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The Terminus XR by SOG is what’s up in the budget knife world! It’s a medium-sized folder with the build quality of something much more expensive—its opening action is superb, it has no blade play, and its locking mechanism is one of the strongest on the market. The spine of its blade is jimped for increased maneuverability, and it includes a reversible, deep-carry pocket clip to complete its ambidextrous design. If your everyday-carry knife needs an upgrade, but your wallet needs a break, the Terminus XR is here for you!Like what you see? The SOG Terminus XR is available in several colors with several handle types and blade finishes.

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Brand SOG
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 7.00"
Closed Length 4.26" (108mm) 4" (102mm) 4.00
Blade Length 3.00"
Blade Thickness 0.11"
Blade Steel S35VN D2 BD1
Blade Finish Satin Stonewashed Hardcased Back
Handle Material Micarta
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Lock Type Bar Lock
Weight 3.32 oz.
Blade Style Drop Point
Country of Origin China
Assisted Open No
Automatic Knife No
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Material D2
Handle Color Brown/Tan
Knife Type Manual
Knife Weight 2.90
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Point Drop Point
Sheath Included No
Total length 7.00
Cutting Edge 2.75"
Blade width 1.00"
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Black
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.00"
Handle Width 0.875"
Handle Thickness 0.45"
Color OD Green
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Opener Flipper, Thumb Stud
Model Terminus
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Model Number TM1038-BX TM1027-BX TM1023-BX TM1025-BX TM1022-BX TM1042-BX TM1024-CP TM1033-BX TM1001 TM1002 TM1032-BX
Pivot Type Bearings

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Fidget heaven!

1 year ago

I have to admit that I bought this knife more for the fidget factor than actually putting it to work. With multiple deployment possibilities, I'm loving how fun it is to play with this knife! This is the first axis lock type of knife I've purchased. It takes a while to get used to but after I figured it out I can flip it open and close with ease.

Some people have complained read more that the flipper action feels as if there's sand in the pivot. But I think it's just that the assembly is tight and what you feel are the ball bearings. It definitely smooths out after playing around with it for a while.

As for fit and finish, the blade is perfectly centered and the scales are smooth and everything seems to be well put together. Plus that green micarta pretty cool looking! The clip is a little big but I didn't really feel a hot spot when holding it. The thumb stud is a little sharp but not so sharp that it cuts. I find that the jimping on the flipper tab is grippy but not sharp as others have reported.

The blade arrived pretty sharp but I still ran it over my strop to get it to a nice razor edge. It will cut! And though I got it mostly to play with it, I did cut up some vinyl tubing and also cut up some small veggies. It cut through the tubing with ease.

Man, do I dig I the flat grind. It makes the blade nice and thin behind the edge, making it a great slicer. Given that, I wouldn't recommend it for really heavy use but apparently Cryo D2 is pretty tough so it remains to be seen how it'll hold up under heavier use. But I doubt I'll ever use it for that because like I said I bought it mainly for fidgeting!

And though I got the knife on the anniversary sale for $39.99, it's totally worth it at the regular price. I'm even considering getting the carbon fiber version with the S35VN steel. I'd give this knife to my son who also collects EDC knives.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with this knife! SOG will definitely be on my watch list!

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Pocket lock?

Carlos F.
1 year ago

This really could be one heck of a knife. I'll say the one caviot is that pocket clip. Or as I've come to call it the pocket lock. Unless the material of your pocket is ultra stiff this knife will practically lock itself in your pocket. I was able to use it only after I put a paracoard lanyard on the clip. It worked really well to fill that space that wraps over the top of the knife. read more This was really the only con about the knife I had.
D2 steel with great heat treating.
G10 scales.
Xr lock I could use with just my thumb.
Nice jimping.
Multiple deployment options.
Very solid lockup.
Smooth action.

Overall I do really like this knife but that pocket clip needs a serious revisit from SOG.

Great edc

Josh T.
1 year ago

I carry at least 3 knives on me a day. This is one of them and I must say very well built. If you are considering this knife don’t hesitate.

