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About Spyderco Endura 4

This Spyderco Endura knife has a flat saber-ground VG-10 stainless steel blade that is satin finished with a fully serrated edge. The handle is black FRN.The Endura knife features a molded FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) handle with Bi-Directional texturing for traction and improved Ergonomics. The handle is strengthened with dual skeletonized stainless steel liners that make an anchor for all external and internal components to attach while adding sturdiness and rigidity. PhOSPhor bronze bushings on the blade pivot smooth out the open/close action. The pocket clip is four-way reversible for tip-up/down, left- or right-handed carry. The blade is premium VG-10 stainless steel from Seki-City Japan and has Spyderco's easy to use thumb hole for simple, efficient one-hand opening. The Endura is a larger version of the Spyderco Delica knife. Both Knives have been extremely popular over the yeARS thanks to their lightweight, high performance build and afFordable price.

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Brand Spyderco
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 8.75"
Closed Length 5.00"
Blade Length 3.75"
Blade Thickness 0.13"
Blade Steel VG-10 K390 VG-10 Damascus AUS-6
Blade Finish Black DLC Satin
Handle Material Polymer
Pocket Clip Tip-Up, Tip-Down
Lock Type Lockback
Weight 3.67 oz.
Country of Origin Japan
Blade Style Drop Point
Edge Style Blunt Partially Serrated Plain
Assisted Open No
Blade Color Silver/Gray Black
Blade Edge Plain Partially Serrated/ComboEdge Serrated
Blade Material VG10
Handle Color Silver/Gray Black Orange Blue Purple Green/Olive Brown/Tan Red
Knife Type Manual
Knife Weight 4.3 3.67 5.7 3.3 3.6 5.63
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Point Drop Point Blunt tip
Sheath Included No
Total length 8.75 8.50 8.81 8.78 8.56
Automatic Knife No
Blade Type Full Flat Grind
Cutting Edge 3.44"
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Serrated
Handle Length 5.00"
Handle Thickness 0.45"
Color Black
Frame/Liner Steel
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Opener Thumb Hole
Model Endura 4
Model Number C10SBK
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Material G-10
Length 5.00"

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Very sharp

2 years ago

I just got this one with the orange handle, my first knife of this brand. I must say it's the sharpest knife i've ever seen out of the box, i mean like so sharp you can't feel the edge of the blade until it starts cutting. The handle feels great and really stands out. I'm already looking at getting another.

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Best pocket knife ever

Mikey Y.
2 years ago

This is my favorite pocket knife that I have ever owned, and I have owned dozens... It's insanely light ... It's fit and finish is excellent and its strong. I prefer this sabre ground model over the full flat grind model just because it's got a more robust tip, and its preference. The FFG model is just fine as well. I just prefer the thicker tip and stronger edge of the Sabre model. read more Killer knife ... Ages like wine. Get one.

Great value and quick delivery

Paul Galette
3 years ago

Wanted another Spyderco to replace one I lost, very easy to order, nice selection and fast delivery. Thanks DLT, will buy again!

Opens faster than my microtechs

Daniel T.
3 years ago

I've been carrying this one for over a week now, and with a little bit of practice it's the fastest and most reliable opener I own. I was a little disappointed that it didn't come in m390 steel, but it's still razor sharp right out of the box, and the wave opener works perfectly left handed.

Great EDC

Jake M.
3 years ago

This is my first real pocket knife and found that I chose a great knife to start out with. The FRN scales are really solid in hand and does not slip easily. The pocket clip is not exactly deep carry so a little nub of the handle peeks out of your pocket but it really doesn't matter to me all that much. The 4 way adjustment is also amazing. I love the jimping on the hump of the blade read more as it offers great comfort when holding it in a hammer grip. I like the half serrated blade of the knife as it offers more utility to me (i.e. sawing and cutting). However, due to the serration this knife is not able to have the typical Spyderco full flat grind but it doesn't really matter. The patent Spyderco hole is amazing as per usual since you can either thumb flick or spydie flick (the latter of which I tend to opt for). It is a little long but that should not be a problem as long as you know your laws which I'm sure you do. It is quite a large knife. Overall it's a great workhorse with great action and ergonomics.

