Ontario RAT Model 2

Ontario RAT Model 2

Ontario RAT Model 2

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About Ontario RAT Model 2

This RAT MODel II has been upgraded with a D2 steel blade in a satin finish and a black nylon handle.If you like the Ontario RAT MODel 1, but want something a little less bulky, then you'll love the MODel 2. The RAT MODel II is based on the popular MODel I. It's smaller, but retains the same great shape and performance of the original. This knife is designed for comfort and performance, with an index finger groove on the handle and jimping on the spine of the blade for controlled cutting. It features textured nylon 6 scales with an open-built steel liner lock frame. The RAT MODel 2 is fully ambidextrous with dual thumb studs and a 4-way reversible pocket clip.

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Brand Ontario Knife Company
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 7.00"
Blade Length 3.00"
Cutting Edge 2.75"
Blade Thickness 0.09"
Blade Material D2
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.125"
Handle Thickness 0.42"
Handle Material Nylon
Color Black
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel
Weight 2.75 oz.
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up, Tip-Down
Knife Type Manual
Opener Thumb Stud
Lock Type Liner Lock
Model Model 2
Model Number 8828
Country of Origin Taiwan
Best Use Camp/Hike
Product Type Knife
Hardness 58-60 RC

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Popularity #75216
Review Rating 100%

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It's good, it's cheap.

Patrick A.
2 years ago

I'm not really a fan of thumb studs, and there's not a whole lot of purchase on the liner lock. Does it work? Sure, it's fine. This shows up on a lot of "best knife below [...]$" lists, and that's totally understandable. Is there a better knife for this price point? Well, I've beaten a Ka-Bar Dozier half to death and the thing still works as well as it did out of the box. I haven't read more done that to this knife, at least not yet. Out of the box, for ergonomics and aesthetics, I'd take this one over the Dozier. Neither is going to blow your socks off. They're both perfectly adequate. For whatever your personal preferences are, I'm sure you can find something marginally better for the price in one way or the other. But, yeah, this is somewhere near the optimum value in a general kind of way.

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Good but not great out of the box

2 years ago

For this price point, you are getting a lot of value in this knife. The size is on the smaller end but is what I was looking for. I carry a Benchmade Adamas folder or a ZT 0350 in the field at work and was looking for something smaller for office carry. That being said here are my reasons for the 4/5 stars:

ACTION: Very stiff out of the box. I initially felt like this knife read more was going to be a safety hazard because of the small thumb stud and stiff action. It was very easy to end up with your thumb on the blade when applying force to snap the knife open. I ended dismantling the knife, cleaning everything and lubricating with Ardent Reel Butter. Now the action is very smooth - not Civivi or Boker smooth but very nice.
I did have to clean up the edge a bit on my stones and strop but I expected that. Overall I am happy with the knife and would recommend it for anyone looking for a value priced blade with tons of upside.

Can be a bit tricky to put back together.

Nechunya W.
2 years ago

When I got this knife it was great, but when I first took it apart it was loose afterwards and i had to tighten it a lot. Later I watched Nick Shabazz's video on how to disassemble it and it turns out you have to make sure you put the plastic washers on the knife side AND you line them up perfectly as you can. If you know this it isn't hard but if you don't it can be difficult. read more With that in mind I'm giving this knife four stars.

Open slowly....

Joshua F.
3 years ago

I flicked this open too fast at work and one of my coworkers thought it was a switchblade. I love this knife.

Knife has been working hard

3 years ago

I picked this up and put some copper scales on it and have been taking it to work a lot. Once my coworker borrowed it to scrape out the inside of a copper pipe it made it a whole lot easier to use and abuse and its put it some work. So far its the second favorite of my limited knife collection, right under the Civivi Elementum. It was stiff opening at first but i took it apart when read more I put the copper scales on and it flips out so fast now I fidget with it all the time.

Go with GFN

Christopher K.
3 years ago

The Rat 2 is the most amazing knife out there, but I prefer the GFN over the CF. The CF is extremely slick and it just feels like hard plastic. Furthermore, the edges of the scales are not rounded off, they are just squared off making it less comfortable to hold. That being said the action is as amazing as the RAT series always is and it is one of my favorite knives.

EDC Perfection

Nathan M.
3 years ago

I love knives, and I have acquired quite a few. This knife is my new favorite for EDC. It is light, amazing blade design with a flat grind, simple liner lock, and decently textured plastic scales. The D2 is a great steel for everyday tasks. I honestly could not find a flaw with this knife. This knife will beat out many higher end knives just with its design, at this price point, read more it cannot be beat. If you are on the fence, just buy it. You won't be sorry. Blade HQ has a new customer. Fast shipping.

