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About Spyderco Delica 4

We are no longer taking pre-orders for this item. Pre-ordered items will be fulfilled in the order they were placed — unfortunately, we do not have an estimate as to when this item will ship. If you were unable to pre-order one, please add this to your wishlist by clicking the "Email Me" or "Text Me" button above to be notified when these are available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.This Spyderco Delica 4 knife has a Bohler K390 stainless steel blade that is satin finished with a fully serrated edge. The handle is blue FRN. The blade on the Delica is premium Bohler K390 stainless steeland features spine jimping that extends from the ramp to the top of the handle. The Spyderco original thumb hole on the blade allows ambidextrous one-hand opening for right or left handers and the phOSPhor bronze washers at the pivot make the blade action smooth. The Delica has a lightweight FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with skeletonized stainless steel liners and a strong back lock mechanism. The handle features screw construction for quick, simple cleaning and adjustment. The FRN scales utilize Spyderco's patented Bi-Directional Texturing to keep your hand from slipping under pressure. The pocket clip is 4-way reversible for tip-up/down and left/right carry.The Delica is a smaller version of the Spyderco Endura knife. Both Knives have been extremely popular over the yeARS thanks to their lightweight, high performance build and afFordable price.

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Brand Spyderco
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 7.125"
Blade Length 2.875"
Cutting Edge 2.56"
Blade Thickness 0.09"
Blade Material Bohler K390
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Serrated
Handle Length 4.25"
Handle Thickness 0.40"
Handle Material Polymer
Color Blue
Frame/Liner Steel
Weight 2.30 oz.
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up, Tip-Down
Knife Type Manual
Opener Thumb Hole
Lock Type Lockback
Model Delica 4
Model Number C11FSK390
Country of Origin Japan
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife

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Review Rating 100%

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I’m buying a second , they’re that good

Jesus V.
1 year ago

After I bought the signet from Wisemen this knife went from ok to amazing. It's so light you don’t feel it in your pocket and it’s a joy to open once you have the wave down. Great EDC workhorse.

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Great budget edc

Preston S.
1 year ago

Big fan of the FRN scales and thin blade, makes for a super-light knife with great slicing power! However, not a big fan of the black clip, the paint wears pretty quickly. Also, wish the blade action was a little smoother from the factory, will take some time to break in. Lastly, it is not the friendliest knife to reassemble due to that one integral pin, definitely search for a read more tutorial.

Exceeds Expectations

Sharron H.
1 year ago

The Delica blade is Japanese steel (VG-10), has a length of 7.125" & weight of 2.5 ounces, 4 inches folded. It's lightweight with great ergonomics and value for its price.

Women's jean pockets are almost nonexistent however most will comfortably accommodate knives that are 4" folded (e.g. ZT 0450CF, CRKT Pilar III, TOPS Scandi folder, Benchmade Bugout) and weigh under 3 ounces. read more At 2.5 ounces, I forget the knife is there. Plus Spyderco gives you a deep pocket clip that securely keeps the knife in place (even while wearing sweatpants). I favor micarta scales however I have no issue with FRN and I like the Zome Green color. Seki City is the knife/sword capital of Japan which means the knife is high quality and the blade is very sharp.

Handle size is great

Rich M.
3 years ago

I have large hands but I like small knives. It took me a while to realize that a 3.25 inch has the best handle size for my XL hands. I own a Rat 2 (3 inch blade) which is 3.5 fingers big and an Elementum (3 inch blade) which is exactly 4 fingers big (both before chocking up). I was expecting the Delica to be small for my hands but it isn't. The Delica is the same size as the Rat read more 2 and the Delica is taller than the Elementum. The Elementum and the Delica fit my hand perfectly.

The Delica has a back lock and cannot be "spydie" flicked open. Also is it possible to one hand close a back lock?