Sharp Tip V 2.0

Gary Gagliano
3 years ago

How much do i like this knife?
Enough to order a second one now. I like spares when they are this nice at a great price.
Nothing compares in this price range. Flawless execution, fit and finish. You can easily pay multiple times more and get something not near as nice. Plastic scales on $600-$800 production folders,!!! Who's kidding who here, get a clue!
Th read more finest swords were made in Seiki Japan for a reason.
Stay sharp.

A top rate knife and value

Gary Gagliano
3 years ago

If you are an Endura fan you will love this knife. Top rate in all ways and a great value. They have fixed the stiffness problem. Fit and finish are 4.7 out of 5. You still need to debur/ dulll the Spyder hole like on all Spydercos.

Good Reliable Blade

Kimmer C.
3 years ago

I have Medium to Large sized hands, and this thing is great in hand, very comfortable to use and hold. Takes an edge well, good flat spots to help with sharpening. This knife's action leaves a little to be desired though, it isn't like a Paramilitary 2 or anything like that with snappy opening, this is more reminiscent of a traditional folder or something of the sort, a well built read more reliable blade.

Love the Zome colors !!!

Craig Iwata
3 years ago

If you are reading this review, you probably know about the Endura. So I won’t convince you to get one, as you already know what it is and it’s strengths and weaknesses. But I will say I love Delica and Enduras. I will say that the Endura, for it’s size disappears in the pocket, especially in the “knife pocket” on the side of your cool outdoor pants. However, Until read more now I have never owned a Zome. So I ordered a Delica in Zome Green and an Endura in Zome Desert Camo. 3 days later they arrived, thanks for the fast shipping DLT (despite Covid-19 times). I love them, they have a lot of unique character.


Daniel G.
4 years ago

the VG-10 blade is very very sharp. I was cutting potatoes for potato salad and I looked down and the tip of one of my fingers was gone. I DIDN'T EVEN FEEL IT!!!

Everyday multi-use

4 years ago

-Opens with ease due to wave opener.
-I added signet ring for better grip in self-defense situations.
-Good for defense, but also cutting apples, opening boxes, etc.
-Sharpens easily.
-Not cheap, but not so expensive as to really be a problem if lost.
-I sharpen it frequently as others have mentioned.
-Best, most versatile, and quickest knife I have ever owned. read more Bought one for each of my kids for Christmas.

Nice look

Mark s.
4 years ago

The dimensions are actually a slight bit different from the normal scale -- mostly to the back and rear of the scales along where the backspacer sits. The Endura normally has a fat backspacer, and these have filework on them for grip enhancement that sticks out a bit more. The scales, correspondingly, protrude a bit more over the liner where the backspacer fits. And the bottom back read more corner of the handle sticks out a bit further than the normal scale.

All of this is unimportant if you're just putting on the scales -- it all goes together. However, if you're going to add more aftermarket parts like a Wise Men signet, you'll have to file the scale's corners a bit to get it to properly fit the signet.

Happy with my purchase, will buy more scales from Allen Putman.

Great lite weight knife

John W.
4 years ago

long blade is nice.
weight is lite in a shirt pocket.
very good shape either opened or closed.

Awesome Knife

Jakob I.
4 years ago

I had this as my EDC knife for 3 years and it was great. It is a lock back knife so do not expect it to be snappy like some other Spyderco knives. Near the time that I retired it, the blade became stiffer upon opening and closing. The blade and its steel was great; I had accidentally hit stones in my yard a couple of times when cutting and the edge held up fine. The blade thickness read more is, well thick. The tip has more material behind it and is more robust than other Spyderco knives. The FRN handles were never slippery to me and I always had a solid grip on it. The weight was light enough for me to forget it was in my pocket; one time it fell out of my pocket and I did not notice that it did. I should clarify that my Endura has a saber grind which was alright in cutting tasks. It is not a smooth slicer like a flat ground blade but still takes a good edge that will last for a while. The length of the knife in its closed position is long and I would notice it when I had worn jeans or pants with shallow pockets; make sure you have deep pockets for this knife so that it can be carried comfortably.
Overall, this was a great EDC and served its purpose. This knife is for someone looking for a larger EDC blade that also maintains a lightweight status. Also, the price, in my opinion, is a great deal.