Fun Knife for the Price!

Siegward O.
1 year ago

At first, the action is extremely stiff, stick with it though!! After a few days of playing with the knife, the action became butter smooth and is now extremely fun to fidget with. They have since updated the terrible pocket clip everyone was bashing on, the new one is much better for deep carry IMO. Gotta go with the crimson version!

EDC Perfection!

Sean D.
1 year ago

The Terminus really caught my eye immediately upon it's release so I grabbed one in OD green. This iteration however is by far my favorite. The lockup is tight, the action is smooth...The XR lock has revitalized SOG's folder lineup. SOG has always done their pocket clips well, nice and deep carry. I don't mind the clip on my green Terminus, but I really love the thinner, more subdued read more design on this Gray version, same as the Flash XR. This blade is everything I could hope for in an EDC knife, at a price that can't be beat! Great work SOG!

Durable Reliable Quality

Manuel T.
1 year ago

Outstanding STURDY knife with three ways of deployment. Extremely well made, designed to last through hard usage. The axis lock is strong and dependable. This is not as much of a fidgety knife as some, but it’s way tougher.

Pocket clip is infinitely better than other models.

Jordi J.
1 year ago

They finally fixed the pocket clip! Fit and finish is great. I also own the green g-10 stonewashed model. I love the more low profile logo on this blade and the thinner, more useful pocket clip. My only gripe with this knife is that the 'detent' is inconsistent when you try to use the thumb stud or the flipper. I've chipped my middle finger nail a couple of times trying to reverse read more flick it and it's seized up. I've learned just to default to using the locking mechanism for deployment. It's a great fidgety knife that way and a great size for carry, albeit a bit small for my tastes. The gray G10 and black blade go perfect with my gray-framed SIG P365, which somehow matters to me.

Solid knife!

Christopher J.
2 years ago

They finally changed the clip, so I bought one! Smooth action with no blade play.

SOG Nails This One!!

John h.
2 years ago

What a great surprise from SOG! I've loved the idea of this knife since it came out but waited for one to catch my eye. The gray G10 and black blade are gorgeous in person. The texturing on the scales add grip without tearing up your hand. The XR lock was easy to actuate without a lot of break in needed. It's possible to make the flipper tab fail to open if you aren't deliberate read more with your effort, but it works very well with a "push button" technique. I have several SOG knives now including a Kiku, and a Pentagon. The feel of this Terminus is very similar to that of the much more expensive Pentagon. I couldn't be more happy with the look, action, and quality of this knife. Thank you SOG and Blade HQ!!!

Solid, feels good in the hand. Sloppy and stiff action.

Tim D.
2 years ago

I wanted to like this knife more than I do. Feels great in the hand. Poor thumb stud placement makes it hard to deploy with a thumb flick. Front flipper deployment is stiff and gritty. There are much better knives available in the price range.

Not so great

Albert T.
2 years ago

Good: D2 long lasting sharpness, compact size, good milling in liners for lightening

Bad: sharp edges along whole handle, edges should have been rounded for comfort. I have cheaper knives that have more attention to detail when it comes to handle comfort

Some good, some bad

2 years ago

The good:
- The knife opens quickly, smoothly and efficiently with the flipper or the thumb stud.
- The knife blade is really nice and cuts well out of the box
- The handle is grippy but not too grippy
- The fitment of the liner and the scales is really nice and tight, pretty much coincident.
The bad:
- The knife really needs better deburr all around. The flipper read more will pretty much cut you and anything in your pocket. The scales are also a touch scarp so when you hold the knife in your had it digs into your palm. The thumb stud has some bad corners and the blade jimping is sharp.
- The clip is a bit cheap feeling and deflects side to side. It's also not necessarily like the one in the photo above. Mine is a skinny black clip.
- The clip rolls up and over the scale then secures back into the liner. This space on the top and allow your pocket to slightly roll over the top. When you try to pull the knife out it likes grab the top of the pocket and resist coming out.

Fantastic Knife!

