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Spyderco Dragonfly 2

Spyderco Dragonfly 2

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About Spyderco Dragonfly 2

Spyderco's Dragonfly 2 is a second-generation knife that has undErgone some stellar improvements thanks to the C.Q.I.-Constant Quality Improvement process employed by Spyderco. The Dragonfly 2 maintains the same blade and handle geometry with leveraging points that make the Dragonfly cut and feel like a much larger knife. This Dragonfly 2 features a Bohler K390 steel blade. The blade is hollow ground with jimping at the choil and the spine for better control and feel. The handle uses Spyderco's patented Bi-Directional Texturing on the fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) and has a reversible tip-up wire clip for superb carry characteristics. The back lock steel frame ensures a tight lock with solid performance.Looking for more Spyderco Folding Knives?

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Brand Spyderco
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 5.58"
Closed Length 3.33" (85mm) 3.313" (84mm) 3.313" 3.313 3.3125 4.50 3.22 3.33 3.31
Blade Length 2.28"
Blade Thickness 0.09"
Blade Steel K390 VG-10 H-1 ZDP-189
Blade Finish Satin
Handle Material FRN
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Lock Type Lockback
Weight 1.20 oz.
Country of Origin Japan
Blade Style Wharncliffe
Edge Style Fully Serrated Plain
Cutting Edge 1.89"
Handle Yellow FRCP
Assisted Open No
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Blade Edge Plain Serrated Partially Serrated/ComboEdge
Blade Material Bohler K390
Blade Type Full Flat Grind Flat Grind
Handle Color Black British Racing Green Yellow Orange Pink
Knife Type Manual
Knife Weight 1.2
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Point Spear Point Drop Point Clip Point
Total length 5.563 5.5625 5.56 5.36
Automatic Knife No
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 3.33"
Handle Thickness 0.36"
Color Blue
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Opener Thumb Hole
Model Dragonfly 2
Model Number C28FP2WK390
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Blade width 1.00"
Handle Width 0.875"

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Love it

Matthew C.
2 years ago

I could've done without the pink color, but the s30v is so good. I love how naturally my index finger fits either in front of the pivot or behind it. Arrived extremely sharp. I accidently touched a finger against the side of the blade edge, didn't feel anything, but ended up with a translucent 1/4" square of skin hanging off the finger. Very lightweight- barely feel it in a shirt read more pocket.

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Okay for a person with hands the size of a small child.

Ryan M.
2 years ago

If you want a super tiny knife that’s usable for like 5 thing and is super lightweight this is perfect for you, however this knife is laughable in size compared to the bugout and if you want a small and lightweight and versatile knife i would definitely recommend that over this any day. The 2 inch blade feels bigger than the handle and this is just not the knife anyone should read more ever go with especially for the ridiculous price point spend a couple extra 10s to get an actual knife in S30V. It’s a fine design definitely not spidercos best nor is it outstanding in anyway. If this was 60 bucks maybe it could be considered reasonable for being made in Japan but otherwise spiderco has truly price gouged the heck out of anyone looking for a lightweight edc. Besides it’s lackluster size and not great price unless it’s on a major sale I’d advise anyone to go with something a bit bigger (3 inches is near perfect for edc) and to keep searching and looking at honest reviews for knives.

My favourite

Kyle M.
2 years ago

I have many knives. And find this one taking precedence over all of them. Dont even notice it in my pocket, super lightweight and a great ergonomic blade. The H1 is great and I really like the black hardware, its pretty stylish

Perfect little gift

Tony F.
3 years ago

I purchased this as a gift for my daughter and was very pleased with the speed of shipping, the condition of the package and product on arrival, the overall product itself, and the laser engraving. Quality control looks good on it, and it cuts well in my limited testing. As a result, I'm also very pleased to be able to give it to her.

Just so you don't think everything is read more perfect, I did mention "little." The small size is the only potential negative that I see (in my limited handling) for those with relatively broad hands like me. I can get four fingers on it using the split choil and a tight-fingered grip, but I don't think it would be comfortable doing that for extended, heavy use. With my expectation that she won't be using it much and with her smaller hands, that shouldn't be an issue for my daughter, but I added a little lanyard with a lanyard knot 1/2" off the back for added grip purchase, just in case, and it worked perfectly for me.

For relatively light duty, I think it will be a good choice for my daughter and many other people. It won't take up much space in a pocket, purse, or backpack, so it can be carried easily (and legally in most jurisdictions) and be available when needed for many years to come.