Incredible Cutting Performance

Forrest S.
4 years ago

This knife cuts so well! The serrations chew their way through anything I throw at them. Highly recommend!

Great EDC/Tactical Compromise

David W.
4 years ago

I own several knives for everyday carry, depending on how I'm dressed, what I'm doing and where I'm going. I bought this knife specifically for dark nights when I'm walking the dog...I live in a downtown apartment with some sketchy characters hereabouts, I'm disabled and I'm unable to run from a confrontation. I carry pepper spray but I wanted some additional peace of mind. My first read more choice was the Spyderco Matriarch 2, built on the same handle as the Endura 4. It's an unparalleled slashing tool but it's no good for utility use; it's made for one thing only, combat. I decided to sell the Matriarch and get the next best thing in the Endura 4 Emerson Opener, a more useful knife altogether.

I have a few observations...first the VG10 steel may not be exotic, but it takes a wicked edge and holds it fairly well. It out-shaved my Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 out of the box, and they’re both premium steels. Second, with a bit of practice the Emerson Wave opener works reliably and instantly--the knife comes out of your pocket ready to use...in a high-stress situation you don't want to be fumbling to get your knife open. It's better than a switchblade because you don't have to remove it from your pocket then grope for a button. And yes, if you're into microbrews without twist-tops (like I am) the Wave makes a great bottle opener. Finally, the lockback system is one of the strongest around but is likely to be a bit of a disappointment for some Spyderco fanatics--it places spring pressure on the blade so it doesn't swing freely like a compression lock and you can forget about Spydie-flicking it open, it requires constant thumb pressure to open the blade once it's out of your pocket. I tried loosening the pivot screw a smidge but it didn't loosen up the action.

All that said, it's a very well-made knife with grippy scales and a longer blade that's suited for both everyday cutting tasks and tactical use. Made in Seki-City, Japan it's just as well put together as my Golden, CO Spydercos. It's friendlier than the purpose-designed Matriarch, which kinda screams "premeditation" should you ever have to deploy it in a confrontation. Unlike the Matriarch 2, which has a fully-serrated S-shaped chisel grind, the Endura 4 has a saber-shaped drop point blade with a flat-ground edge. I dig the blue/gray color. The VG10 blade is pretty easy to touch up on a Spyderco Sharpmaker. It's a 4" knife but still compact and light enough to nestle unnoticed in your pocket until you need it...and when you do need it, it's ready to go instantly. The Wave feature is not only good tactically but should be useful to a farmer, a mechanic or anyone else who likes to depend on quick and easy one-hand opening. The blade length and shape is great for camping and food prep.

My knife arrived perfectly centered with a perfect grind. It shaved a patch of my arm hair clean with one swipe, sharper out of the box than anything else I own.

I have knives that cost much more but the Endura 4 has a well-deserved place in my EDC rotation and I carry it regularly (especially at night), or just when I'm doing cutting tasks better suited to a longer blade. At $91 the price is right. Whether it's your only knife or you're adding it to a collection, it's highly recommended...I think the only knife I like better is my Paramilitary 2 in S110V steel and it costs double.

Lock and spyderco CS need improvement

Preston e.
4 years ago

The overall design of the endura is amazing and the zona green scales make that much better, yet do to a complete failure of the lock while I was debarking a limb makes it impossible for me to recommend this knife. Furthermore, once I had sent the knife to Spyderco they told me that I was prying with the knife and therefore my fault. I asked if I could pay to get the knife fixed read more but they said they do not replace the part that was broken on my knife for any amount of money.


Tony o.
4 years ago

Color is very understated-thought it was black,when I first got it.I got this about eight months ago,since then Ive purchased about TWENTY more expensive knives,(got into collecting),and this is probably the one Id keep,if I could only keep one.I have knives in every steel-m390,20cv,sv90,s35vn,s30vn,cpm154,ats34,etc-and this vg10 is in some ways my favoriteit holds its edge longer read more then everything but the really premium steels,and is very easy to sharpen.I have no knive that cuts better then this endura,except perhaps my police 4 lightweight.