Spyderco Delica 4, orange FRN

Graham H.
3 years ago

Great first knife. I recently bought this for my best friend despite the fact that he told me that he was not interested in a knife as a birthday present. I could not resist taking this out of the box first and handling it. Many knife fans seem to prefer G-10 to FRN but I have to say that this bi-directional FRN that Spyderco uses feels great in hand. The knife came oiled and sharp, read more ready to go. I knew that I was getting him solid VG-10 steel as well. Perhaps not high end steel, but nothing to sneeze at either. Overall length of the blade and handle are great, ideal for most everyday cutting tasks. I intentionally bought him something in bright orange for two reasons - 1) I wanted it to appear less threatening to him when he first opened the box and also to anyone around him if he pulled it out of his pocket, 2) i wanted it to be easier to see if he dropped it on the ground or was searching for it in the dark cab of his truck. It's early but I have to say mission accomplished as he's already fidgeting with it as he drives his daily commute. The PM3 may be a better EDC in my opinion, but the Endura 4 is a slightly cheaper, great alternative for a first gift.

Favorite EDC Sypderco

Truett R.
3 years ago

The Delica is the knife you will find in my pocked 90% of the time. From how lightweight it is while steel feeling extremely durable and solid to how the full flat grind just slides effortlessly through whatever you are cutting. This thing is a workhorse. I have done everything from break down cardboard to gut and skin whitetail with my Delica, which is probably why I have several... read more one in my car, one in my pocket, one in on my workbench, one in my tool box and one on my nightstand. I have been a huge Spyderco fan for years and the Delica is in my opinion not only a great first Spyderco for someone, but equally as great if you own 50 Spydies!

Fantastic kinfe

Skip M.
3 years ago

I love the handle color and this is a must EDC knife for any collection.

Razor Sharp

John F.
3 years ago

The is the sharpest production knife I’ve ever bought. Lake a razor. It’s centered perfectly.
The action is stiff but assume it will loosen up with use. Very satisfied.

Best non-OTF EDC option available!

Jordan D.
3 years ago

Sharp, light, and quite small. Paired with a Wise Men signet ring and a titanium deep carry clip, this is hands down the best EDC knife you can get that's not an auto/OTF knife. Love Spyderco and BladeHQ!

Perfect All-Around Knife

Mark B.
3 years ago

What can I say about The Spyderco Delica that hasn't already been said?
I could mention the great size, easy in the pocket - yet still a big cut.
Lightweight. Razor-sharp right out of the box. Easy to sharpen.
If you have never owned a Spyderco Delica, you owe it to yourself to pick one up. Or two. Maybe 3.....
The engraving from BladeHq made it that much better.

Dang it

Jacob s.
3 years ago

My only complaint is the bevel on the knife I received. On one side there is a even 20 degree bevel that didn't take long to refine. the other side is awful... at the heel its about 14 degrees and at the tip its over 20 degrees. In between the heel and tip it's all over the place.

EDC staple

Michael C.
3 years ago

For me this knife is my EDC.

I sometimes carry my Massad Ayoob (for fun), or my dragonfly salt if I worry about corrosion or am going somewhere that legally requires a shorter blade.

I'm not really into tacticool black knives, and the bright orange allows me to avoid the label of being out for justice and also gives great visibility if I were ever to drop it.

Was read more my first spyderco, love the spydie-hole can't think of a more reliable design to open a knife if wet, dirty, wearing gloves etc... Blade is super sharp, has eaten many cardboard boxes and still hasn't needed a sharpening yet.

Highly recommend. Only real issue is picking the color that best suits you, so many choices.

The Perfect Lightweight EDC

Tristan M.
4 years ago

I agree with everyone that love these things. Very light weight, easy deployment, sharp blade, good steel, sticky handle grips, and perfect fit in my hands
- Only thing I changed was added a deep carry clip to make it 11/10

Collector’s Essential

Sully C.
4 years ago

To start, the ergonomics of this knife are fantastic. It fits very well into most sized medium-large to small hands. After 20 months, my Delica 4 is still rock solid. I’m unable to spydie-flick this knife, sadly. It’s much stiffer than I anticipated, but does break in a little. It runs better loose with a little blade play. The lockback can be closed with one hand. The pocket read more clip is 4 way reversible. As a result, this knife is ambidextrous. Prefect for a hand-me-down.

Probably the best under $100 edc out there.

Kevin B.
4 years ago

This knife in my opinion is probably the best sub $100 knife for edc out there. Ergonomics are great, blade holds an edge and sharpens easily.


Luke h.
4 years ago

sweet spyderco, and great eds. Never had issues with spyderco service and QC.