Love the Wharncliffe

Ryan F.
3 years ago

I am a big fan of the Spyderco Dragonfly. I have owned both generations of the leaf shaped blade and now the Wharncliffe. I am compelled to leave a review because there are so few reviews for such an amazing little knife! Like all Dragonflies, the Wharncliffe is thin, lightweight and perfect for daily chores. The finger choil allows a full grip. And the jimping on top of the FRN read more handle is reassuring. But the Wharncliffe is superior to the leaf shaped blade because the full blade makes contact, not just the belly of the blade. This maximizes cutting potential of an otherwise small knife. I removed the pocket clip and 5th pocket carry. It should be noted, the Wharncliffe is noticeably taller than the standard leaf shaped Dragonfly, but that fits even better if you plan to 5th pocket carry. My only complaint is price. For such a small knife with a "plastic" handle, it seems expensive. Especially when compared to some of the great value D2 steel folders available.

Small Yet Mighty

3 years ago

What can I say about this tiny titan? The ergonomics on the Dragonfly is exceptional. The jimping on the blade allows for you to really choke up on the blade and get a unique and strong grip on the knife. The H1 steel is almost magic. The bidirectional grip on the handle makes for a terrific grip when in dry and wet conditions. Wrapped up in a light package this is an excellent read more EDC carry and special use knife.

My new beach blade

Adam H.
3 years ago

This thing is adorable, light, small, and totally rustproof. I can't even feel it in my swimsuit, which is perfect.

Love this little guy!

Good Carry for Basketball Shorts

Benjamin Z.
3 years ago

The fact that you can carry a knife that is 2.28in and can get a 4 finger grip is excellent. I always carry this knife when I am wearing basketball shorts so they don't fall off due to all the crap I am carrying. Can't recommend enough if you have size limits to your carry or are looking for something that won't bring your pants down.


Eric W.
3 years ago

Surprisingly fidget friendly. Packs a punch above its weight class. The FRN may not be pretty, but it is highly functional.


Deniz T.
3 years ago

Super lightweight and fun to use. I can't wait to carry it around with me.

Great for light weight pruning

Blaine M.
3 years ago

I have owned a dragonfly for quite a while now. It is a great light weight EDC. I bought this dragonfly salt with the serrated hawkbill blade for my wife to use in the garden. She uses it for lightweight pruning. Loves the color. Easy to find when she drops it. So far it goes with her anytime she is tending her flowers. She really likes the pocket clip and gives the knife a rave read more review.

So far, So good

Richard O.
3 years ago

Received my Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Salt Yellow (Satin serrated) promptly via USPS. Smaller than I expected but the size was clearly stated in the description so that is on me. It is going to work out fine because it is very light. I appreciate the jimping that allows for a much better grip. I have practiced opening and gripping the knife using the jimping. I do that without looking read more in order to start gaining some "muscle memory" for when (if) I ever need to draw it without looking. I got it for the rust proof metal and because I had good luck with my previous Spyderco knife. I look forward to many years of use. I took advantage of Spyderco's offer to customize it and placed some POC info on the blade in case I ever misplace it. Good product.

Light but durable

Ryan F.
4 years ago

Beautiful blade. Hoping to stonewash it and RIT dye it soon for fun. Very flicky when you break it in!

Super Light

4 years ago

Solid spiderco construction, well thought out ergonomics as would be expected. I'm around a lot of families and soccer moms, so bought it as a low profile option for EDC. It's so light and small I will carry it in my front waistband and not even notice it when I'm sitting down. Comes super sharp out of the box. The aesthetics aren't for everyone but I've owned a Delica for 9 years read more and its one of the most 'useable' knives I own. So far Dragonfly looks to be the same story. I only knocked it down one star because for the price I'm not as drawn to it as other knives I have. I carry this as a compromise when I need super light and super small.

My EDC for 10+ years

David D.
4 years ago

Three incarnations of the dragonfly have been in my pocket almost everyday for more than 10 years. I have several other knives, but the size and utility is perfect for pretty much everything I encounter on a daily basis (opening boxes, stripping & cutting wire, quick detail cuts and trims on wood and plastic, cleaning up supports from 3D printed parts...). The VG-10 for my current read more dragonfly takes a very nice edge, and sharpens reasonably fast. The texture on the jimping makes the knife comfortable even in my XXL hands (I'm 6'5"), and the light weight allows me to forget it until I need it.

Near Perfect Pocketknife

Todd P.
4 years ago

If this was FFG and had the LC200N steel instead of the H1 it would be perfect. But until that time that Spyderco comes to their senses this is still a fantastic place-holder. I LOVE all the Dragonflies; they are light, ergonomic, and having the Salt model means it will never rust. Yes, H1 is a little softer than the other steels I use, but it also means it reacts to stropping much read more easier.

I love this knife and will 100% get more Dragonflies when they're available.

I will note that my knife has uncoated hardware, but the hardware in the posted picture is all black, must be a new improvement.

I don't care if it gets wet knife

Adam S.
4 years ago

This is my goto for anything that is messy, wet or generally too nasty for my standard EDC. Super sharp. Love the small size. Bottom of pocket little savior.