Matthew K.
2 years ago

I've seen up and down reviews on this knife, but the fully ambi nature of it (I'm a lefty) just kind of sold me from the start. I recieved it expecting all the grittiness in the action and the sharpness of the flipper jimping others had complained about...nope. Not on mine, at least. Smooth as butter and the perfect knife for a southpaw. Deploys easily from either of the 3 options, read more and closes nicely with the fully ambidextrous xr lock. Fantastic value. Fantastic knife.

Nice for the Money

Chad P.
2 years ago

Gritty feeling lock out of the box, would hang up in spots during opening and closing. For some, that'd knock off a star on this review, but I didn't mind taking it apart and cleaning everything.

It had dirt and grit in the bearings. I cleaned everything gently, oiled the bearings and put it back together. Adjusted the pivot and now it swings beautifully, is perfectly centered, read more and not a hint of blade play.

It's a lot of fun, very fidgety and intuitive to use. Blade grind was a little uneven, but plenty sharp. Great deep carry pocket clip. Handles have that great micarta feel. Cool knife! The one I'm reviewing is the Terminus XR Blade HQ exclusive green micarta w/ black d2 blade for $46.99.

Sweet knife

Nathan C.
2 years ago

Good looking, blade centered, no blade play, fit and finish excellent, and comfortable on hand. I got this for a light duty work knife, and works well so far. I don't get some of the negative comments in the reviews, I didnt have those experiences. Overall sweet knife, and recommend it to anyone looking for a high value knife. Just buy it !!!

Needs work

Brian W.
2 years ago

I wanted to really like it. Still want to. Unfortunately, out of the box it needed work. I couldn’t get the action to fire right. Didn’t matter if it was flipper or thumb stud. Felt like dirt or mud was stuck in the pivot. Decided to disassemble, clean, and oil everything. Works better now. Shouldn’t be an issue straight out of the box. Probably my last SOG purchase.

More than a new look

Ryan B.
2 years ago

I saw the Nick S. Review of this knife and wasn’t wowed especially after hearing him talk about some of the rough edges specifically on the flipper tab.

Clearly the smoothed out the rough spots and the black blade with green micarta looks great (though a little slick). Proportionally a slightly longer blade could have balanced out the dimensions but I’m still pleased. read more

The pocket clip mounting in the base is great but the clip is a touch short (and tight). And for the love of all things large and small please with the bill boarding it cheapens the look of this knife.

Finally the shining star (beyond the color way) the XR lock is so buttery smooth out of the box. The way the blade pops up just a bit when opening makes for a smooth and satisfying wrists flip open. And the same happens when closing. That little jump start to the blade movement when you disengage the lock makes it snap closed under the weight of the blade. I’m not a big fidgeter but I love opening and closing this knife. So much so I’m not even going to go on about how bad the flipper action is (like moving through mud)… just ignore the flipper tab.

Over all very pleased. D2 steel with Micarta and this perfect XR lock makes for a decent value.

I wish I could give 1/2 stars. 3.5 out of 5 for me.

Brett M.
2 years ago

This is such a good looking knife that I purchased it the second I saw it listed. Being my introduction into SOG knives, I was almost disappointed when it arrived.

- Micarta is good quality.
- Handsome knife
- Solid construction
- Good even grind
- Decent action (after spending 40 minutes breaking it in)

- Out of the box, was almost read more non functional
- thumb stud sucks
- "weak" pocket clip

The micarta is done well and the fit and finish seemed to be pretty good a budget knife. Functionality out of the box, for me at least, was terrible; so much so that I almost immediately returned in.

The XR lock would not properly engage, and kept getting "snagged" up something. It basically felt like the pivot was made out of sand paper, or like the knife was buried in mud for a year. I couldn't get the action to fire properly using either the flipper tab, or the thumb stud (which I do not like, and will be sequentially replacing). Every time I would try to deploy the blade it would only open from 50% to 75%.

After working the action for about 40 minutes, I was finally able to get it to work somewhat to my liking. It actually took me partially disassembling the knife to get it to function properly. It does work pretty flawlessly now, but you shouldn't have to do that.