Delica 4

Clarenz J.
4 years ago

This is my second Spyderco knife. I prefer the Delica over the Dragonfly due it's small size. IMO the Delica is an ideal size for and edc knife. Love the fit and finish on the zome design. Wish it came with a deep carry pocket clip though.

Spyderco Delica 4

Karl B.
4 years ago

I own many Spyderco's, and I have never been disappointed. This knife is no exception, I love it! The Delica 4 fits in the hand perfectly, and is razer sharp.The lockback isn't as fun to play with as some of my other spydercos, but it has been my go to, for EDC because it is so light, I dont even notice it. 5 stars.

First spyderco

Coltin H.
4 years ago

This thing was my first "premium" knife that pushed me into the more expensive knife category. I will always appreciate it for that. besides all of that this thing is like the perfect EDC for almost anyone and it falls within legal limits of a lot of places so i always recommend it to people who want something under 100 bucks but is just a little beast. a must have for any collection.

Great for EDC

Ryan O.
4 years ago

I own a variety of EDC knives from multiple price points and this knife is easily one of my favorites for the money. This is my third time purchasing it because every time something happens to it over the years (usually lost in the woods) I know I have to have it again! Super sharp out of the box and holds an edge very well for every day tasks.

Another Great Spyderco Knife

Danny B.
4 years ago

This is my second Delica 4 knife. I love the design, size, and light weight. Great for EDC. I use this mostly when I work outdoors, as it is easy to see if dropped in the grass(my other Delica 4 is green). This knife's blade does not exhibit any side to side play. Highly recommend.

3rd Delica!

Joshua G.
4 years ago

The Delica was my first EDC and will always have multiple places in my collection. So far this is my third one and was heavily modded. It's completely blacked out down to the screws and I appreciate the small serrated area for cutting thru tougher materials. I added Flytanium Stonewashed Scales and a black titanium deep carry MXG short clip and she is truly a work of art.

Great knife for the price

Dutch A.
4 years ago

The spyderco delica is a staple in the knife world, and I think the warencliff varient is a nice addition to the line. I found the blade shape pretty useful for most edc tasks, but remember, since it doesn’t have a belly, you can’t cut with a rocking motion like you could with a standard delica. If you keep this knife sharp, it has no problem slicing through almost anything read more (paper, boxes, tape, apples, etc. vg10 can get very sharp, but is prone to chipping, so it needs to be handled with some caution. If you’re new to sharpening this is a great knife to get because there is no curve to deal with which is definitely a plus.

Pros: sharp, good ergonomics, bidirectional frn scales are strong and provide plenty of grip, easy to sharpen, back lock is strong, sits well in the pocket, blade shape is more useful for certain tasks, and the price is great for this level of knife.

Cons: not made in USA, frn scales feel cheep, the blade shape makes certain tasks more difficult especially if the blade isn’t sharp, one handed closing is possible but it’s not convenient, vg10 chips fairly easily.

Conclusion: the delica is a great knife and I think everyone should own one. They’re easy to carry and very useful especially for office tasks around the office. If you’re going to put this knife through harder use I might recommend the lil’ native since it has s30v steel, and a thicker stock. It’s also made in the USA and the G10 scales feel more robust.

Great EDC

Jacob L.
4 years ago

Such a great slicey little knife, really a must have in all knife nut collections. And once you get the spydie flick down, it becomes a fidget fun factor like non other.

One of the best lightweight options!

Andrew L.
4 years ago

I absolutely love this knife! It's definitely a classic and any knife collector should have at least one of these in their collection. This handle color is beautiful and one of my favorite Delica variations to date.

The only knife I truly EDC

4 years ago

This thing is always in my left pocket. At first I liked the tacti-cool aspect of the wave opener, but as my taste in knives evolved, I started to enjoy the wave feature the most as a bottle opener. I use this knife for everything I won't use my more collectable knives for. This is also my go-to for when someone asks to borrow a knife. VG-10 is easy to repair and the lockback is read more simple to operate. I got it for the defensive gimmick of the knife, but carry it every day for its utility.

First love

Michael M.
4 years ago

This was my first Spyderco knife, and it's been everywhere with me. This is the number one knife I've recommended to all my friends, insanely sharp out of box, super lightweight, great budget steel, affordable enough to own a few.