Really awesome, perfect size

Matt P.
3 years ago

I got the larger version of this on a whim with some other knives and it is just a tad too big for daily carry, its about the same size as a Spyderco Endura, but this smaller version is closer to a Delica which is about the sweet spot for a daily carry for me, I got the carbon fiber just to compare and I'm quite pleased with it, took a little bit of oil and some open/close cycles read more to get it smoothed to where I like it but it has been perfect, it sharpens easily and is built like a tank, really very happy with it if you need something that can fit into different types of pants pockets like I do.

Highly Recommended

K. T.
3 years ago

This is my daily carry knife. I have used it to pry open paint cans, cut briers, chop down saplings, and generally every task that might present itself on a day to day basis. After the first couple weeks of owning I actually bought two more as backups. The knife has seen a lot of abuse, as a Forester I have stabbed it into trees with no adverse effects and chopped down several Hickory read more saplings with no edge rolling. The D2 version has to be insanely strong. I like the fact that you can tighten the blade pivot to make the knife harder to open and tighter locking (considering what I use it for). There is absolutely no blade play when this is tightened up, making it comparable to a fixed blade. Well done Ontario!

Great Starter

Glenn M.
3 years ago

If you are just getting into Pocket Knife collecting - this is a great starter.

Not only is it budget friendly -> it's like a $100 knife in your pocket.

Sharp, smooth, sleek... you'll love it.


Brandon W.
3 years ago

There are many D2 knives on the market, decided to pick the RAT given its strong reputation for quality. This knife feels rock solid, I'm astounded at how light it is considering the liners aren't milled out (the benefit being it feels indestructible).

The thumb studs may be one of my favorite features of this knife, first theres multiple ways to deploy: the standard jam read more your thumbnail in the cutout and flick, or my more favored method of running my thumb along the top as a kind of glide action, the thumbstuds have enough bite without being overly aggressive against your fingers. To add to the thumbstuds, I cant even begin to talk about the perfect placement of them, they dont get in the way of sharpening (HUGE plus, other knives with studs have problems with this)

Runs on bronze washers which is another huge plus for me. I rolled around at the beach with it and just rinsed all of the grit out with water and soap, very easy to clean and lubricate without having to disassemble the entire knife

Blade is great, came razor sharp and functionally works great with its shape, haven't had to sharpen it yet just touched it up on the strop

I'd compare this knife with the elementum, I have both and they each have a slight edge in certain regards. For me the Elementum wins with its deeper pocket clip and hollowgrind, however it really loses out in terms of the grip. The RAT has a longer handle length, and I find it gives a more comfortable grip, it also seems nearly impossible to break this knife (full steel liners, and full flat grind). I love both, but find the RAT in my pocket a bit more often due to the grip and robustness.

Bottom line: you can't go wrong with this knife for the price, there is a reason people were begging for a D2 version of this knife for quite a long time and now its here

Smooth EDC

Sullivan S.
3 years ago

Excellent knife for the $$. Very sharp! After a short 'break in' the RAT 2 has a smooth, quick open that is comfortable to use. The handle shape and jimping provide a nice, firm grip. Doesn't weigh heavy on the pocket and sits with a low profile. Highly recommend.

Perfect knife for the price

Borys g.
3 years ago

All in the title, its a comfortable small edc knife. The action is smooth and overall just a joy to carry. Would recommend.

Best knife at the price

Matthew d.
3 years ago

this is one of the few knives at this price point that i would recommend. D2 is a great, albeit not super corrosion resistant steel, and the phosphor bronze washers give it a really good action. this is my go-to gift knife.

Get the regular handles

Andrew C.
3 years ago

This is a great knife. For a budget price, you get a great design with good steel (D2). The scales are real carbon fiber, but it really doesn't feel like it and its slippery. You're better off getting the cheaper regular handles. Overall, I like this size better than the Model 1 and its such a good value knife for the quality.

Ergonomically the perfect knife

Clara O.
3 years ago

Everything about this knife seems perfectly designed for maximum usability. The linerlock cutout provides a secure place to put the index finger while the thumb sits on the jimped ramp up the back of the blade. The lockbar is easily accessible and I can close it easily with my left or right hand. It has the perfect amount of slightly smothed jimping on it, making it grippy but not read more painful when closing the knife. The thumb stud has a dome on top of it and doesn’t shred my thumb like Kizer’s thumb studs. The FRN scales are rounded off instead of just being chamfered. They are not as grippy as G10, but it’s possible to grip the knife so solidly that it doesn’t make a difference. I dropped the knife onto a piece of slate and the corner of the FRN scale only had a slight scuff that I buffed out easily with my thumb. I’ve stabbed through the bottom of plastic pots without worrying that this knife would slip. When I first saw photos of the Rat, I thought it was a bit of an ugly looking knife, but once I held it in my hand, I realized that every part of this knife had a practical purpose, and I now find it quite nice looking. The edge of the AUS-8 steel was visibly rolled after a week of use (cutting through mostly cardboard, food, and small shrubs), but after stropping, the blade was sharp enough to shave with once again. The screws are all nicely held in with blue Loctite (no red Loctite on this knife) and it has holes to mount the clip in all four positions. Of all the knives that I’ve held, this one definitely feels the best in my hand (people with very large hands may want the Rat 1 instead). It’s hard to imagine a knife that I could like more than this one (although maybe I will dye these brown scales).