Second Spyderco I've Gotten

Ryan V.
4 years ago

My first Spyderco was the Grasshopper,and it convinced me to try something more pricy. I love this knife, its virtually weightless but it feels nice in the hand. Comes in handy at work, and the clip is sturdier than it looks. I had it engraved and the engraving is perfect.

So many uses

Michael C.
4 years ago

With certain cities having stricter blade length rules having a shorter good knife made sense to me.

This knife is made not to corrode. So if you're going to a beach, salt lake, fishing or just rainy weather this will do the job and not take any worse for the wear.

I love the yellow, catches the eye(making easy to spot), isn't tacticool, and also a U of Michigan fan read more so it all works out.

Spydie-hole is my favorite way to open a knife, presumably if you're looking at the salt version you're worried about water, which would also make certain knives hard to open one handed. Spydie-hole works every time.

Again there are other salt models, but I went for this one because of the smaller size. Going around in swim trunks I wouldn't really want a big knife on me anyway.

Highly recommend.

Spyerco Name

Mike l.
4 years ago

Knife is great but there are just so many options out there that are better value. Knife is sharp great slicer. Blade is slightly off centered not a huge deal, but kind of is for the price paid. Great grip on it. I do like the orange carries great don't even feel it might forget to take it out of the pocket at the end of the day. In the pocket a little bit of the orange shows. If read more you want one of these and don't want anyone to see the orange triangle in your pocket a different color might be better. I AM NO EXPERT BY ANY MEANS I just have other knives for way lest money that are way better value that's all probably the last spyderco i buy sadly.

Favorite now comes in Wharncliffe!

William T.
4 years ago

Dragonfly is a frequent EDC carry, practically invisible but sharp and very handy for daily cutting chores. Now it comes in Wharncliffe, so handy for some things. Now I alternate them - or sometimes carry both. What can I say? I'm a knife nut.

Great for mesh shorts

Josiah D.
4 years ago

Locking mechanism is great for high activity sports and such. I've had knives open and poke through my pocket playing basketball. This knife works great though and is super light. I'm even comfortable jumping on the trampoline and don't have to worry about it opening and impaling me. It is still very easy to open and close one-handed once you break it in a little. Great Knife

Great Box Cutter

Tom C.
4 years ago

About the only thing I've used it for so far is opening boxes. But, I'm shelving all of my razor blade based cutters and just keeping this one handy (which is not difficult with this thing's size).

XL hands no problem

Bryan M.
4 years ago

I purchased the Dragonfly 2 after a soccer mom lost her mind when I whipped my PM2 out to cut something. When the DF2 arrived I thought no way could a 6'4" guy with XL hands use this knife. 6 months later I can say it is a gem. I comfortably maneuver the knife and it masters all light-medium tasks. I quickly mastered flicking it open with the very tip of my thumb. It is so light read more it disappears from your memory while carrying. My one slight complaint is the clip is a little squirrely in how it attaches. Mine has come lose a couple times. It will never replace the mighty PM2 but the Dragonfly 2 provides big results in a small package.

The Delica, but smaller!

Chris W.
4 years ago

I cannot recommend this knife enough!
Anyone who likes small knives, and likes the Delica should get this knife. This thing is such a good EDC knife due to its size, weight, good blade steel, and durability.

Performs like a beast!

Ethan B.
4 years ago

This thing is amazing! always loved the dragonfly, but this version is so cool because it will never rust. Already went surfing with it in my pocket and there is not a single sign of corrosion! Would highly recommend!

Perfect Summer Knife

Alex L.
4 years ago

I'm the kind of guy that likes to always have at least one knife on me. I have knives for almost every occasion: weddings, everyday carry, hard use, etc. But I didn't have a knife I could wear at the beach or in the pool. Now I do. The Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Salt is 100% rust proof and has held up really well for me. I've gone in the ocean with it twice for hours at a time and have read more been in pool two dozen times with no issue. The steel is a bit soft, but it sharpens up easily on my belt grinder. It weighs almost nothing, but it feels strong. The knife is pretty small, and the banana-shaped curved handle makes the grip pretty different from what I'm used to. But the ergos and jimped finger choil make it a secure, 4 finger grip. If you need a knife that will never rust on you look no further.

Best EDC

Ed J.
4 years ago

Great ergonomics for such a small knife. Extremely sharp right out of the box. The only drawback is that the screw holding the wire clip is stripped, with the result that I cannot remove the clip. Tried to contact Spyderco for a fix but no response after five days, so looks like I'll have to deal with it.

First Spyderco

Eduardo G.
4 years ago

Carrying this knife you forget its there, great ergonomics for the size. Perfect size if you want to go as small as possible while still feeling like you have an adequate tool. The VG 10 does dull pretty quickly though. Maybe opt for the ZDP-189 version. Also it is a nice knife because people dont really get scared when they see it. The clip is great, is legal damn near everywhere. read more The leaf blade shape gives it a tall grind making it very slicy and the tip is below the midline of the blade which is very useful for everyday tasks. The backlock is kinda tight at first but loosens up with time. It has been my most carrried knife since I got it.