Get it you will love it

Scott t.
4 years ago

Did not anticipate loving this knife as much as I do. The size and weight are great, you forget it in your pocket. The blade shape and steel are excellent as well. This knife makes it in my pocket most days. As the title suggests, get it you will live it

Best EDC

Matt B.
4 years ago

I freaking love this knife. Got a blue one in 2011 and carried it everyday since. It was getting a lot of wear but still just as good of a knife as it was when I first bought it. Because it has been through a lot in my life I decided to retire it, as I was afraid I may loose it someday. Just got a brown one and this is a really cool color.

Good overall small edc knife

Robert L.
4 years ago

As mentioned in other reviews, it's a very lightweight, well-built, ergonomic knife. My only complaint is usable blade length is significantly less than the advertised length. For my edc use, I've found I really need a 3" blade and the delica is just too short for my needs. I stopped carrying the spyderco native for the same reason. It's an outstanding knife otherwise.

Awesome Update to a Classic

Jacob D.
4 years ago

Sal and Eric Glesser put a gun to my head and forced me to buy this knife. Okay, that's a lie. The truth is, I had been looking for an excuse to buy another Delica for a while. I had the old stainless handled one, which is good, but kinda slippery. When I saw the new Wharncliffe design, I jumped on it. Glad I did. FRN is so much more grippy. I love the blade. It's voracious and read more tears through everything. Kudos to the nice, even grinds. VG-10, isn't fancy, but it's easy to get screaming sharp. Even more so since the straight edge is the easiest to sharpen. The knife is kind of funky looking, but I think that's part of the Spyderco charm. If you already love the Delica or if you want to try one out for the first time, I highly recommend this knife.

1st spyderco

Mark G.
4 years ago

Was sceptical this light knife could edc for me as i use a knife frequently at work. Slices nicely and good grip also.

A better kind of plastic

Peter P.
4 years ago

I picked this up mostly to try the FRN handle. It looks like it would give quite a bit but when you have it in your hand it feels sturdier than it looks. I definitely prefer the look of the leaf-shaped Spydercos more (Manix 2, Sage 5) but this blade is just fine for use. Also prefer G-10 but the FRN isn't bad. Like it enough I think I will get an Endura at some point. I also suggest read more getting the zome green color. Very nice.

Good knife but...

Robert D.
4 years ago

Delica is a good knife but I prefer
the Spyderco Chaparral LW
you get more for the money...
feels like better FRN,
XHP steel, wire clip,
50/50 choil, thin blade stock with razor edge = edc perfection!
Close to the same price.
Anybody interested in a Delica needs to check out the Chap.

Second Spyderco

Daniel S.
5 years ago

Just received the delica 4 today. I’ve been reading reviews and seeing videos and had to see for myself what the hype was. First off, love the weight and flat grind blade. The VG-10 came stupid sharp. Love the jimping on the spine, feels nice and grippy. Wouldn’t mind a deep carry clip, but personal preference. Compared to my CKRT Homefront I’ve carried and my Tenacious, I read more can tell I’ll forget it’s in my pocket already. Real nice edc blade in my opinion. Only four stars since I just got this today and have yet to test the blade.


Cyle B.
5 years ago

This knife is pretty much perfect. I have plenty of spyderco knives and this is the one I carry every day. Definitely worth the money and I personally couldn’t find a knife I like better in this price range. Also, the purple scales look really good in person.


Aiden E.
5 years ago

This thing looks pretty sweet and proforms amazing as well. I can also cut wood very easy with this knife and it is so light it awesome but there's one little tiny thing that I don't like, there is blade play ever so slightly left to right barely noticeable but I fear that I might put a little too much pressure on it and something bad will happen. But besides that I would probably read more buy another

Easily my favorite knife

Mark N.
5 years ago

So many people have said so many good things about this knife, and they are correct. This knife has kicked every other knife out of my pocket, I can't stop carrying it. The size is perfect, the blade and handle length are just right for my hands. It's easy to control, slices extremely well, it's light weight, it takes an extremely keen edge and holds it, and it's very well made read more and durable. For its price it can't be beat. Anyone who does not have a Delica owes it to themselves to get one.

Great knive

Brad L.
5 years ago

I have carried this off and on now, it is a great size and fits well in the pocket. The grip is great. I am looking to get a deep carry clip and I feel this will make it a more common carry for me.