Quality control?

Michael J.
3 years ago

I really wanted to love this knife. Everything I heard/read about this knife was overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately my experience was the not great. There was a lot of liner lock on mine, so much so that it would stick every time and hurt my finger trying to close it. The carbon fiber handle also felt very cheap (albeit I didn't expect it to be premium given the price). The read more only redeeming quality I could see was the blade steel and grind were quite nice, but otherwise it seems like a fairly overhyped knife. There are quite a few better options at this price-point that I would recommend instead. Perhaps the regular non-carbon fiber one is better. BladeHQ though did take care of me with the return so kudos to them for great customer service.

Slippery little knife.

John R.
3 years ago

I must admit just not a fan of small knifes like the Rat 2. First Ontario knife was the Rat 1, just love it. Rat 2 is quite small, opens easily. Doesn't take up much space in pocket since it's so small. The CF handles look nice, but on the slippery side. Don't think it's worth the money. Not very functional. Don't see me carrying this knife.

Great value.

Brian W.
4 years ago

This is an excellent knife for the price. Great fit and finish, sharp out of the box, great lock-up, solid build. Operates smoothly after cleaning. Sharpens easily and holds an edge after a bit of use. My only gripe is the black coating (its just paint it seems). It will wear quickly. After one day of use the coating is chipping at the edge. I would recommend going with a satin read more finished D2 blade RAT 2.

Great value, Great knife

Alex A.
4 years ago

Couldn't be happier with my purchase. After spending weeks looking for the best budget knife I have found one of the best if not the best knife for the price. Strong D2 steel, great in hand feel, and its so light you don't notice it at all. Very smooth I find myself flipping this thing open all day because of how buttery it feels. Looking forward to putting in a lot of work with read more this baby!!

Great Quality EDC

John S.
4 years ago

Really enjoy this knife. Plenty big enough for a pocket knife 3".
Sharp, staying sharp. D2 blade material.
Easy to grip and I have XXL hand size.
I can open and close it one-handed so its all good so far.

Really Smooth Precision Feel

Michael H.
4 years ago

I love this knife. It doesn't exactly jump open so it is helping me refine my thumb operations on a slower pace. Great fit and finish. Craftsmanship is first level. Very happy with this purchase.

One of my favorites

Cassidy S.
4 years ago

The Ontario Rats are some of the best affordable knives out there, with amazingly smooth flipping action and good ergonomics. The Rat 1 is a bit too large to serve as an EDC knife for me, but the Rat 2 size is perfect. The carbon fiber scales give this model a sleek appearance, too, though they are a little slick and might not be the best choice for heavy use.

Excellent knife

Sean s.
4 years ago

Basically the perfect knife to carry everyday. Just the right size and feels great in the hand. Build quality is solid and it operates beautifully.

Excellent Knife.

Wayne A.
4 years ago

The Ontario Rat2 knife is an excellent size for my EDC needs. The knife came extremely sharp and is a great knife for its price. The only thing I would like to see for improvement is that it had a deep carry clip.

Good budget knife

Kevin D.
4 years ago

I Purchased this knife due to all the hype about the RATs. I have to say the hype is real. This thing is well built and smooth as butter. The blade is a little off center on mine but it’s not a dealbreaker.
I plan on purchasing the RAT 1 in the near future

Makes a great gift

Paul P.
4 years ago

I bought this knife as a gift to a co-worker who needed a blade for work but hadn't started carrying a knife yet. I think this is the perfect knife for them. The R2D2 is well built, has a strong blade steel, is easy to deploy and fits well in hand. It's small enough so it's not intimidating and big enough to get the job done. My only complaint is that the pocket clip comes tip-up read more carry but they can swap it if they wish, lol.

Great EDC!

Robert H.
4 years ago

Love the slimness of it in my pocket, lightweight and a great blade for the price. Its easier to replace this knife instead of my Benchmade mini griptilian if i lose it. Does the job for me and doesnt break the bank!

Graet knife

Anzor A.
4 years ago

I've gotta say this rat 2 is one of the best purchases i've ever made. Very sturdy, I'd say it'll last me just about forever. I love the steel, just strop it for a few minutes every once in a while and keeps it's razor edge. Don't feel the need to dish out any more money on another knife.

Ok, but there are others that are great at the price point

Trevor H.
4 years ago

So, this knife is ok. The liner lock is hard for me to get to, and stiff as well, which to be fair I didn't keep it long to see if it broke in, and the liner lock would loosen up. Nothing about the knife really speaks to me. I'm aware this is not the consensus opinion, but in this price range check out the Kershaw Rexford Amplitude, and the Esee Zancudo first.