I see a lot of people complaining about the "billboard" of a pocket clip. That does not bother me. What does though is the flex in clip itself. While it is secured very snuggly, the clip does seem to flex side to side.

My next issue is just me being a little nitpicky. The factory grind is almost perfect with just a tad too much of a blade heel at the sharpening choil. That's nothing you can't fix with a quick re-profiling.

All in all it seems like I'm hating on this guy a little too much. It really is a good knife, but I probably will never buy a never product from SOG.

Best Terminus XR Version

Aaron C.
2 years ago

I own the normal red one and the gold XR LTE version, and this one is by far the nicest, Micarta feels great and the finally cleaned up the sharp edges on the flipper

Great Knife, But...

Robert M.
2 years ago

The flipper tab is sharp as HELL. I tried to file the flipper tab but the file just kept skating off and wouldn't bite. How friggin' hard is this metal? I finally attacked the flipper with a diamond stone. It is now my second favorite knife after my Benchmade Osborne 940-1.

A lot of knife for the money

William M.
2 years ago

Solidly built, quality steel & materials make this knife feel like it should be much more expensive. The deep carry pocket clip is a particularly favorite feature of mine. Totally worth the money

Broken Spring

Roger M.
2 years ago

After 4 months of very light use, I have a broken spring. Disappointed. Pretty cool knife when it worked.

Not a good value

2 years ago

Pros: Cryo CPM S34VN Blade, Axis Style Lock, Cool Look

Cons: Needs lots of tuning tuning out of the box to get a smooth action, feels gritty, feels cheap, pocket clip against the scales and where the grooves on scales are not great for carry in jeans, not worth the price.

Great Axis Lock Flipper Knife

Kennard Y.
2 years ago

This is a great, great flipper knife with smooooth action and nice looking scales. Carbon fiber isn’t very grippy so the added cuts give the knife a nice texture.

A tiny turn of the pivot screw and a couple of drops of knife oil turn this into a flippy little fidget knife. My only gripe is the knurling on the flipper tab is way too aggressive! It’s terrible! (Keeps me read more from giving it five stars) YouTube videos and reviews all complain about this issue...SOG, please fix this! You are onto something really great. Actually, this tab does not need any serrations at all!

Now, back to the good.The knife looks great and works great and priced great. It should be in any collection. Contrary to some, I don’t even mind the SOG pocket clip. It’s no different that the Apple logo on my MacBook.

Multiple Deployment Options = Fidgety Fun

2 years ago

I wanted to explore different locking systems, so when I found the XR locking mechanism (aka the axis-lock) I was stoked to finally try it out at such an affordable price.

Most of the knives with this sort of locking mechanism--namely Benchmade-- were more than what I wanted to spend, considering that I was still looking around.

Having avoided SOG for years because read more of their obnoxious branding/billboarding, I found the Terminus to be a good-looking start point.

At first, this action was VERY stiff. I quickly noticed that user error was in large part to blame.

The sliding lock levers (on the handle) move when the blade opens and closes, so in both regards, your fingers have to be far enough away to prevent bumping or rubbing.

Once I figured out how to hold the knife when opening and closing it, the fidgety good times began to roll in.

In order to actuate the lock lever(s), I like to rest the knife inside my palm. I feel like the handle length is just right for my medium/large hands.

At this size, I'm able to nestle the knife in my palm and still adequately reach the XR lock levers. This does, however, dig the butt (along with the pocket clip) into my hand. It's definitely something I had to get used to.

Now, this is one of my most fidget-friendly knives that's an absolute delight to flip.

The multiple deployment options is definitely a HUGE plus in my books.
I like it because you never know when you'll need to work differently, such as working with an injured finger.

In any case, I'm able to use the button-push method, the thumb stud flip, or the reverse flip (using my index finger to flip the stud on the reverse side). Hell, I can even pull the XR lock levers to release the blade just enough to gravity open/close or wrist flick the blade back and forth.

I'm still learning about the benefits of Cryo D2, but from what understand it's supposed to be a good thing.