Replacement for a lost one

Bill C.
4 years ago

I love this knife! The overall shape of it, the way it cuts, the wave function, and the way it sits in my pocket are the major positive attributes. I carried one for eight years, and another for maybe four years before that. The only reason I gave it four stars over five is that the manufacturing quality seems to have slipped a bit. The last two had perfect grinds, this one has read more a bump on the edge just before the plunge line that I had to take care of before It was as good as the others. I'd also have to say that it wasn't as sharp as the others out of the box. I'm still happy to have it and happy to carry it. During my mourning period while I searched frantically for it, I carried a Benchmade Griptilian, a great knife in it's own right, but it couldn't fully replace the Endura for me. I sure wish they'd make an Endura in an upgraded steel with the Wave...I'd snap it up in a second!

My Bladed Dreams Come True

Johnston R.
4 years ago

Whether you need a large EDC, a serious knife for your serious Bug Out Bag, or a reliable do everything knife for when the excrement hits the oscillating device, this is it! The texture of the FRN handle is non-slip regardless of environment. Quality steel with hald Spyderedge blade will do anything and stay sharp longer than you can imagine. Spyderco hole and lock back design and read more adjustable clip make this beauty 100% ambidextrous. If I could have only one knife, this would be the one.

Best EDC

Jay H.
4 years ago

I have many spyderco and other high end knives that cost exponentially more; but if I got one knife to take with me on a stranded island... this would likely be it!! The scales are grippy from any position, and bulletproof. The combo edge suits any situation, and stays razor sharp for crazy long. The clip is incredibly versatile, and virtually unbendable. The blade hole is comfortable, read more and lockup is tight. It also has an indistinguishable look that lets everyone know it means business!! The ONLY improvement that I can think of would be to get rid of the black paint on the clip. It starts to wear off almost immediately, and I always end up just buffing it off to a polished finish.

Big, big knife

Brian D.
5 years ago

Nice knife. Just a bigger version of the Delica. I like this version with the thicker blade more than the thinner blade (flat grind?). Feels better having a little thicker blade stock on such a long blade. Wave feature works great. Can occasionally be a problem if you want to take the knife out without opening it immediately. Just have to be aware of it.

Best Endura yet!

Dan Gruzd
5 years ago

I have several Endura4s in my collection. They are all PE and excellent knives. This new Wharncliffe version in both PE and SE I predict will become the work horses of this model line. If you are an Endura fan buy one you will not be disappointed. As always DLT customer service can’t be beat and has become my go to for my cutlery needs.

Best budget EDC

Giulio R.
5 years ago

I've been using this knife for the past 4 years and it's by far my most carried edc.
Great ergonomic handle, valid blade design (thin and full flat ground, it's an amazing slicer), light in the pocket, VG10 keeps a good edge (not ultra durable, but it works and it's really rust resistant).
You won't find a better edc knife in this price range.

10 years later

Jeremy V.
5 years ago

I have been carrying this for about 10 years (aproximatly).
The endura wave has never let me down. As a police officer, i have used this for many tasks it was never inteded. I have sharpened this so many times it’s nearly due replacing. I have tried other knives and keep coming back to this. The lock has never failed. The blade holds an edge very well. The scales provide very read more good traction. The wave feature works very well, it also works well as a bottle opener. This was my first spyderco, I have bought several since.

The never ending Endura

Larry i.
5 years ago

I am a spyderco guy , I still have the clip it Endura full serration model my father purchased me when I was a teen.This knife has been with me through thick and thin since 1993 every day . I have recently bought a newer spyderco simply because of the sentimental value of my EDC. All in all if your on the fence about any spyderco, just jump down and pick up the one that will make read more you smile and you’ll have a knife for a lifetime .. ps blade hq, wishing I could post a pic here of my Endura , the folks would be proud to see the use on this one .

Value and Usability

Ethan E.
5 years ago

I have owned this knife for about 6 years, and for the first 2 years it was the only knife that would go into my pocket. To this day there is very little blade play even though it has been used and abused. VG-10 is a great value stainless steel and probably my favorite in the price range. The knife is on the larger end, but its light weight makes up for it.

Great for heavier use

Travis M.
5 years ago

The saber grind on the waved version makes it a little nicer for tasks that you may want a slightly stouter blade for such as construction and things that don't require a finer slicing edge.