Perfect EDC

Cate D.
4 years ago

This is one of the most popular knives for a reason. The AUS-8 version holds its edge enough for most edc tasks with the benefit of it being very easy to touch up. Great action on washers, especially after cleaning and lubing. Solid lockup and centering. Amazing edc for the price!

Very Good for the Money

Kyle V.
4 years ago

I needed to buy 6 knives, but I was on a budget. I chose this model after some research and I'm glad I did. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality that I got for the money I spent.

Perfect budget EDC

Kelly M.
4 years ago

Bought this as a backup/change of pace to my M4 Griptilian. Came shaving sharp, in a no-nonsense box. Opens smoothly, and the lock is solid. It's not quite centered perfectly, but that's the only minor qualm I can find, and it doesn't affect the usage at all. I've had good luck with D2 steel for my usage- sharpens really easily on my Work Sharp system. The blade shape is super versatile.

All read more in all, a spectacular choice for the price. Holds its own with knives 3x the price. Couldn't recommend enough.

Real Solid Budget EDC Knife

Steve W.
4 years ago

This knife is great!! has really smooth action and holds an edge pretty well as long as you don't go too crazy with it. Very easy to sharpen due to the softer steel. 10/10 will recommend!!!

Not bad for the price

Ryan L.
4 years ago

The design of this knife is awesome if you're into smaller knives. It's solid, it deploys FAST, and it won't scare the sheeple. AUS-8 is just a bit soft for my taste.

Great EDC

Brandon A.
4 years ago

This is a great budget edc knife. The blade shape is very useful and great at cutting. Its very comfortable for long use. Its so lightweight that you forget you have it in your pocket. You cant beat it for the price.

EXCELLENT Budget option

Sherif M.
4 years ago

I am quite possibly one of the biggest fans of the Ontario RAT series. This RAT 2 is quite a bit smaller than the RAT 1 and while I tend to wear Large to XL size gloves, the RAT 2 actually still fits quite comfortably in my hands. The D2 steel maintains an amazing edge through constant use and I'm a sucker for the black on black styling. While heftier than some other knives, I personally read more enjoy the weight. I get 100% lock-up from the liner lock every time and action and centering are dead on from the factory. I will likely buy more RATs in the future as they are EXCELLENT and RELIABLE users.

Excellent Value

Kevin B.
4 years ago

For the money these are very hard to beat. They fly open like an assisted knife but aren't assisted. If you are looking for a budget edc knife that can take a beating look no further.

Great value

Joe A.
4 years ago

Smooth action, solid lock up, and great edge retention make this knife a truly great value. For 40 bucks you get better performance than many knives 2 to 3 times its prics.


John M.
4 years ago

Perfect size for an EDC, this thing is a workhorse and can take a beating. Easy to clean and stays sharp after tons of use. The action was alittle stiff at first but after a few days of use it flys open nice and smooth with a strong lockup. The handle is very comfortable, it's a great knife!

Nearly Perfect

Ethan s.
4 years ago

This has quickly become my favorite knife. Love the thin, slicey blade and the action is amazing. The nylon scales feel great. Would love to see a deep carry come standard on this. and D2 for $40!?

The bad:
Detent ball came super stiff when trying to move the tang overtop it.
The back edges of the blade are super sharp.
You can barely feel the tip of the blade while read more it's closed.

Great knife

Luis L.
4 years ago

Nice and compact. It was pretty sharp out of the box. Great color. Cant wait to put it into the edc rotation.

Excellent EDC

Connor N.
4 years ago

I picked this up as a cheaper model blade with D2 (i had never had d2 steel before) to see what D2 is like. It quickly became one of my favorites. great smooth opening action, steel holds an edge very well, looks and feels great in the hand. I had a screw come off the handle and emailed Ontario knife Company and they quickly responded to me on how to get a replacement screw. Great read more blade, great action, looks good.

Great for a budget!

Richard S.
4 years ago

This is one of the most admired budget knives and for good reason. You aren't getting 5 star quality construction but for the price you will not find a better steel or knife. Grab one in D2, it is far and away superior to AUS-8! You will be pleased with this lightweight and small slicer.

Perfect intro blade

Jozef J.
4 years ago

This is a great knife. Couple issues out of the way. Carbon fiber pattern is only on the top of the blade and doesn’t cover the sides so it looks kinda fake and weird. Out the box the action was a little stiff. Fidgeted with it a few times and the action smoothed out and now it’s great. Liner lock is great but sort of a lame lock in my opinion. However look at the price of this read more freaking thing! D2 steel too. Excellent knofe.


Eduardo G.
4 years ago

I was excited when I first got it, the action is smooth, lockup is solid, mine was perfectly centered, perfect edc size. My problem was when i went to close it one day and noticed there was no detent, upon disassembally I found out there was no detent ball. Very disappointed in quality control. If not for this issue I would give a 5 star rating.

Awesome knife

Andrew C.
4 years ago

all the knife you could ever need!