Very nice

4 years ago

I purchased this Dragonfly to go with my similar Endura and Delica . I am very impressed with this knife like I was with the Delica and Endura. The Wave opening device works beautifully. I will be back for more knives soon.

Perfect Size

Jozef J.
4 years ago

I've been suspect of Spiderco for a little while and hesitant to try one of their knives as they seem so expensive and all look the same to me. Boy was I wrong. The finger choils and jimping on this knife are built with purpose and attention to detail. This thing fits into a hand like an extension of your finger. It's amazing. The steel speaks for itself as I don't live around salt read more water or anything super corrosive but I'm confident that if I did everything would be cool. Love this little knife.

Just right

William T.
4 years ago

Small enough to nearly vanish in my pocket; fits well in my big hands. I'm finally retiring my Dragonfly 1 (after years of honorable service!) for a replacement with reversible clip. It's been a mainstay of EDC (the old one) and I expect the 2 to do the same.

Perfect knife for the beach

Sam H.
4 years ago

Bought this for my BCD for diving typical amazing spyderco quality

Mini wharncliffe

Chris C.
4 years ago

Excellent little blade that almost disappears when worn, seems almost weightless. FRN scales are not reinforced in any way, but given this little blade’s task at hand that’s hardly a negative. And being a wharncliffe fan this knife really works for me.

Cheers, Chris - Prescott AZ

This is the best water EDC. NO RUST!!!!!

Josiah Z.
4 years ago

I bought this knife for a trip to Florida last march, and it preformed amazingly. The H1 is a little hard to keep sharp at first, but the more you sharpen it, the harder the steel gets. It came hair shaving sharp out of the box, and the serrations where so flipping sharp that they just run right through paper. I had it in my pocket the hole trip. That includes standing chest deep read more in the gulf of Mexico for a couple of hours. This is the best water EDC. NO RUST!!!!!

One of my favorite!

Roy S.
4 years ago

Dragonfly itself is awesome, but in H1, even better. Feels fantastic in the hand, one of the smallest blade you can get, while maintaining a full grip. The blade is super sharp out the box with a very thin blade for easy cutting ability. Corrosion resistance! Unobtrusive and super lightweight! Great, great EDC, especially in work environment because of the small size and or marine read more environment. This is the knife I carry out near high humid areas, the ocean, etc..If your a spyderco collector, must atleast own one H1 Salt series!

Cuts everything

Matthew H.
4 years ago

This little guy has been living in my pocket since it arrived. Does everything I ask and is barely noticeable in pocket.

Amazing knife amazing service

4 years ago

First off the knife arrived to NY before I even had a chance to track the package. This is a great addition to my collection. Not my first Emerson opener but my first Spyderco Emerson. Works flawlessly and the color is perfect...it’s a blue/gray in my opinion. The grind and overall workmanship is flawless.

Great little knife!

Hunter E.
4 years ago

I got this knife for travel, as I have had knives stolen out of my luggage before, and didn’t want to lose one of my high end knives. It’s steel is practically magic, and holds an edge much better than most want to admit. I hated the yellow scales, so I Rit dyed it navy blue. I know it is harder to find, but I have it on a lanyard, so I’m not likely to drop it. My biggest read more issue is that the scales are very grippy, and will shred your pocket over time, but it’s to be expected of a dive knife. I am currently wearing it as a neck knife, and it works wonderfully.

Size doesn't matter, it's how you...

Robert W.
5 years ago

Love this new addition to my Spyderco collection. One of the sharpest knives I have received out of box. Performs EDC tasks that I would normally use a larger knife for. Orange is a bit brighter than pictured which I was pleased with. Perfect companion blade to my Spyderco Manix 2 in blue!

Great little EDC

5 years ago

Really great little knife. Serrations means it’s gonna tear through anything. Really lite so you don't even notice it. Only thing is the clip isn't the best. Definitely looking for a good after market option. But don't let that deter you. Worth every penny.

I only wish it came in S30V steel

Roy H.
5 years ago

This is my favorite small edc knife made by Spyderco. It just disappears in pocket and cuts anything put it front of it without thinking twice. I really wish they would offer it in S30V or any of the higher end steels really. Maybe even a Dragonfly 3??? that's slightly larger with a premium steel blade would be a dream knife for me. Near perfect small edc carry knifes in my opinion.

Slicey little guy

Jason G.
5 years ago

Couldn't be happier with this knife.... Super lightweight, very sharp, and it won't rust!!!! Carried it for a month now and I always forget it's on my pocket.... I may end up getting a couple more just to give out at the holidays or horde them so I'll always have a back up lol

Small Knife EDC

Michael C.
5 years ago

Great knife, came extremely sharp from the factory. Bought in order to carry into Federal Building with blade length restrictions. Often forget I’m carrying the knife due to size and weight.

