the D2 steel is tough as hell. I have carried mine for nearly a year and I have struggled to find a knife that can compete with the price of the Model 1. The action read more has worn in and works terrifically.
Cons: The only main con that I wish was addressed by Ontario is that the lock is not the strongest. Plus I wish there was G10 scales.
All in all I do not see myself replacing it and it all always be a favourite.

A Classic, Robust, Working Man's Knife

Matt L.
4 years ago

RAT 1 D2, First off, I must start this review by saying, this knife is so dang sharp right out of the box. Like I have an unopened bag of Doritos sitting on the counter and instead of opening the bag normally I just take out the Rat 1 and slice off the top of the bag entirely. That is nice and I like that feature. Secondly, this knife is incredibly ergonomic. I can really clamp read more down and get some work done with this thing. Great gimping, no hot spots, thumbs up. Thirdly, everything else. Lockup? Surprisingly secure. Finish? Could hardly damage it if I tried. Looks great, feels even better, wonderful pocket clip, and is shockingly small in the pocket. Literally the only thing I would improve on the Rat 1 is the opening. The retention is solid, so you have to really push on the thumb stud to open the knife. However, the thumb stud is like milled out for extra grip, which is great but makes the stud kind of sharp. So opening and closing the knife repeatedly in a short amount of time can tend to hurt the thumb a little. But other than that, I love this knife. Great knife, great tool, instant classic, and a wonderful introduction to Ontario Knife Co. 92/100

Bigger than I anticipated.

Kody S.
4 years ago

Big fan of this knife. Although, didn't realize how big it actually was. The size plays well into the ergonomics though. Seems a lot larger in person. Not a bad size though just towards the larger scale.

I love this "safety" orange color. I bought this as a job site knife. I'm hoping that the brightness helps me avoid misplacing it.

Action was very hard to fire out read more of the box but is definitely getting better over time.

Ontario is On it...ario?

4 years ago

ANYWAYS... Guys I took this knife to panama for a bushwhacking hard use trust it with anything blade and you guessed it...it DELIVERED! I kinda never fully liked the way it looked, but that was when I was a hater and never put it in my hand. When you go to work with this knife, you forget your working lol. No hot spots. I did try opening a coconut I found on an island after whale read more watching for a bit and I dropped it in the ocean...still cuts like a dream and maintained its hard use ( I did screw up the action...but its fine now i have an excuse for another colorway) Guys and gals just get it and use it and you will love it. It is a bit hefty but there is always the RAT 2. Before I yeeted the blade into the ocean, the action was actually so good that I kept finding it in my pocket

Surprisingly Good

David W.
4 years ago

I picked this up as a beater and even after reading all the reviews I was pleasantly surprised. Ergonomically it's a bit better than my Paramilitary 2 and in YouTube edge retention tests the Rat 1 in D2 rated twice as good as the same knife in AUS8. It's a well designed, hard working knife.

Okay knife, good deal for the money

Cesar V.
4 years ago

On paper this knife offers a very good steel for its price (D2). In person the brown scales look darker than they do in this set of pictures but are still a nice color. I docked some stars on this review mainly because the detent on my particular piece is very weak. The knife can be opened by shaking it twice without the use of the thumb stub. I don't carry it as often anymore for read more worry that it might open itself in my pocket.

Great all around knife.

Tom P.
4 years ago

Good knife for the price. Razor sharp out of the box. Ergonomics are excellent. Using it for camping and backpacking. Good, solid all around knife. A bit large for EDC, but still useful as a general purpose knife.


Jozef J.
4 years ago

This is now my favorite budget knife. I love the R2D2 and I bought it in carbon fiber which looks really cool but was a little bit of a let down on feel. This in the G10 is amazing . It almost feel like micarta it's so soft and nice. The larger blade size is right where I need it to be. I actually recommend this knife over the R2D2.

Excellent knife

Anthony F.
4 years ago

This knife just might be the very best bang for your buck possible. The fit and finish is great and its made of quality materials. The blade centering is spot on and the action is very fast. The blade flies open and locks in with a very satisfying "thwack". It feels great in the hand and holds up well to reasonably hard use. I will buy more of these!