Perfect for my needs

Theresa C.
4 years ago

This knife is just what I was needing. It is very light weight and easy to use. The carbon fiber look handle gives it an aesthetically pleasing look as well.

Pleasantly Surprised

Sean H.
4 years ago

Was very surprised at the action out of the box. Flicks open better than most I have used. Very sharp out of the box.

Classic with a new twist

Rosi A.
4 years ago

It's a great classic now with improved D2 steel and nice scales. A great addition to my EDC collection.

My work knife for life.

Dustin T.
4 years ago

On my quest to find the work knife for me, I stumbled upon the Rat 2 in D2. End of story. This knife is small enough to stuff into any pocket, it holds an edge forever. And its comfy. This will be the only knife to grace my pockets for work. Love this knife.

Really good budget knife

Rob b.
4 years ago

it came sharp, and i know that because when i got it i accidentally cut the shit out of myself

First real knife I bought...sharpest factory edge of all my knives.

John G.
4 years ago

This little Rat II is truly a sweet knife. I imagine some day starting an adventure trip for students in the back country and "issuing" them each a Rat II. Its such an amazing slicer with that razor-sharp-out-of-the-box D2, and will teach them to take care of their gear as they protect that D2 from rust. (although i have only touched up mine like once with oil and have had no problems read more with rust). Truly stellar action, prefect ergos, thumb studs are my favorite of all my knives, and the bladeshape and the way the knife fits in your hand make it feel like its ready and wanting to cut stuff. Highly recommend for those "beginner" knife snobs. Warning: this may get you hooked on knives....

Couldn't be happier

Ben W.
4 years ago

The action on this knife is "smooth as butter" (overused cliche, but it fits). Perfect center. No "assist open," but easy to flip open just as fast with the thumb stud. Secure lock-up with the liner-lock - no play in any direction. Razor sharp out of the box. Great size and appearance to be office/family friendly, but very effective. Bought the Esee Avispa over the Rat-1 because read more I liked the blade shape better, but action and ergos are bad - wish I'd gotten the RAT 1 instead. Rat 2 a great knife at a great price - can't go wrong!

An unbelievable value

James C.
4 years ago

I had heard about the R2D2 from many a Youtuber, but didn't really understand the hype until I went into Blade HQ and handled it myself. Holy mackerel, is this knife amazing. The weight, ergonomics, fit & finish and grind is first rate, and I could not believe the smoothness and power of the opening. It really does feel assisted.

The fact that this knife, in D2 steel, costs read more only 38.00 is baffling to me. I would easily pay twice that for a knife of this quality.

This is a blade that every knife lover must add to their collection.

Awesome for the price.

Stephen M.
5 years ago

Stacked up against a benchmade bugout this finds its way into my pocket about 50% of the time because its so good. blades incredible slicey as well for opening things and cutting up food.

Gorgeous knife

Vladimir F.
5 years ago

This knife is gorgeous! I've been wanting to try the RAT 2 for a while, but was not crazy about AUS-8. I had a knife with AUS-8 and although I loved the knife, having to constantly sharpen it got old. I hope D2 holds up better and this RAT 2 punches way above its weight category. Fit and finish is excellent, lockup is solid as can be. Precision of blade grind and the liner lock read more are amazing.

I do wish it came with a deep carry clip. Ontario, are you listening?! I do not see why a deep carry clip can not be fitted to this knife. There is plenty of room for one. That so far is my only complaint.

Perfect edc work knife

Michael H.
5 years ago

I honestly picked this Rat model 2 up because I recently bought the Rat 1 and needed a 2 for my collection. I chose this black on black version because everything about it is exactly like my Rat1 with the exception of it not having a partial serrated blade.
I just left my positive review for the Rat 1 and this Rat 2 is simply just a smaller version of that awesome knife. It read more came with a sharp blade and a very well built assembly.
The blade is very easy to flick open and close single handedly. The blade locks open tight with zero movement back and forth or side to side. The handle is comfortable but the clip does create a minor hot spot where I don't notice it on its big brother. It fits in my front right pocket so comfortably that I could forget it's there.
If I carried a knife this size regularly I wouldn't hesitate to buy this same color/ blade style with the D2 steel. If your a "knife" guy/gal I recommend you add the Ontario Rat 1 and Rat 2 to your collection even if it's like I did, just to compare to other sub $30 knives that you will add to your collection. Great knives.


Sam D.
5 years ago

I absolutely loved my Rat model 1. It was a bit large and dulled quickly. So this naturally fits the bill. I recived it perfectly centered and almost drop shut smooth. All I had to do to it was give it my personal mirror finished edge touch up from the fairly coarse factory grind.

Awesome knife for every day carry at a great price!