Either way, I'm excited to see knife companies doing different things.

Hopefully, this makes a better D2 experience.

Again, I don't much care for obnoxious branding or billboarding, but considering how clean this knife is, overall, I'm okay with the SOG on the pocket clip. It's probably one of the least offensive versions of this, anyway.

Feels great in the hand. I get a full 4-finger grip on the handle.
Excellent jimping on the thumb ramp.
Nice (would you call it a finger choil?) finger ramp on the front flipper face for choking up on the knife.

My positive experience with the Terminus definitely has me looking at and considering some of SOG's higher-end knives, as well, such as the Seal XR and KIKU XR.

Best of success with your EDC.
Enjoy the slice!

I wanted to love it

Benjamin C.
2 years ago

The clip is great, the handle feels pretty good, and its s35vn
That being said for 85$ the flipper tab jimping should not be so bad that you cut yourself on it. That and on mine the XR lock feels pretty sloppy and yet also gritty. I carried it for a few months to see if it would get better but it's still awful.

Great knife bad clip

Jacob B.
3 years ago

Knife is great, no sticking, fun to fidget with and the edge holds up great to everyday tasks.

The pocket clip is less than stellar though. It ended up breaking off right where the “G” meets the sides of the bar. SOG has a replacement pickup program but YMMV as I have not heard back from them

Delicate knife.

Adam D.
3 years ago

Two sets of omega springs broke in 2 months of owning this knife. Definitely not worth the money, and when I asked SOG customer service for another pair of springs they told me that taking apart the knife voided the warranty. Very disappointed.

OK Addition to Any EDC

Ethan G.
3 years ago

This was the first crossbar (XR lock or Axis lock from Benchmade) that I've bought, and it's definitely turned me on to the style.
1) The flipping action is phenomenally smooth with the tab and and after a day or two of practice flipping it open with the lock tabs was just as easy.
2) Blade was sharp and good to go out of the box.
3) Good contouring of the handle, read more my hand just fits right where it needs to without any real hot spots.

1) The jimping on the flipper tab is very aggressive but a few minutes of filling takes care of that easy.
2) Given the thumb studs proximity on to the handle scales it is difficult to get adequate pressure to open the blade. With the other opening options available, it might have been better without them.
3) Questionable construction on the omega springs that the lock utilizes. Had the knife less than 5 months and not a lot of heavy use and had one break.

In summary the blade is a very good one and given the S-35VN blade steel a good value. If you're wanting a crossbar lock for less than $100 it's a solid choice. Well until one of the springs breaks on you.

Great knife that I carry more than anything

Daniel K.
3 years ago

This is a great knife, well made, and well designed.

Cheap enough to mod or beat on without guilt and works for most things you would ever want to do in any day in camp or in an office. I modded mine substantially and removed the thumbstud because it was redundant.

Still. . . just buy this knife. It is so good for such a decent price to do whatever you want with read more it.

Great EDC option!

Shazar K.
3 years ago

I bought this knife on National Knife Day, to celebrate the diversity of knives in the world for me to play with. I love everything about it. The action is snappy, the feel and fit in my hand is secure, and it's great to see variants of the cross-bar style locking mechanism. The fidget factor is high. Of all the knives I own, this one has managed to bite me three times since I've read more had it (about a month). So it's plenty sharp, and as you flick, just ensure your hands are positioned properly so you don't encounter a self-injury!

I love the OD Green color, and it's a nice departure from the usual black-on-black aesthetics. The satin blade is also a classy touch!

If you want a robust, reliable, fun knife, that isn't pricey, this is it. It belongs in your jean pocket, or a toolbox, or just around the house as a letter opener or quick-cut tool. You won't be disappointed!

Tool or toy? (in a good way)

Ken F.
3 years ago

This was the first XR lock I added to my collection and there will definitely be more. Great quality at a great price. This knife opens so quickly and smoothly in multiple ways. It can take on all of my EDC tasks without fail. Major fidget factor! Fun to use and you will find yourself opening and closing the knife just for the heck of it. There are two cons though; the aggressive read more jimping on the flipper tab and the billboard pocket clip. I don't really mind the branding but this clip shreds my pockets. Buy it, you'll love it!