Great Delica version

Darvin C.
5 years ago

Love slipping this knife into my pocket when hard work is on my schedule. I prefer the saber grind for hard work and the Wave just makes a great design a little better. You can’t go wrong with this Delica version!


Eric L.
5 years ago

This knife is just Sharp! It looks sharp and is sharp. It just stands out from others due to the shape. Almost a needle point on the wharncliffe blade. It is a bit thick when closed due to the blade being stuffed in the same handle as other blade shapes. But it’s just great.

Great lw edc

Jozsef P.
5 years ago

I love the wharncdliffe blade for edc use. The delica is a perfect one. Light weight, super sharp, great grind.

HQ contest

Marcus o.
5 years ago

Don't normally do reviews but this was my first non department store knife bought here on bhq. Loved it and lost it within a month. my wife bought me then a black one because I wouldn’t stop talking about it. Then a co worker found my old one returned it to me. Now I have two and some others but the delica is my solid dependable edc bought a lot more knives now since then. None read more compare.

Awesome knife

Jaciel G.
5 years ago

Got one in black and a blue one for my wife. Super sharp, great steel. Opens great and easy to use for both righties and lefties once you adjust the clip.

Wish I didn't lose it

Ben R.
5 years ago

Sharp as hell, disappears in the pocket, ergonomics that melt into your hand. I think the price is a bit high nowadays, but there's really nothing else like the Delica. Disappointed I lost it, I didn't even notice till the end of the day because you can't feel it in your pocket anyway. Excellent knife.

A very fun knife

James H.
5 years ago

I put a wisemen signet ring on this thing and it is incredibly fun. Not the best for everyday carry because the signet ring sticks out, but just the knife alone would be great. Lightweight and ergonomic. I would definitely recommend buying it, but maybe not as your first knife. Also can I get that spyderco warriorhawk?!

My favorite EDC knife

Ákos B.
5 years ago

I've been carrying this knife for a year. It is my favorite EDC knife. I own three Emerson knives, but none of them fits the purpose of EDC as much as this Delica. Highly recommend it.

Impressive EDC

Vincent M.
5 years ago

I bought this knife as an edc knife over carrying my yojimbo 2. I like the styling of the delica and the wave opener is awesome and is definitely a conversation piece when someone sees this knife. I've seen many knife reviews where people dont like the color of the scales but I love this blue/grey color and wish spyderco made every knife in this color!

Must have

Anthony n.
5 years ago

this knife is definitely on my wishlist.

Buy it

Ryan M.
5 years ago

its probably one of the first spydercos you'll buy and realistically the last you'll ever need. It disappears in pocket, it slices like nobodies business.

Perfect EDC

Josh G.
5 years ago

Nice price on a great EDC. Smooth one-handed opening. Even with the back lock you are able to close it one-handed as well as long as your index finger is high on the grip, the ricasso will fall gently onto the finger and then you can close it the rest of the way with your grip around the sides. Replaced the clip on mine as it is not a deep carry and the lip was catching on things read more as I walked by, but otherwise no complaints. The ergos are great and the jimped thumb notch is terrific for a sturdy cut.


Patrick G.
5 years ago

i have carried one for yrs. and can say it is one of the best .Perfect size and weight and a company that backs it up.

Not bad Edc

Jorge R.
5 years ago

This is my first small knife with a blade under 3.5. I was sceptical of the size but I was very impressed on how versatile it was. Although the price is a little to high in my opinion for vg10 and frn handle. There's still a lot of good to say about the overall knife, it has changed my opinion about smaller blades.

Great knife

John C.
5 years ago

I’ve had the knife for a year, I added the wisemen company signet ring. Totally worth it.

Great version of the delica

Ricardo A.
5 years ago

Besides all the good and bad points of a regular delica we have these.
On the good: The wave works better than all the ones on emerson's catalog. The Blade geometry offers a strong tip and body.
On the bad: The blade definitely isnt as good of a cutter as on a regular delica.

My Edc knife

Matthew h.
5 years ago

I love this knife I carry it every day. I added a deep carry clip I think it works better with the emmerson opener. Stays sharp and can take a beating

Awesome lightweight EDC

James R.
5 years ago

Such a great lightweight EDC, barely even notice it in your pocket. Terrific feel on the FRN grip from multiple angles. Some of the best jimping around, not overly aggressive, but very effective, I never worry about my thumb slipping. This is a great sized knife especially if you work in an office and those around you are not used to knives. It's size is not intimidating, and the read more green color is friendly on the eyes, not "menacing" and "scary", LOL. The VG-10 is a working man's knife steel. Holds an edge pretty well and is reasonably tough. Good mid-level working steel that you're not afraid to use on the daily tasks. Never a regret on this purchase. Buy this knife!