Shannon M.
5 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about this knife. It came super sharp and so far has maintained its edge after being used almost daily since I bought it in January. It is a great weight and the clip gives it a pretty deep carry. The handle material is great and super sturdy. I have fortunately...or maybe unfortunately depending on how you look at it...had to use the handle as a read more blunt tool to crack open an ice film that had formed around my trash can lid during our lovely midwestern polar vortex, and the handle still looks brand new! Also during that same polar vortex, I had to use the blade to get through an ice film that had formed inside and around the gas door on my car...as well as use the blade to pry it open. The blade came through that unscathed as well! While I wouldn’t attempt any of those things with...you know...a Sebenza, for 30 bucks you can’t go wrong with this knife. I used a little bit of knife pivot lube (also a great product) in the pivot and the knife flies open with a flick of the thumb studs. My blade came perfectly centered as well. Overall a fantastic value!

Great Knife!

Skylar B.
5 years ago

This is one of my all time favorite knives and I have well over a dozen. I love the black coated blade with the green handle. The action is so smooth and snappy and just has the most satisfying click that makes you want to open it over and over. The liner lock is a bit shallow but it doesn't bother me too much. Overall, great knife, great cutting tool!

Must have, especially to start.

Michael L.
5 years ago

Love this knife, 1. design is simple, 2. now available in D2 3. Smooth for 27 bucks. Great beater knife

Hits above it’s weight class

Jon D.
5 years ago

You’d pay 3 times more for this quality of a knife. Getting it at this price is almost theft. The D2 acquits itself well as usual. It does take a little tweaking to get it just right.....which is fine. Laser sharp from the start. Balance, blade steal, ergonomics, action.......check! Thank you.

1st Pocket Knife

Kamron P.
5 years ago

After much research I decided to get the Rat 2 in D2 steel. It has held up perfectly and is still sharp after a month. The black finish on the pocket clip is starting to come off and I don't use my knife much but it is to be expected.
Great knife and a great company!

More than a budget knife!

Nathan F.
5 years ago

This knife feels amazing to carry. Light weight, disappears in pocket, opens fast, and has great ergonomics for cutting.

The D2 takes a great edge and holds it well. The full flat grind helps this knife be a good slicer and have a fairly strong, yet precise tip.

My two areas that I would improve would be some extra skeletonizing on the handle to remove just a bit more read more weight and improving the handle scales. I replaced the plastic ones with some I made from micarta and it feels even better.

Over all, this knife is well worth the money and could easily compete with knives twice its price. Not just a good budget knife but a good knife in its own right.

Good value knife

Thomas J.
5 years ago

Purchased as a EDC work knife. Chose this version for the desert tan handle and black blade. First time using it and the black finish on the blade quickly pealed off. Noticed that I could use my fingernail to remove the black finish, it's that cheaply applied. However, the weight, finish and blade on this knife are very good for the price, so I'm keeping it. I'll replace it someday read more with the larger Model1, but in the satin or steel finished blade. Worth the money.

Great starter knife!!!

Jose A.
5 years ago

Great starter knife for EDC. Very inexpensive so you do not have to worry about losing it or putting it through hard use. The ergonomics for this knife are amazing, easily one of the most comfortable I have ever had on a knife. This knife honestly feels like you got away with a steal of a deal for how well it is put together. My only cons about this item is the AUS-8 steel. I have read more had to sharpen it a couple of times now. The black coating on the blade also wears off quite easily. In my opinion it actually gives it an awesome look. For a budget friendly knife I do not think you can do much better.


Bret P.
5 years ago

Great upgrade on the steel of this knife. Love the look of it with the CF scales. Smooth action like all the Rat models. A great knife for my collection

The original budget knife of all time

Hunter A.
5 years ago

This knife has about 1 million reviews on you tube for good reason. It is the og budget knife! It has good steel for a great price!

Great Gift

Aidan A.
5 years ago

I bought this for my little brother. He loves it. It disappears in your pocket and D2 is a great choice on a budget.

Nice knife, especially for the $

John E.
5 years ago

Nice size. Fits well in the hand, for a smaller knife. Works well left handed too. Action fliped open nicely, even when brand new.

2nd most pocket time

Craig A.
5 years ago

I absolutely love this little gem. It is tough, great action, looks good and keeps an edge. I will glance over the $100+ knives and pick this one up along with my Bugout from benchmade almost every time. I do try and swap things around but time and again this finds its way back in my pocket.

Great budget knife

Seth M.
5 years ago

Incredible knife for the money. Most others do not compare.

This knife is excellent and better than expected..