Fan crossbar locking EDC

Nathaniel M.
3 years ago

I got this because I didn't have a crossbar locking knife, and wanted one to see how I feel about it. This knife didn't disappoint, and has quickly become my EDC, well... one of them. I wish it had a plain clip and a lanyard hole, but otherwise it seems like a solid knife for the money.

A Little Lacking

Bill E.
3 years ago

First of all, this knife is a great value. S35VN steel for only $85. However, the action on it is not the best. It's a little slow, and also I'm just not a fan of the XR lock. The blade is what makes this knife for me. Besides the good steel, the grind is a bit stout. Of the knives in my collection I think this one would be the best in "hard" conditions.

Great knife!!!

Jeff W.
3 years ago

Great EDC knife!!! Love SOG quality and craftsmanship!!!

Fidget Addiction on a Budget

Blake W.
3 years ago

This knife is a bargain for this price! Where else can you find a flipper tab, an "axis" lock, and thumb stud opening options?! This is the highest recommended budget knife in my collection for sure.

Favorite EDC knife

Denis B.
3 years ago

Razor-sharp out of the box. Great olive green color. Easy sharpens. Feels great in the hand. At first, it was a little stiff after fidgeting with it while driving to work and back, it started to work like spring assisted. I hear many people complain about the deep carry pocket clip. This clip works great specially in scrub pockets and basketball shorts because of the design. If read more you clip it on the jean pocket you have to retract and pull up the clip to get the knife out without any problems.

Let me count the ways I can open this knife

Mitchell B.
3 years ago

Pros: excellent XR lock, nice size both functionally and in the pocket, great steel, nice texturing channels in the CF outer, great value

Cons: loud advertising clip, ditch the thumb studs and make it a solid blade - the flipper and XR release method are so beautiful to deploy, I appreciate the chamfering effort - but mine was nowhere near symmetrical - so it turned super read more classy into kinda classy

First sog

Jim b.
3 years ago

its a fun knife to fidget with, it has three ways to open. the red color isnt too bright which is a good thing.

SOG has a winner

Jacob S.
3 years ago

This knife is crazy cool. Thumb stud, flipper, and the XR lock. I'm so impressed with what it has to offer. The scales are very grippy and middle ground premium. The blade steel is a dad gum dream, I have used it for numerous projects, cutting hoses, cutting through aluminum, cutting small drywall pieces. Love it. All I wanted and just a bit more flare! My only complaint is the read more flipper tab was a bit sharp, but that took a weeks worth of use to get rid of... Don't be babies

The worst pocket clip ever.

3 years ago

I like the XR lock and the blade but the pocket clip is no good. My pocket material would rap around the clip and the butt of the knife and get stuck. Didn't matter what material I had on. Clip got caught on the car seat getting out and bent. I tried to push it back in place and it snapped. Good looking knife but man that clip is bad.

Bang for your buck

Simon M.
3 years ago

The Sog Terminus (green) is a steal at this price point. Looks great, feels great, very smooth opening and closing operations and has a super sharp blade. May have to get a duplicate in one of the other colors.

Great concept, but still needs some work

Mark l.
3 years ago

In theory, this has everything you want in an EDC knife: good materials, simple design, good looks, good price, etc.

But it could have been great and its not. Here's why.

1. The pocket clip design, where it folds over the bottom of the knife, digs into your palm when using the XR mechanism. And looking at the rest of the XR lineup, this flaw is on all of them. If they'd read more just had a normal pocket clip design, it would be WAY more comfortable. which brings me to..

2. XR lock spring is way too strong, thus making the above problem much more pronounced. And you must have the lock pulled fully down and keep it down or the blade will stick mid swing. Even then, it still rubs a bit (this feels like bad tolerances). They could have given just a little over travel and fixed this.