Budget beater, that can take the beating.

Gman 1.
4 years ago

The rat 1 is priced so well for what you get. A solid feeling knife that fills the hand, and cracks like a whip when deployed. So satisfying. May be too large for those with smaller hands, but the contouring in the liners and scales really does help to make it fit. Multiple clip options also increase its versatility.

Solid knife

Eric B.
4 years ago

Solid knife, like the D2 steel. Slick handle good price.

Good for large hands

Izzy F.
4 years ago

I got this for my brother because he has been carrying a gas station knife for 2 years and it was bugging me. The D2 is a great steal and the price for the quality is fantastic. He loves it and i dont need to cringe when he pulls out his knife.

Solid knife, great value

Jeff J.
4 years ago

I have many high end knives, but I wanted a good "working" knife that wouldn't break the bank. This knife has proven to be a solid performer with the D2 blade steel. Holds an edge well and the high, flat grind slices cleanly. The thumb stud is also out of the slicing path, which is helpful. The knife also has a very solid feel and fills the hand nicely, so it's easy to control.
I read more would have no issues recommending this knife to anyone with a limited budget who needed a good, solid all-around performer.

Love my Rat model 1

Mikey Y.
4 years ago

This is SUCH a good knife, I had heard a lot of good things about it on review channels on youtube/word of mouth. I got it from the clearance section at Wal-Mart for 20$ which was a steal. The full flat grind makes it awesome for food prep, opening that indestructible clamshell packaging ... not to mention that its a damned decent tactical/self defense blade as well. This would read more be a wonderful first knife for someone who is looking to get into knives because its so handy as well as easy to sharpen. I absolutely love my Rat 1.


Charles M.
5 years ago

This knife came razor sharp from the factory. The lockup is tight, and the opening action is smooth. The overall build quality is excellent and I would absolutely recommend this knife.


Andrew P.
5 years ago

You can’t beat this knife for the price, great ergonomics, great blade, comes razor sharp, and once it breaks in it’s incredibly smooth. I’d say it’s rivaling the PM2 for pocket time. Super beefy and great sound.


Simon m.
5 years ago

Decent edge out of the box but the detent is incredibly stiff and hard to access the tumb stud the action wasn't great but I took it apart and cleaned the factory grime and that mosty fixed it

Love it

Bryce G.
5 years ago

I bought this knife and the black and desert tan mod 2 absolutely love both of these knives. The weight and aesthetics of the design are amazing. Can’t beat that price either. Super happy with my purchase.

Very nice knife for the price

Christopher M.
5 years ago

solid knife for the price. Blade isn't perfectly center but very close, action good, lock is good and somewhat tactile, full metal liner with 5 spacers, clip sits low so a good amount of the knife sticks out of the pocket, jimping is ok, grip contour is good, handle material isn't super grippy but is ok, The company logo on the clip and blade is already wearing off. Overall it's read more a good pick up for the price.

Everything they say it is and more.

Michael H.
5 years ago

After seeing multiple reviews and recommendations by other well known knife collectors I decided I needed to try the Ontario RAT models out. I started with this Model 1 in black on black with a partial serrated blade because that's my usual edcarry style.
I have not been disappointed so far. It came very well built with a fairly easy and smooth flip open action. It locks open read more tight with zero movement with the blade side to side and back in forth. The blade is fairly sharp with only a small section of serrations compared to a lot of similar blades but that's fine.
The handle came with the clip in the tip down position which I promptly moved to the tip up location for my right hand. Thankfully these knives come pre-drilled for any clip position either left or right handed. The handle fits my hand very comfortably, the clip being barely noticeable with no hot spots. The scales offer a firm grip. I have arthritis and had carpal tunnel surgery 2yrs ago and this knife is very easy to open and close with just one hand.
All in all this is an awesome value at $30 and I can see it being a strong work horse in my EDC rotation at work. My job at UPS requires me to use a knife constantly throughout my shift every night. This knife is perfect for all my cutting needs.