Pocket perfect

Isidro R.
5 years ago

This is a great little knife that can handle most but the daily tasks for me. Granted, I am not a hard user cutting wires and cans and chopping wood, etc. But for every day moderate use, it is awesome. Great slicer, fits my hand great, light weigh, disappears in the pocket, holds an edge... I the action is a little stiff on mine and I have not been able to adjust it without incurring read more some blade play. But other than that, an awesome little EDC for average use.

My favorite knife

Randi R.
5 years ago

This was my first knife and I absolutely love it. It does every job you want and need it to do. It feels great in the hand and isn't too thick. It sharpens very well and keeps its edge. If you are just getting into knives, I would highly recommend this one.

Solid EDC

Jake W.
5 years ago

Love this knife. I carry this along with a Yojimbo 2 and i use this for more hard use (aka things you shouldn't do with a knife) so as to keep my yojimbo clean. Love this knife, highly recommend it.

Great knife.

David D.
5 years ago

This is my most EDCed knife. I like it so much that I bought a 2nd one. No knife collection is complete without one.

Just shy of perfect

Matt L.
5 years ago

Great knife, carried for 3 or 4 years with no issues. Very durable, smooth opening and tight lockup. Medium size blade makes it useful without being intimidating, truly a great knife for EDC. Only wish would be a deep Cary clip standard option.

Gets the job done

5 years ago

Great knife, carried for several years. Extremely smooth opening and tight lockup. Durable and have no complaints whatsoever. Medium-size blade great for any situation.

Best EDC knife ever.

Teresa S.
5 years ago

The Delica saber grind is the perfect EDC knife. The VG-10 blade is easy to maintain and holds a good edge, and the size and weight make it disappear in my pocket. To me, it's the perfect multi-role pocket knife. I own many Spyderco knives, including the Tenacious, Endura, Several Manix 2's, Delica 4 FFG, and the PM 2. But the Delica 4 is the best for EDC IMO.

A benchmark, classic knife

Jeff T.
5 years ago

This knife was a benchmark when it came out. It has changed and improved over the years. I bought my first one back in the early 1990s. Its mission is simple: provide its owner with a high quality light, slim tough, extremely sharp and pointy everyday carry knife that is easy to retain, retrieve and use. There are other knives that play this role. But there are none better. Get read more one, and see what I mean!

Best $75 I ever spent

Luke R.
5 years ago

I recently started a knife collection after making knives for several years and finding some of yalls knife banters on YouTube. I decided that I would purchase the delica to start my edc knife collection and I couldn’t be happier. I am looking for a nicer knife after several months of greatness with this. I am trying to bring some variation but I am so happy with spyderco that read more I may have to buy a nicer one. Idk how much better it can get than VG10 for the price. Thanks BladeHQ!

It's a classic for a reason.

Mike B.
5 years ago

Now, I'm a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian kind of guy, and this is no Griptilian. But, I understand why the Delica is a classic. This thing screams utility. Feels great in the hand, sturdy lock, and a satisfying "snap" upon open and close... Make sure to keep those screws tight, or locktight them and avoid the irritation.


Ed b.
5 years ago

Spyderco has made the Delica for many years for good reason. This is the perfect EDC knife. Light weight and just an excellent design. For me the Delica carries better than a PM2. If you are looking for a good everyday knife look no further. This is it. And as always BladeHQ does an excellent job of delivering in a timely manner.

20 years strong

Ghent T.
5 years ago

Dad has had this for at least 20 years, blade isn’t even loose, the clip broke off but it’s 20 years old what would u expect, his has aus-8 steel and is made in seki city, Japan. Liner lock is a little hard but it got oiled for the first time in a while just the other day

Best edc blade

5 years ago

Don't even second guess this knife just get it!