Great little edc knife!

Kyle J.
5 years ago

The no rust feature is great for little things like cutting up fruits or some outside adventure. I always make sure to carry this guy with me because of its versatility. Wish it could be a little larger though.

Very nice knife in a small package!

David R.
5 years ago

I have been carrying this knife in an EDC role for a couple weeks and it has performed very well! Good blade steel and very sharp out of the box. The finger choil and thumb ramp fit perfect for my medium-large hands. This will be a great addition to anyone's daily tool needs.

Can't go wrong with this knife.

Walter C.
5 years ago

The gimping is functional and comfortable. The swedge looks great. It's quite effective. I'll probably end up collecting quite a few of these.

It's great.

Sam D.
5 years ago

Bought this as my primary box opener for work. Works like a charm. Lasts about two days before the hair shaving edge is gone. I absolutely love VG-10. Glad I skipped the headache of zdp

Definition of "Little Big Knife"

Jacob D.
5 years ago

This was one of the first knives I bought when I started getting into the hobby. It still ranks as one of my very favorites. My D-fly lives in my robe and pajama pants pockets. Family, friends, lovers, they all make fun of me for carrying a knife in my pajamas. But then who looks stupid when they have an early morning package to open or zip tie to pop? Them. They look stupid. Because read more I have a knife and they don't. Therein lies the genius of the Dragonfly. It is so light that it never weighs you down and can always be there when you need it. And when you need it, it kicks butt. For being so small, it is so comfortable to use, like an extension of the hand. Spyderco's Japanese manufacturer does an excellent job with quality. The VG-10 steel, although no longer as top of the line as it once was, takes an astoundingly sharp edge easily and retains it well enough. It also has good corrosion resistance. I love the grind on this knife. The blade stock is super thin and slicey. Some people hate on the wire clip, but I love it. It doesn't announce "Hey! I have a knife!" to normies when you're out and about, it retains the knife really well, carries deep, and is almost impossible to catch on anything due to the rounded edges. I could go on forever about this knife. Frankly, it almost feels like a loyal friend. The price is creeping up on these year after year, but I still think it's one of the best investments you could make on a knife.

My favorite EDC blade

Charles D.
5 years ago

I find this knife more and more useful every day. I work in an office and this blade is perfect for carry in dress clothes. It’s lightweight enough not to pull down the edge of slacks pockets, yet built well enough for most daily tasks.

Fantastic Little Knife

Cameron D.
5 years ago

I bought a Dragonfly because I wanted something small I could pull out at work (without being reported to HR) AND a blade that could actually cut. This does both. It's a smaller knife, but for my smaller hands it's perfect. I can fit three fingers on the handle and the fourth on the choil.

Wife's first EDC

Chris Prroctor
5 years ago

Great customer service and great shipping. My wife never carried a knife before. This fits her tiny pocket well. All around happy. Thanks DLT!

Sweeeet knife

Doug s.
5 years ago

This is my first Spyderco! Very nice knife, ultralight and larger than life.

My first Spyderco and still a favorite.

Justin T.
5 years ago

I got this for something I could carry in Chicago. I discovered this was a great EDC knife which opened the doorway to a Delica, Endura, Manix XL...

The finger choil is large enough for my XL hands to get a great grip on the little knife. Thumb jimping is good as well. Between the large choil and jimping, this small EDC knife handles better than many of my XL knives.

Superb Design

Alex c.
5 years ago

I live in south Florida and can wear this knife inside my board shorts waist deep in salt water. The serrations have remained undeforemed and cut through line and rope and just about anything with minimal effort. I’ve had this knife for a few months now and it is with me anytime I’m on or in the water. I have large hands and it is easy to hold and handle. If you’re not a read more fan of the yellow like me frn does take a dye very nicely. I’d recommend this to anyone in or out of the water due to its ergonomics and resistance to the elements

Small hands? Perfect!

Adam D.
5 years ago

Very ergonomic and compact knife, super easy to open with or without gloves (thin or thick), also the jimping is awesome.
Comes sharp as a razor, be careful when handling it!

Also, this has been my edc for 2+ years now and I use it alot.

All-time Favorite

Nicholas O.
5 years ago

Carried this knife for 4 years; my favorite knife I own. Recently upgraded to a PM3

My first Spyderco

5 years ago

This is my first Spyderco and it didn't disappoint. It's been my primary edc for the past couple of months. The grip is great and fits naturally with the finger choil. The ONLY downside is that I wish it had a super deep carry clip (I can't even find 3rd party clips out there offering this option).

Big hands? No problem.