Awesome beater

Michael L.
5 years ago

Loved my aus8 version so. Once i heard they came out in D2 i was all over it. This knife is buttery smooth for such a cheap knife. Would recommend this as a starter knife all day.


James w.
5 years ago

My new favorite knife! Everything about it rules. Beyond sharp D2 steel. Grippy handle. Fast action. Just heavy enough. Love the blade shape. I have many more expensive knives, but this blows most of them away. For 40 bux you can't go wrong. Get this now.

It's a knife!

George M.
5 years ago

I've had this knife for about a year. Here are my thoughts.
-Super good value.
-Super easy to sharpen.
-Large enough to get stuff done
-Cheap enough that you're not afraid to beat the thing up.
-Easy one handed open and close

-If you bear down hard on it, the handle and the jimping can cause hot spots.
-If you take the thing apart, it read more can be hard to get back to perfect centering and can introduce more side to side play.

Great knife for the price

Marc N.
5 years ago

Maybe a tad heavy for EDC, but great utility everywhere else. Great quality of the build and D2 has become my favorite steel. Absolutely worth the mid-range price.

Exceptional value EDC

Matt P.
5 years ago

One of the first “good” knives I ever bought, and the first real user knife. I carried a benchmade and a SOG for years, but never really used them because I thought they were “too nice”. Enter the rat 1. Inexpensive, so I didn’t worry about really using it and pretty soon, it was the only knife I would carry. Practically perfect, for the price. One of these days, I’ll read more try the D2 version, but until then, I am very happy with my AUS8 for whatever life throws at me.

Picture is wrong

Jeremiah C.
5 years ago

Picture shows the older RAT logo on blade. It ships with the newer Ontario logo. Just fyi. Otherwise the knife is what you would expect a RAT 1 to be.

Best 49 dollars spent!

Sean B.
5 years ago

I love my rat 1 in d2! The brown is more like a dark tan to me though, but it still looks great! It came to me hair popping sharp and after about a month of use every day for edc tasks it's still just as sharp. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice to pickup this knife. The reviews done lie! Customer service with blade hq is amazing too! Said it would take 2 weeks to deliver read more and I got it 3 days later! Very impressed.

Good value

Brandon B.
5 years ago

Super smooth action, nice fit and finish, quality AUS-8 blade. For the price it's hard to beat. I would have expected G10 scales, but the nylon scales are nice, good grip, they actually feel similar to the worn-in G10 on on my PM2. It is just as nice as any of the Kershaw folders in the sub $50 price range.

A nice backup

Jay B.
5 years ago

While I wouldn't put this in my EDC rotation. It has reliable steel and is well designed. Easy to sharpen.

I use it for typical jobs around the house or light work camping and hiking.

Can't Beat It!

Matthew C.
5 years ago

My favorite knife I own, I have had fairly expensive knives that would always end up sitting in a drawer. No matter how many knives I have bought after my RAT, the RAT always ends up back in my pocket!

Almost as good as a pm2

Mark D.
6 years ago

Very large and pretty heavy duty knife. Definitely made to be used hard. Razor sharp out of the box and holds a edge very well. For the money it may be the best all around user knife

One of the best budget folders out there.

Greg L.
6 years ago

Great knife. Truly one of the best budget folders on the market. The Rat 1 is a ton of knife for under $30. I plan on getting another in D2. Very happy with Blade HQ. I order it on Friday and it was at my door Monday.

First purchased knife

Terry L.
6 years ago

Solid. Strong. Truly great value. The ergonomics are very suited for work it seems. But needs a touch more grip. And perhaps a spring assited d2 would be amazing. I am now an Ontario fan. Oh and Taiwan made. I wish it was USA made. Also this knife seems to shipwreck the syperdco tenacious in reviews.

Perfect knife for $40

Daniel D.
6 years ago

This knife really lives up to the hype. A great steel that really holds an edge. This was sharper out of the box than any other knife I have ever purchased. Blade is perfectly centered and the handle is smooth without being slippery. I bought this knife to be a worker and not beat up some of my more expensive blades and it works for everything I have ever needed it for. I highly read more recommend this knife to anyone looking for a great edc and doesn't want to break the bank.