3. The texture of the handle beneath the clip makes it difficult to get it out. Many knives have this problem and I'm surprised it continues to occur.

4. Unnecessary thumb studs. With both the flipper tab and the XR lock, there is not need for a third deployment method and just creates one more thing to poke at you in your pocket and disrupts the aesthetics.

Over all, this knife feels like it was designed in theory, but not tested for day to day use and lacks refinement, which is sad cause it is so close to perfect.

Solid Offering at a Great Price

Ben W.
3 years ago

I picked this knife up for Christmas and have carried it regularly in the 2 months since. The D2 blade came sharp out of the box and was perfectly centered. Initially, I found it a little difficult to open with the thumb studs, but pulling back the XR lock and swinging it open was smooth and easy. After a little break-in period, the thumb studs and flipper both work beautifully. read more It's a little heavy for its size, but I think that helps make it feel solid in hand. Overall this is a great pickup and for $50 it's a no-brainer!

Well worth the price.

Karl R.
3 years ago

I cant find anything I don't like about this knife. Rugged lockup. Multiple opening options. Lock is easier to grasp than benchmade.

Great Materials For a Budget Price

Kody S.
3 years ago

This knife has a D2 knife material and G-10 handles, a combination very difficult to find at such a low price!

-The G-10 scales, while are really sleek and nice, are a bit slicker than expected and don't offer a substantial amount of grip

-The locking mechanism has a very tight spring (out of the box) and acts as a brake towards the opening and closing of read more the knife, essentially making it harder to deploy with flipper and thumb studs. The initial way around this is to deploy with the the lock disengaged instead off using flipper/studs. Just beware of a possible bounce back situation.

-Pocket Clip makes for difficult removal at times

-Obviously the D2 blade, which came very sharp out of the box.

-The recessed pocket clip is strong and offers very deep carry.

-Blade and flipper gimping is very well done and offers great grip that, I feel, balances the slick handles.

-Locking style offers great one handed open/close use which is awesome!

Overall this is a quality knife. You are definitely getting more than you paid for!

Why aren't people talking about this knife?!

Kelly A.
4 years ago

When I first saw this knife i was apprehensive, the price and honestly the brand made me worried it wouldn't hold up to my other knives. After watching a review i decided to take a chance and well...i was wrong. Perfectly centered, chamfered, sharp and with great action to boot. i was impressed, i still am! The XR lock is super strong and the fidget factor is off the charts. More read more than that however i beat the crap out of this knife and it keeps on cutting.Easily holds up to my $100+ knives. Impressive knife.


Mike l.
4 years ago

This is a great sub $50 knife. Very solid knife fun to play with, but does have hot spots if playing with it lol. The XR lock tabs stand out and are easy to find if you carry this for a day then go to a bugout it will take you a second to find them again because on the sog they stand out. Pretty stiff once you get it, but if you play with it, it will get better. First Sog i have read more got, and wont be the last super sharp too. I use my knives for EDC and this should handle that just fine.

Super sharp D2 steel
fun to play with
deep carry clip
Nice handle very good traction
Nice jimping on the top of the blade
Smooth action
XR tabs easy to find have good traction

Kind of hotspotty might be just my hands
Clip says SOG
Thumb stud is kind of sharp
Just a small con here i would just say pick one thumb stud or flipper

Buy it what are you waiting for

SOG Terminus

Mark D.
4 years ago

This knife is extremely well made and razor sharp right out of the package. It opens quickly and locks into place and closes just as easy as it opens. A deep carry pocket clip lets it sit low and come out quickly when you need it. I have fairly large hands and the knife is comfortable to hold. A very good buy for the price.

Strong Blade Lockup and Handsome Handle

Daniel H.
6 years ago

I love this knife.

The G10 handle has plenty of textured grip, but not so much that it will ruin my jeans pocket.

For being a slip-joint knife, I was very surprised by how strongly this knife locks up.

Passing the knife around the room, many of my friends couldn't figure out how to close it, because the blade holds open so firmly.

It's a great EDC knife read more that I would gladly buy multiples of this in the future.