Spyderco Knives Look Funny but Work

Nick M.
5 years ago

I'd heard a lot of positive reviews about Spyderco's on youtube, forums, etc. but was always a little turned off by the look of their knives. I finally gave in and bought the Delica 4 just to see what all the hype was about (as it was at a price point that I wouldn't feel too bad about if I didn't love it). In short I was impressed immensely by the ergo's and utility of this knife. read more It's made to function like an every day cutter and that it does. Ergonomic, lightweight, good (not amazing) edge retention, and fits well in the pocket due to it's thin profile. Five stars for the price point and intended use.

Going to make a great EDC.

Michael R.
5 years ago

This is my first delica, and I love the color. The VG-10 is great and the handle fits great in hand. The only thing to complain about is the lock is a little stiff out of the box.

Superior to all others

Joseph C.
5 years ago

This is my favorite knife and EDC hands down! No hot spots holding this knife and gripping this piece is outstanding! Super sharp VG10 steel out of the box! Once you own it you will never leave home without it

Good knife Bad pocket clip

Valentin n.
5 years ago

Loved the knife felt good in the had and sharp out of the box. After about 3 weeks of everyday use at work two screws fell out in the same day.

Work knife

Matt A.
5 years ago

I have used this knife as my primary work knife for 2 years and it works great. It's light weight and sharpens easily. Outstanding choice if you're looking for an EDC or work knife.

Simple and Effective!

Eric B.
5 years ago

The Delica 4 is great for EDC and an all around great knife! The size and weight is perfect for every day use, and the handle is very ergonomic. The blade stock is extremely thin and great for slicing. The knife is very functional, however not very "fun" due to the back lock. But that's not what this knife is intended for. It excels in being an every day, functional, fool proof read more knife. A tad bit expensive, but worth it in my opinion!

Perfect for some, not for all

Jake A.
5 years ago

I work as a stock boy in a grocery store and this knife replaced the standard Delica 4 completely. It melts through cardboard, plastic, banding, paper, etc like a lightsaber. It is a very impressive knife but may be suited more for people who use boxcutters the people who need to cut things like food.

Best EDC knife?

Ian D.
5 years ago

This is probably the best EDC knife out there. It basically disappears in the pocket which makes it extremely easy to carry. There is zero blade play and the VG-10 steel takes an incredible edge while still being easy to sharpen. This is a fantastic choice for EDC!

Cool coloring

Chris V.
5 years ago

Just your average old delica but in zome green. Great knife though.

I love this color

George S.
5 years ago

I had to get this Delica since I got the Endura and Dragonfly in the same color. It looks awesome and it's functional since it makes this knife hard to lose. The Delica is a classic and extremely efficient design. I would highly recommend this as an edc option.

Mind blowing

Nick L.
5 years ago

The quality of this Japanese made knife is MIND BLOWING!!! The lock up is solid as a rock. The VG-10 blade holds an edge for a reasonable amount of time, depending on what you're cutting and how much you're cutting. The FRN handles are solid especially with the skeletonized liners and the pattern on the FRN scales are very grippy. Hands down best knife there is for the price range read more it's in!!

Classic EDC Choice

George S.
5 years ago

This knife is extremely versatile and an extraordinary edc option. It can handle a variety of tasks and really shines when used for slicing or precision cutting.

Delica 4 ZOME

Anthony C.
5 years ago

Overall I like the knife. It is very light, the pocket clip is 4 way reversible and slides in and out of the pocket easily, and the zome color pattern is pretty cool. Very unique. The blade came very sharp and the VG-10 hasn't dulled very much in the last 4 months. The reason it gets 4 stars and not 5 is because there is a little bit of blade play side to side. Front/back lock up read more it tight but I feel like I might be able to snap the blade from the handle if I pushed hard enough from the side. Its obviously not meant to do that but eh feels kind of weak. Its a fantastic slicer thought.

Best of both worlds

Travis M.
5 years ago

All the quality of the Delica with the added bonus of an Emerson wave. There's a little bit of up and down play in the lock, however.

Great self defense

Joseph M.
5 years ago

Great knife and easy to maintain the VG10 blade. Very light weight and smooth to open and close. One of my favorites especially for the price.

Great edc!

5 years ago

This was the knife that got me into knifes of better quality. This knife is a hall of famer. Great ergos and super light. Blade comes hair popping sharp. Not a fan of the black pocket clip that's not very deep. But you can take some steel wool and take it off. Everyone should have a delica.