Good processor

Wade M.
6 years ago

We do alot of hunting to stock freezers I've processed 3 whitetail deer & 2 hogs with mine really comfortable, doesn't get slick on ya, edge holds up great, blade is a great slicer, ez to clean really like it in barn & kitchen great performance against Bark River & Benchmade only knock is lock on mine is a pain to release

Great camp knife.

Levi C.
6 years ago

I carried this knife for almost 5 years through Boy Scouts and put it through everything from the general cutting tasks to food preparation and even fire making. This knife never let me down and is still going strong without blade play and good lock up. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an all around everyday carry knife.

Almost perfect

Chase K.
6 years ago

I'm completely blown away with this knife. It's my first experience with d2 and I'm very impressed. Stays sharp longer then any of my other knives including s30v manix2. My only issue is opening the knife, there's not much room to grab open the blade using your 2nd hand so it's really a one handed opening knife and with such a strong detent the thumb stud takes some getting used read more to along with breaking in the knife. Everything is smoothing out slowly but not without ripping my thumb up first lol. I just wish it was as easy to open as say my manix 2. Since it's getting better it's still 5 stars.

Great knife for the price.

Gage S.
6 years ago

I bought mine a couple of years ago when they were cheaper and over that time I have carried it a lot. I own both the rat 1 and the smaller rat 2. They have both held up very well and I actually bent the lock on the rat 2 batoning a log. All I did was bend it back and it's as good as new. The action is pretty smooth and the detetent is pretty hard, which I like. They are very easy read more to take apart for maintenece purposes. The list of pros go on and on. For normal edc they are very sturdy and the blade steel is good for the price. I highly recommend this knife and the rat 2 to anyone.

Great Value

Hugh J.
6 years ago

For $40, a D2 knife with great ergonomics and fit and finish is a no brainer

It's the poor man's paramilitary 2.

Matthew D.
6 years ago

If you are looking for a large beater knife, this is it. It does everything the para military 2 does for 1/4th the money. The action is super smooth for the price point and the ergos and blade shape make cutting tasks a breeze.

Big knife

Scott B.
6 years ago

This is a high value inexpensive user. It’s big blade flips open easily and smoothly, better than a lot of my more expensive knives. The handle is comfortable, although a little slick, the index finger choil locks the hand in, I never felt like I’d lose grip on the knife. The jimping on the blade is a bit aggressive, almost sharp, but not too bad to make it uncomfortable. It read more holds a decent edge and is easily sharpened. The only problem is the size, it can be a scary knife to whip out around non knife people.

Love this thing

Tae S.
6 years ago

Comes very sharp out of the box, be warned!

The knife itself is very reliable in lock-up, have used mine many times in the field for small camp tasks, nothing major.

OKC has an outstanding reputation for well-built knives. You wont be disappointed


Heavy Knife, Great Ergonomics

Ian C.
6 years ago

As I took this knife out of the box, my first impression was that it's very heavy with an abnormally long handle. However, after carrying it for a day and using it for normal tasks like opening boxes and cutting zip ties, I realized this knife is beautifully functional. The grip you get is outstanding and the jimping on the top of the blade is nice and aggressive. The D2 blade steel read more comes hair-shaving sharp out of the box and holds an edge well. The brown G10 is rather attractive, and the black deep-carry pocket clip is a winner! I just wish they'd make this knife a little lighter weight. There was also some side to side blade play out of the box which was disappointing but easy enough to fix.

Unbeatable Deal

Brian R.
6 years ago

This is a fantastic knife especially for the price. I bought this after owning the RAT-2 and loving it. The one downside I have to this knife is the thickness of the handle. It is too large for me to carry everyday. It is a nice size to use when I'm out camping though.

Great for the price

Travis M.
6 years ago

The Rat 1 is a pretty good all-around folder for the price. The coating will chip and wear off pretty easily, though. The jimping is also somewhat slick with the coating.