Zach C.
5 years ago

This is a small knife. However, thanks to Spyderco's commitment to ergonomics you're probably not going to notice so much in hand. I've carried the SOG Twitch II before and it's similar size unfortunately doesn't mean a similar experience. The forward choil and thumb ramp give this knife a grip I'd almost compare to a Delica 4. Not quite the same, but for such a small knife it's read more impressive. It's also extremely light, thanks in part to the lack of liners, but you won't miss them. Solid handle, extremely solid lockup and a great blade shape. Why haven't you bought one yet?

Proven not to Rust!

Flobert R.
5 years ago

I had this knife for 2 years now. Took this knife many times swimming in the ocean for hours and never a single spot of rust spotted. Love it!

This is a BIG little knife.

Sergio D.
5 years ago

I will be needing to buy another of these as my daughter has decided that this one is the right knife for her.

Not to say it's a "ladies" knife. Pockets are smaller on women's clothing and this knife is very easy for her to carry.

Great slicer, Spyderco does an awesome job with their flat grind blades. Cuts above it's weight class and can do about 98% of what I need read more a knife to do.

Very light, you forget it's in your pocket. Nice deep carry pocket clip. Finger choil and thumb ramp allow great control for detail work. Nice "non-threatening" size for carry in an office environment.

Buy two 'cause someone in your family will probably inherit/take one of them.

Little Knife, Big cuts

Kyle K.
5 years ago

I recently picked up this little guy, it was a pleasant surprise. For a knife this small I didn't think much so this exceeded my expectations. VG-10 is a fairly good steel, holds an edge well, sharpens well. Was a little stiff out the box but it just needed to be broken in as all knives do. What a great little slicer this is. Great finger choil. This is basically the delica's little read more brother. -1 star for the pocket clip that I'm not too big of a fan of

Amazballs water adventure knife

Cameron C.
5 years ago

I have taken this little guy on a number of river and ocean trips and there has never been a sign of rust. The H1 can lose its edge after some extended use. But it extremely easy to put the edge right back on.

I keep it in my laundry bag

Grayson V.
5 years ago

I love the knife, the steel(alloy I guess) is kind of soft but that's not a deal breaker. I mainly use it to cut off loose threads before/after laundry and for that it's amazing!

Great Water Knife

Austin F.
5 years ago

I bought one of these 4 years ago and it is my lightest EDC water knife. I have large hands yet it will still fit securely in them. I dyed the scales as a project for my daughter, the colors were a bit off from what she wanted so I kept it. The steel, although rust proof, is a bit soft so it will not hold an edge for a long time. If you are looking for rust proof and edge retention read more look for LC200N steel. For the price and the materials it is a great bargain and a very well executed knife.

Mr. Rust?? You got the wrong one

Yancey n.
5 years ago

this knife will never rust on you. I love to fish and this is the knife that stays in my tackle box at all times. I have cut line, shaved some hair off of baits, shaved some hair off my arm, it does it all. the edge is wicked sharp and only needs to be honed up every once and a while. wonderful purchase and haven't regretted it once!

Handy little Houdini of a blade

William R.
5 years ago

Hey guys, I bought this little gym for my birthday this year and have come to carry it everyday as a backup. The steel and size are fantastic and the true genius of the little monster is that it totally disappears in pocket. So light and small yet with the wire clip you can find it instantly (one of the best pocket clips IMO) and it handles like a delica or a para. Seriously, the read more Glessers are ergonmic wizards. At the end of the day it is a wonderful additon to a collection or edc rotation. If you are looking for a knife that’s great in hand, won’t weigh you down, and cut like Excalibur buy this knife. Best 60 bucks I’ve spent in a long time!!

Ultra lightweight EDC

Gordon I.
5 years ago

I wanted a discreet carry knife that could basically disappear on your person but still function in EDC roles. The dragonfly is almost perfect in that roll. Deep carry wire clip allows it to ride low in pockets. Its weight or lack there of ensures that it doesn’t telegraph or print while wearing formal attire. My only criticism would be the edge design. I would like to see a bit read more more belly to the cutting edge. I think that would allow it to punch above its weight class in more cutting tasks. The I ncrease in belly would also improve its tip strength/durability. But overall great size and great weight!

The little work horse

Isidro R.
5 years ago

Don't be fooled by the small size, the ergonomics are surprisingly efficient even on larger hands and that little blade can handle all of your average day to day light duty tasks. Nice steel that holds an edge and in this particular Zome FRN, it is very unique and awesome looking. For the person looking for an ultra light EDC knife that is small but has a Napoleon complex... this read more is your knife.

Jogging knife

Colin b.
5 years ago

I bought this to have a jogging knife. I wanted piece of mind while I ran, but I didn’t want to worry about constantly cleaning the knife to keep it from rusting due to sweat. The weight is not even noticeable in gym shorts. Ergonomics are perfect blade open.