My go to knife

Devin B.
5 years ago

I’ve had a delica 4 for about 3 years now, and it’s still going as strong as ever. The pro’s are what you’d expect from Spyderco and the blade is surprisingly easy to keep razor sharp. I just ordered a PM2 and am excited to put it to work. Buy this knife, you won’t be disappointed.

Excellent EDC

Marcus O.
5 years ago

Nice ergonomics, design and feel. Domo arigato!

Best EDC For Everyone

Liam G.
5 years ago

Nick Shabazz is correct, this is the very best EDC knife.

It's affordable, cuts EXTREMELY well due to its thin stock, has steel liners, light FRN scales (which are awesome on this version), and is easy to sharpen. The knife is a very functional tool for cutting, but keep in mind this is no Morakniv.

The blade is good for slicing, don't pry with this, and don't do read more any aggressive chopping. While the FRN is strong, it has slight flex, which can result in side to side play unless you stiffen the pivot.

Overall, this all anyone would really ever need in a folder. If you truly require anything else, you should look at a fixed blade and fidget spinner to a robust blade and something fun to play with. This is truly a tool, and a near perfect one at that.


Steve M.
5 years ago

If your going to try a Delica why not get a bottle opener?
I did and I fell in love.

Great EDC knife

Anders S.
5 years ago

This is a great knife, it's got the wave feature so it can fill a self defense role. But it's also tough enough to handle a beater knife role as well. The vg-10 is a decent steel and can take a nice edge. On a side note the wave will open bottles which adds another useful feature for an EDC knife.

Not a smaller Endura

John S.
5 years ago

I've heard it called a smaller Endura. Is not. This knife is more than capable of standing on its own merit. It's sharp, and strong. I absolutely love the Emerson Wave feature. It is even better when coupled with the Wiseman Company's signet ring.

Solid Small Knife for EDC

Evan D.
5 years ago

Spyderco did not disappoint on this one. I love the feel of the handle. It is on the smaller side of the knives I own, but I love it. I am impressed with Spyderco's construction. The handle scales have great gripping ability. I love the Emerson wave feature. It makes opening the knife so much easier and faster. VG-10 steel is nice and solid. It holds an edge really well. This is read more a nice size for an EDC in an office environment.

It’s everything you need

Baldemar G.
5 years ago

This knife is slow to deploy, slow to close, and kinda boring, but it’s the only knife you need. It does everything you need a knife to do and it does it well.

A Must Have

5 years ago

Great knife. Awesome colors. Every knife enthusiast should own one. Great knife for gifting, too.

This was bought as a Christmas gift for a relative. This is their first quality folder and they love it. They are a LEO and carry it every day.

Lightweight and sweet ergos

Daniel K.
5 years ago

Very light, and the ergos are great for my hand, I wear a medium sized glove. Thin blade stock and a full flat grind means this cuts very well.

Pocket clip developed play after a while. Some threadlocker should fix that.

I had to chamfer the edges of the opening hole, it was a bit sharp, especially where the hole contacts the plunge grind.

The action read more isn't super smooth, but it's a back lock so that's not a big deal.

All in all it lives up to the hype, despite a few shortcomings.

A Great Little Knife

Gary P.
5 years ago

I’ve had this Delica combo blade in Foliage Green for about 9 years. I used and abused it. I was not kind to it. It held up to the abuse. The only thing that really showed any wear was the pocket clip. I finally lost the knife last week. I was going to order the flat ground Delica in brown to replace it, but decided to replace my old Delica with another of the exact same. I’m read more currently carrying a Spyderco Stretch that I pulled out of my collection, but I miss that Delica.

Its not horrible but its not great either

Nick M.
6 years ago

Maintaining the edge has been no issue. Light weight and sleek design make for a great EDC. My only gripe is the lockback being relatively weak. I would not buy again, however I will continue to carry.

*the wave is great for opening beers

Smooth as silk

Nick W.
6 years ago

I bought this with the Wise Men signet. This combo by far makes the finest self defense blade. No better deployment than with the Emerson patent.

Rocking handle

Andrew H.
6 years ago

The handle on this knife is well sized and feels great to hold. The construction is all very tight, and nothing wiggles or wobbles. The blade is mighty sharp out of the box. Love this green color!