Great knife

Carson K.
6 years ago

-blade shape
-the action is outstanding

-scales are a little slick
-steel choice (I would consider the D2 model)

Overall this is a great knife but now that the D2 model is offered, I would highly consider that one.

Perfect Knife

James B.
6 years ago

You can’t beat this knife for the money. Fits the hand like a glove. I like this knife so much, I bought it’s little brother. The Rat 2

King of budget knives

Gerald N.
6 years ago

This is the best knife in this price range by far. Has good action and is one of the most comfortable knives you will ever use. I have all kinds of folders and this one still gets used multiple times a week. My Rat 1 does all of my nasty work and just keeps going. Excellent value for the money. Everyone should have one.

It's a gem

Nick L.
6 years ago

Hands down best $30 knife you'll ever buy! Blade style gets any cutting job done, lock up is solid as a rock, no blade play, mine came perfectly centered; honestly getting the most bang for your buck with this knife! It should be in everyones collection!

Best knife I've ever owned!

Nicholas C.
6 years ago

I've had my Ontario RAT-1 for 2 years. And it's a solid knife for $25, I carry it EVERYWHERE! The AUS-8 steel holds better than I thought it would, takes a good edge and holds it very well with proper knife care. I've had to replace the Teflon washers once but thats because I dropped it in dirt and forgot to clean it. Other than that there's not really any bad to said about this read more knife. Maybe if it had a deep carry clip? I don't know. Still a great blade. I've had a lot of people ask if it was a switch blade haha. Best thing to do is go buy it from BladeHq!!

Awesome knife!

Zack l.
6 years ago

This is a great knife for people with big hands and people who love a great quality knife for a quality price.


Ricardo A.
6 years ago

Feels great in my hands and isn’t too bulky for edc

Great edc

Tyler s.
6 years ago

I love this knife I own 2 of them came super sharp love the d2 tool steel

Best Christmas Gift

Jared s.
6 years ago

I got thing knife as a gift for Christmas and its been in my pocket since. I'm not a big fan of the half blade/half serrated, but I've found it to be very useful. A con to this knife is that the black coating rubs off very easily, but it has a nice "beater" look to it. I know this knife will be in my backpack for camping trips in the future.

Gotta love it

John S.
6 years ago

It's one of my favorite edc. I carry it left hand tip down, and I find the ease of opening to be one of it's best features. It also has a rather unique blade shape, which makes for a good conversation piece. It stays sharp, and cuts... like a knife.


Brad L.
6 years ago

This is a knife so nice, I bought it twice. I got this knife, and I fell hard for the first week, and the action started to get worse (not unsurprising, I opened concrete bags with it) so I took it apart, drilled some holes in the metal handles, polished the washers, and put a screaming edge on it, then I put it back together, and could not get it centered

Great all around knife

Nan l.
6 years ago

Great all around knife. Lots of blade for the money! I gave one to my dad, and bought a second because I missed it. Love the opening on it. Manual, but you'd swear its assisted with how quick it flys open. Sharp, great size and feel! A must have for any knife owner

Amazing price

Ricardo A.
6 years ago

Love this knife feels super solid in hand, and doesn’t feel weak at all. This liner lock is probably the strongest you get at this price point.

Work Horse!

Grady W.
6 years ago

This baby is one heck of a steal! Very ergonomic and useful design. I do industrial work and this tank is always at my side to help get the job done. Scales are a little cheap, and the liners aren’t skeletonized at all making this one very heavy knife, but those are the only cons for me. The D2 is completely worth the extra $$$!

Good knife, but not great

Ryan W.
6 years ago

So, this was one of my first purchases from BHQ. All in all it's a good knife, but not great.

Pros: Good steel, better edge retention than Aus 8. Strong action. Solid lockup. Good egos. The pocket clip can be switched to four different places.The price!!!.

Cons: Liner lock is stiff. The grip handle is too smooth; I wish it was G10. D2 will rust on you compared to read more AUS 8. You think for an outdoor knife, Ontario would go XHP for this instead since it does have better corrosion resistance. Finally, the clip. The paint on it will chip super easy. They should have just made it satin.