My only two complaints are: it’s not made in golden, and it is really wide relative to its size when it’s shut. read more

Amazing companion

Riley S.
5 years ago

This is a great little knife, I love taking it outdoors, especially when I am going fishing. I only wish it were full flat grind like the other dragonfly's

Convenience distilled

Owen k.
5 years ago

I have had the knife for quite some time now and have enjoyed every moment of carrying it. It has been in the crashing waves of the virgin islands, clipped tight to my swim trunks. It has stayed by my side for hundreds of miles running along the roads of the east coast. This light, convenient, little blade has never shown even a hint or rust and for that I love it. Buy without hesitation. read more

Perfect Beach Knife

Ben W.
5 years ago

I took this little guy with me down to Florida last summer and took it to the beaches there. The steel did exactly what it was promised to do, not a spot of rust. The size, weight, and ergonomics of this knife are outstanding for a lightweight edc/summer knife. 10/10 would buy again.

Creek hopping summer knife!

Joe K.
5 years ago

I needed a fishing knife for all my summer time creek hopping... I was wanting the Native 5 salt, but it looks like SpyderCo has forgotten to produce it, so I went with the Dragonfly salt. Granted, H1 looses its edge after a bit of use, but it's also just as easy to bring that edge back over a simple stone!! This knife is lightweight, perfect for basketball shorts wading through read more the creeks. It's high viz yellow in case I lose it, it sticks out amongst the rocks and sand. It's rust resistant... Perfect for creeks and rivers in the hot summertime... I even carried this knife at the beach!! Aside from a bit of sand, no rust issues at all!! Great summer carry!

Rust free is for me

Alex g.
5 years ago

I love the fact that I can put this knife inside the saltiest enviroment and come out perfect. I take it whenever I go to the beach and I live on the California coast. So i go pretty often. Pocket clip is very secure but can scratch up your board short and wetsuits when surfing. Sand does get into the lock and pivot. But just a quick rinse with normal water and you got yourself read more a brand new knife!

Although this knife is small...

Lake E.
5 years ago

It's capabilities should not be doubted. This knife is designed very very well, and though it may feel light and may not seem like it’s worth the price, you’ll find yourself putting this in one of your pockets every single day for almost everywhere. This is a knife that I don’t have a problem with bringing along with me in the wilderness (for small tasks of course) and in read more most urban areas (aside from areas where knives are banned of course) as it will not disturb non-knife people (and if it does, then that is their problem). At first, when I bought this knife, I didn’t appreciate it because it was so small. But over time, it is the knife I have carried the most and has been the best knife for the price. I have very large hands and the ergonomics are sweet on this thing.

Perfect light duty EDC!

Tanner C.
5 years ago

Perfect blade for throwing in your pockets when you don't want any excess bulk. I've carried this from the beach to mountain tops and has done everything I've asked it to, within reason of course. The ergonomics are incredible, I wear an XL glove and find myself carrying this more than my delicate or manix 2.

Great edc for the office

Bret R.
5 years ago

I have about 20 folders to chose from, but carry the df2 more than any other. Perfect for light duty tasks. Unobtrusive in an office environment. 5 stars all day long.

Super Impressive slicer

John V.
5 years ago

For such a small blade, it packs a YYYUGE punch! With the wire clip off, it drops to the bottom of the pocket and disappears - I love that. Being so light and functional, I always have it on me and it doesn't get in the way.

Love it!

Perfect EDC

Jeffrey R.
5 years ago

I've tried knives of all different sizes for an EDC and always come back to the dragonfly 2. I hate bulky items in my pockets so I love that this guy fits right into the change/watch pocket of my jeans. VG10 is perfect steel for my use. Only thing I would change would be a black pocket clip.

Best small work knife!

Jacob H.
5 years ago

I’ve used my dragonfly 2 with g-10 scales for a couple of months now. I work at a diner and most of my co-workers are weird about big knives, so when I got this it was perfect. The VG-10 takes a laser sharp edge and will keep cutting for days and days. Absolutely love this knife.

Dress Pants Appropriate

Joseph B.
5 years ago

Prior to my bugout, the dragonfly was my de-facto EDC as I work in an office and other knives were just too heavy to carry. I loved the lightweight carry and the design. If, however, I could ask for an update it would be to the lock. I am not a fan of back locks as they really require two handed closing and probably worse is that I could never de-activate the lock without putting read more some part of my hand in the blades path. Which is why when the bugout came out, it became my new edc. Would love for an update to the dragonfly to change that though!

Pocket Surgeon

Jess W.
5 years ago

I bought this a an EDC to pair with a tactical blade. I use this for all my daily cutting chores. It disappears in my back pocket until I need it. The Dragonfly cuts far beyond its size. The vg10 is easy to touch up with a few passes on the stone. The blade is a precision instrument that is easy to handle. The size will not scare reasonable people, I often carry it as my Gentleman's read more knife. Highly recommended

Flys right into my pocket!