Nicholas G.
5 years ago

Not as slick (slippery) as I thought the scales would be, great ergonomics, great aesthetics and literally razor hair-shaving sharp with D2. Sharper than my 154cm Griptillian. Super smooth opening with the studs, I expected it to be stiff. Taiwan made, but solid and durable. Can't beat the price for D2 steels. I would recommend to anyone who wants a good knife in their collections. read more

Solid build and D2 is tops

Greg a.
5 years ago

I have over a dozen folders, mostly Spyderco but this inexpensive folder is surprisingly stout. Solid liner lock up. D2 steel is amazing from Ontario. Great upgrade from the previous and still available AUS 8. Scary sharp. I’m getting a second one. The only ding I would give it is the texture on the scales is a little slick for my taste. Otherwise a perfect economic EDC. Best read more value folder I’ve seen

Pretty good... could be better

Christopher Q.
5 years ago

Nice fit and finish. In a few small areas on the scales edges, the laminate shows tiny signs of wanting to lift, but hasn’t so far. Not apparent unless looking real close. Compact height and width with a really great feel in the hand (medium). Basically same total length as a Delica, and a bit longer than a typical Benchmade mini. Full liners make it a good weight for its size, read more detent smooth and action is a little stiff but even. Seems to be staying centered on brass washers and the thumb studs are very comfortable. D2 FFG clip point, 0.09”/2.3mm thick with sharp edge OOTB.
Two complaints:
Lock up is consistent and solid but unfortunately late. Its more in the center when flicked open and further right with stud deployment. I always want to see some space left on the tang no matter what, especially on a new knife.
Stock clip position is right side tip down and there is much less of the knife showing compared to tip up (OKC should use the bottom standoff bolt as the center clip bolt ala BM 484). I prefer to EDC liner locks with the blade spine against the pocket seam. Flipped the clip to left side tip down and it ends up being very close to the noticeably larger choil, which feels like an obstruction. Clip position is now right side tip up.
I am wondering if lockup position varies in a partial lot. All in all nice.. have to see how the liner lock fares in the long run.

Ontario rat model 2 - D2

Jozsef T.
5 years ago

Great knife in general. High build quality, razor-sharp, good steel. I recommend to buy it with the D2 steel. I am satisfied with it.

Good EDC Knife

Alex N.
5 years ago

I've had this knife less than a week and already I like it a lot. It came razor sharp out of the box and so far it's been holding it's sharp edge. I've used it to cut cardboard, tape, padded envelopes, 550 paracord, onions, and even cactus. So far it's going nice and strong and I have no regrets in picking the AUS-8 version.

Buy It

Edward E.
6 years ago

Great work knife. I’ve only been carrying it for a few days now, but I’ve done some work with it. I’ve cut, half inch nylon rope, rubber tubing, and various packages, and boxes. It’s still sharp. It came out of the box pretty sharp, but I stropped it to make it extra sharp. It has a very smooth action, it’s very addicting to play with. I’ve popped it open so much, that read more my thumb is sore. It’s very light weight, you’ll forget it’s in your pocket. It comes tip down carry, but you can move the pocket clip for tip up carry. I gave it 4 stars only for the fact it was made in Taiwan, but the price point is outstanding. All in all, I really love this knife. You will not regret, purchasing this knife.

Great budget carry

Chance c.
6 years ago

One the best small budget knives you can buy. Good steel,came sharp. Fit and finish were perfect,apart from a slightly off center blade. No play,super smooth action. Easy to disassemble. Overall a great knife

Smoothest action you will get for this price

Greg S.
6 years ago

The lightweight of the blade coupled with the location of the thumb-stud makes the R2D2 have an amazing action. Even when compared to a 220 dollar knife using barings, it can compete. Buy this knife!

Great knife, great value

David A.
6 years ago

I’m coming to the R2D2 from higher end Spyderco knives ($100-$200). I was so impressed with this knife that I bought for my son that I bought one for myself as well and find myself carrying it often. We love the quality build, perfect EDC size, and D2 steel. You can’t go wrong picking up one (or more!) of these knives.

Fantastic knife

Albert t.
6 years ago

i need to get an extra one just in case i lose my current one.

I own a ton of knives, some going up to $600 in price... but i always end up coming back to this cheap a$$ knife to carry. it just flicks open real nice once u adjust teh pivot, and once u adjust the clip, slides real nice into the pocket.

It deploys with such an amazing "click" sound, and closes back read more up smoothly. it's very light as well!

I absolutely adore this thing... even tho its beat to sh*t. i use it for a lto of things, one in particular is opening up beer bottles. my knife buddies cringe as i'm using it to pry things open "KNIVES ARENT FOR PRYING." but i'm just abusing it like mad cuz its cheap... and yet it still holds up.

It's darn comfortable to hold, lightweight, holds an edge well, easy to sharpen. i wont get sad if i lose it, i'm not hesitant to use it, and i'm not hesitant to freehand sharpen it cuz of cost. No wonder it has more pocket time than my other knives.

Amazing EDC

Jordan W.
6 years ago

I held off owning a Rat until the model 2 was available in d2. Finally here we are.

Truly an amazing little knife. It flicks open really, really well, and the edge is razor sharp. Very lightweight in the pocket.

Great overall budget option

Kenneth E.
6 years ago

I am super bummed as i ordered the aus-8 version of this knife right before hearing they came out with d2 in the same colorway. That aside, this knife has a great action and opens with authority. A little small for my hands but perfect for someone with small-medium sized hands. Overall, I would really recommend it or if your into frame locks go chech out the izula by esee.