Anyway, If your on a budget, I wouldn't overlook this. My preference though is the RAT 2. Now that is a phenomenal knife!

Great Knife!

David M.
6 years ago

For less than $50, who can complain. Comes out the box extremely sharp, great work knife

Different Finish?

Ricardo A.
6 years ago

Love this knife great as everyone has said, the only thing is that the black finish rubs off with literally anything rubbing against it in your pocket, or while cutting. Still the best edc for the price, but I would recommend a satin finish or anything not black coated.

Better than the pm2?

Brad W.
6 years ago

While the rat won't beat the pm2 in fit and finish or steel quality it is still quickly becoming my favorite knife. The d2 steel is amazing and the full flat grind is awesome. I also almost prefer the blade shape of the rat over the pm2 because it offers more of a flat but still has plenty of belly. Thump studs are perfectly situated on the blade and the action is SILKY, because read more of this you can open it with the middle finger as if it had a Spidey-hole. (Also they're just the MODEL 1 now because OKC discontinued their association with Randall's adventure training. That's also why the printing on the blade no longer has the triangle RAT logo and instead just has the OKC O logo)

Best intermediate EDC under $100 or more

Matt T.
6 years ago

I love this knife so much I had to buy the carbon fiber version. I've had the rat for a while and it is by far my favorite edc knife ever.

Very sturdy knife

Justin H.
7 years ago

This knife is built rock solid. The blade is thick and can take a beating. The blade finish is nice as well. Very comfortable in the hand. There's a lot of expensive edc's that can't compare to the quality of this knife. It's a must have.

Beautiful blade, excellent value!

Preston L.
7 years ago

I am an amatuer prepper and outdoorsman, who uses his knives daily in both work and play. I have loved the RAT model knife since I got my very first one over a year ago. Since that time, I have gotten both a RAT 2 and now a RAT 1 in D2 steel. The quality and build of this knife are amazing, with the weight and size providing a solid presence in the hand. The ergonomics are very read more good for my medium sized grip. This knife is everything I hoped it would be, especially for the price. I've handled a RAT 1 in D2 with the carbon fiber scales, and honestly I prefer the GFN handle for every day use.

Great affordable knife!

USA #.
8 years ago

I was skeptical at first. It's made in Taiwan and very affordable. I watched 20 reviews then ordered it. So happy I did. It is amazing that this knife is only 30 bucks. Four way positional pocket clip that some 200 dollar knives don't have. The quality really is outstanding. I'm picky too. Best affordable knife I own. It doesn't feel "cheap" at all. I bought a Model 2 as well.

More than your money's worth.

Junior L.
8 years ago

I'm a knifeaholic (according to my wife), who has spent and continues to spend way too much on these toys. I have a few thousand invested in Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Microtech, etc. etc.

But if you're on a budget and are looking for the absolute best bang for your buck, this is it. It is very ergonomic, locks up good, and takes a great edge. Spends a lot of time in my pocket read more so the fancy ones don't get dirty.

Real Tank of a Blade

Kurt E.
8 years ago

I have had this knife for over a year now and it continues to impress me. I tear down a lot cardboard boxes and this blade has handled such tasks very admirably, especially considering the incredible price. For a budget steel the AUS-8 steel is fantastic and takes a wicked edge and holds it fairly long, but If you don't like sharpening your knives very often a higher grade steel read more is needed, and in this price point the only option you would have is ceramic. This knife is also built with some quality hardware, with no visible wear after uncountable teardowns.

Build quality: 5/5
Blade steel (not adjusted for price): 3/5
Smoothness: 5/5
Grip: 4/5
Ergonomics: 4/5

I 100% recomend this as a heavier use EDC.


Joshua N.
8 years ago

Where do I start? Everything about this knife if perfect. I especially like the ergonomics. The lock up is superior, absolutely ZERO blade play. Razor sharp out of the box. Edge retention so far so great! My first (AUS-8) steel knife. Perfect weight, you know you're holding it without it being to heavy. I've been collecting knives for 20 years and this is the first one to earn a read more nick name. "Big Sexy".