Timothy M.
5 years ago

I got this knife in a BHQ bundle with a Para 2, and almost bought another one in H1 right after getting it.
I often will carry two knives, one larger hard use knife and one smaller precise knife, and more often than not this one finds its way into my pocket. Ultra-lightweight, good steel, great edge, super ergonomic, and at a great price. I really don't have any issues with read more this knife.


Cyle B.
6 years ago

I have a few Spyderco’s and I love this little one. The shape, size and blade are awesome. The orange looks even better in person. A must have in my opinion.

Perfect is as perfect does.

Brandon D.
6 years ago

This is my flag bearer for ultra lightweight EDC.
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Nothing
Nitpicks: I wish the pocket clip was a scoach closer to the pomel for a slightly deeper carry. Thats all I got...
Favorite use: Perfect pairing to a Cold Steel Spartan.


Matthew D.
6 years ago

This is a blade and a half. It just keeps on going. Great knife

Small package, big potential!

Justin P.
6 years ago

AS my title says I think this knife is as capable as a knife twice it's size. Not only is the wide flat blade grind very versatile, the spine and choil jimping make this knife an all around task superb EDC tool. Another excellent feature is the knife's back-lock. It seems very durable but is also very smooth to operate.

Awesome Knife!

Joseph S.
6 years ago

I've wanted this knife for a long time and I finally own one. It is a nice size and at first looks small but feels great in the hand. I would recommend to any one looking for a small, lightweight knife.

Great back up knife

Braylin s.
6 years ago

I bought this knife for when it warms up here in Maine. i haven't gotten to use it for fishing or out boating yet but i have used it for winter camping and its really a nice little back up knife for small tasks. i cant wait to take it out on the ocean this summer as i'm sure it will perform perfectly to the tasks i put up to it!

Like the Size!

Esquire K.
6 years ago

I bought this for a small, quality EDC for those times when I wanted a good knife, but couldn't carry a large blade because of restrictions, or type of clothing. This looked great because it was small, but the tall blade profile allows it to be used like a larger knife. It is super attractive, well made, and near weightless. I really like the wire pocket clip. Objectively, -1 star read more because the handle feels a bit cheap, but then again, its a Spyderco, and my Endura with the same handle has lasted for over 20 years of hard use. But genuinely happy with the purchase.

Small edc

Darryl S.
6 years ago

great backup blade! razor sharp out the box. i haven't used it much but i love it and I'm happy it. i usually carry it with another larger knife. It is a little price for what you get, however I enjoy it and would buy again if i lost this one.

5 years on, still in the rotation.

Sean C.
6 years ago

So light and yet capable. Fits great even in larger hands. Just great for EDC tasks.

Great EDC Blade

David B.
6 years ago

It's one thing to look at a spec sheet on this knife, it's a totally other thing to hold it. 1.3oz... it is airweight. This thing disappears in your pocket. It comes razor sharp and the orange keeps people from freaking out that you have a knife. I have bent the pocket clip, but it was easily bent back with some pliers. Nutnfancy has a great video on youtube if you want ALL the read more details. 5 stars!

Awesome addition

Sean E.
6 years ago

It is a very well priced knife for the company, with material, and all but it is amazing at its job which is being a tool. It has the advantage of being small enough to not frighten people and also the bright color makes it more appeasing. Would I buy another yes will I recommend it yes but I would say it's a great idea to not just buy one but look at different variant and get another read more because you will want another.

Most Practical EDC

Liam G.
6 years ago

I feel this and the Delica share the title for best EDC knife. The blade length is very functional with the jimping, and allows for a small tool to actually feel practical in the hand.

I will admit, the ergos don't make this one feel as perfect as the Delica, it certainly won't leave you disappointed. While the black on this model look awesome, I prefer the Zome green for read more the "Dragonfly" look.

What sets this apart from almost any other knife you can find, is the functionality for the size, ability to disappear in the pocket, and ability to close one hand - despite the back-lock. You are getting a good steel, from a great company, easy middle finger flick, and a deep carry wire clip for a phenomenal price!

Great knife!

Patrick P.
6 years ago

Love the Dragonfly. It’s a small knife that packs a punch in a lot of ways. Really thin knife starting from the spine and becomes almost razor-thin behind the edge. This knife is a born-true slicer and it’s great around the house for opening packages or slicing up food, but also great for taking with you on a hike due to its high-visibility handle scales.

Precision Blade

George S.
6 years ago

The Dragonfly 2 is a great precision blade and it's nice to have VG-10 on a knife this size. The lockup is solid and the knife has good ergonomics despite the size. This orange color makes it easy to find in the dark or in the woods.

Sweet little knife

Dan S.
6 years ago

Purchased as a pool and/or beach carry blade. Fits nicely into a zippered board short pocket and don’t have to worry about rust. Full serration is a great option on this steel. Good for cutting rope, line, nets, etc. Ergonomics make it cut like a much larger knife.