Finally in D2

Robert b.
6 years ago

I've heard about the RAT for years and held off do to the steel. I believe I ordered mine the day the went up on the sight. So very happy I did this is a very impressive knife fit finish ergos the flat ground blade wants to slice and does it with pleasure. I have many high end knives and I think all collectors and makers should take a look at and handle this knife at some point. read more This lil RAT proves a high price point is not needed for high quality cutting tool. Bravo

This needed to happen years ago.

Matthew D.
6 years ago

The D2 steel is a big improvement over the AUS8. I would be sharpening the blade on my original rat 2 by now, but this thing is still sharp even after a week of hard cutting. The scales are also a great improvement over the originals, even though they are slippery on the CF portion of the scale, the G10 sides give it a better feel over the plastic version. I would honestly prefer read more just plain G10 scales, but i cant really complain too much about the CF, they still make the knife feel less cheap . Buy this one over the plastic version, its worth the extra few bucks.

Such a perfect budget folder

Aaron B.
6 years ago

Great action for a washer thumb stud knife. Carbon fiber is attractive. D2 edge is shaving sharp out of package. 4 way Clip is nice option. Perfect weight and size for edc role. Liner lock is rock solid at 50%

It's ok, not great.

Peter K.
6 years ago

This is my 5th knife from BHQ and everything I've received so far have been excellent, until this knife. Not sure why this knife receives so much praise. The opening is stiff, even with loosening the pivot screw. The detent ball is so prounounced on the liner lock that it requires unnecessary amount of force to close. The carbon fiber finish on the handle had knicks and scratches. read more This knife looks and feels like it could ve sold out of a gas station for a quarter of the price. If this version was sold at the same price as the nylon handle version, then it would be a little more acceptable but at this price, the expectation was much higher. All the reviews on websites and forums have nothing but good things to say about this knife, so hopefully I received a lemon, but this knife is a huge disappointment.

Hard to beat

Alex M.
6 years ago

Superb ergonomics and build quality for a great price! Excellent detent as well. Could use a better blade steel so maybe the new D2 version is a better choice, but Aus-8 does take a pretty sick edge.

Great edc knife

Dan p.
6 years ago

Small compact light carry’s very well .. I’m very happy with it plus it’s a great price

Not bad

Dale o.
6 years ago

Good steel an Handel fit. Great low cost Dec.finish wears fast though

Great gift or great user

Andrew B.
6 years ago

This is the best knife for the money and you get an American made product with carbon fiber and D2 tool steel for under $50

You can't find an endura anymore for sub $50 these days - buy two


Austin P.
6 years ago

The Ontario Rat 2 is hands down the best economic knife on the market. I have had mine for 2 years now and have abused it heavily. You will not find a more sturdier knife of the market for anywhere near the price of The Rat 2.

That being said, I cannot wait to pick this upgraded version. With the stronger carbon fiber handles and my prefered D2 steel, this knife is going read more to be the new standard to what economic knifes should all look up too.

The king of budget knives

Austin P.
6 years ago

The Ontario Rat 2 is hands down the best budget knife on the market. I have had mine for 2 years now and have abused it heavily. You will not find a more sturdier knife of the market for anywhere near the price of The Rat 2.

That being said, I have had to sharpen the blade a few times. That's to be expected as Aus-8 can't compete with the more expensive steels. (however it read more is still a very good steel for a budget knife to have)

Budget classic

Ben P.
6 years ago

You can't go wrong with the Model 2.

Most sturdy Knife

Austin P.
6 years ago

The Ontario Rat 2 is hands down the best economic knife on the market. I have had mine for 2 years now and have abused it heavily. You will not find a more sturdier knife of the market for anywhere near the price of The Rat 2.

I would put my money into getting the version with D2 steel over the Aus-8 steel but that is just my personal preference, you really can't go wrong read more with buying any version of this knife.

Most Sturdy Knife for the Price

Austin P.
6 years ago

The Ontario Rat 2 is hands down the best economic knife on the market. I have had mine for 2 years now and have abused it heavily. You will not find a more sturdier knife of the market for anywhere near the price of The Rat 2.

I would put my money into getting the version with D2 steel over the Aus-8 steel but that is just my personal preference, you really can't go wrong read more with buying any version of this knife.

EDC This

Tae S.
6 years ago

Amazing little EDC that's very discrete and razor sharp. Had the original RAT Mod-2 with AUS-8 for about a year and a half, just as amazing and it's easy to sharpen (Haven't needed to yet!).

But I've been waiting for an upgraded steel RAT Mod-2 version for a while now! So glad Ontario decided to come out with one finally ..

Great for office tasks, light tasks, won't read more handle much heavy use due to it's size but the steel quality is definitely there. The G10 provides good grip in dry and wet conditions.

Discreteness: 5/5
Heavy Tasks: 3/5
Light/Office/Daily Tasks: 5/5
Grip: 5/5 ( I do have small hands)