Biggest knife you'll never notice

Zach C.
5 years ago

The Endura 4 is the first high quality knife I've ever owned. It was the launching point into my first Benchmade and probably still one of my favorite large folders. Don't let the size fool you though; the relatively minimal construction with the FRN handle, and even with the stainless liners, means you'll barely notice the weight of this knife in your pocket if you're used to carrying read more similarly sized knives. It's not bugout light, but it doesn't need to be. 5/5 I want another one!

This knive is awsome

Thomas G.
5 years ago

I have my own endura since 2013 and it is very sturdy and reliable. One of the best purchese I have ever done

Used an Endura since 1994

Billy O.
5 years ago

The Endura is a lightweight workhorse. Sleek, fast, and dependable. It's also a great entry point for anyone interested in Spyderco knives.

Spyderco Endura Endurance

Mark M.
5 years ago

I've been carrying the Endura for quite a number of years now. A friend of mine told me of the Spyderco knife brand as I had always been a "Case". The Endura is my daily carry, but I do switch to the Spyderco Native III for church carry. My Case knives have been retired to a Pelican case now and the Spyderco's have replaced them as my working knives now. Especially the Endura which read more is used for everything for even cleaning small fish, gutting rabbits, squirrel and cutting boxes when needed. Always keeping a sharp edge...but I do sharpen and care for them. Oh...oh...an...an, even have it just in case I need to protect my self in case of a zombie attack!!!

Mark S McKinney

Perfect ergos

Andy S.
5 years ago

This knife hugs your pocket and melts in your hand. Out of all my high end spydies this endura is possibly the best ergonomic fitting knife I own. Full flat grind is great for slicing and everyday edc use. I prefer this to the Delica due to the larger size blade.

Favorite sub-$100 Spyderco

Jake D.
5 years ago

A nice, lightweight knife, for a reasonable price. The action isn't the smoothest, but what lock-back is?

Great for first responders and outdoorsman.

I prefer the Endura/Delicate series to the lightweight Manix 2 or the Tenacious.

Started it all!!!

Jon L.
5 years ago

The endura 4 was my very first purchase that took me from the cheap knife category to the beginning of the upper tier class of knives, and it was my very fist spyderco ever!!! Since then I have gone down the rabbit whole and have a knife addiction that almost made my wife leave me. ( kidding about her leaving but she tends to get annoyed when our gas gets turned off because I bought read more a knife instead of paying a bill 😬) with all the Spyderco knives I now own I still carry the endura almost every day. It’s has a perfect fit to my hand, the VG 10 steel is phenomenal (I run restaurants and it’s the same steel chef knives are made of), it gets incredibly sharp, and with minimal strokes on the whetstone i can get it back to hair shaving sharp. I own over 10 Spydercos and this is still my EDC. I have had my eye on purchasing the Spyderco tomahawk since it came out so if you guys choose me as the winning you will help save a marriage and help keep my utilities on.... just saying no pressure lol. Seriously though love this knife and love knife banter. Keep it up guys

My first Spyderco

Nick M.
5 years ago

This knife is a great starter knife. It was my first Spyderco and I still carry it to this day. It is reliable, easy to sharpen, lightweight and an overall great edc piece. I like it so much, I bought 2!


Austin F.
5 years ago

I've had this knife since 2013 and man is it smooth now! after 5 years of use I have had ZERO chips in the edge whatsoever and I have cut all kinds of stuff from hay bail twine to cans to fishing line to big zip ties. A Great large folder and for the price VG10 is a great steel. The reason I purchased this knife was because when I got out of boot camp I went to the Fort Lewis Army read more base in Washington state and bought my first spyderco ever which was fully serrated and I CUT EVERYTHING with it. Great knife, Great price, Great size JUST GREAT ALL AROUND

Great EDC Tool

Vincent O.
5 years ago

Longtime fan of Spyderco and this combo with Emerson makes opening a breeze. Feels secure in the hands with the textured grip and the blade length is ideal for bigger cutting tasks around the office.

Thin but not lite

Jonathan I.
5 years ago

I have had this knife for 10 years and carried it for a year and enjoyed it. It was a gift that I got from a former friend who had my initials engraved on it. It is super thin and never dulled. but pulling this bad boy out in public scared a number of people, and is weighed as much as my leatherman. I still have it and wont give it up, but it has earned it's place as a collectable read more instead of an EDC. If this bad boy was a little liter I still be rocking it.

Five stars

Ezra V.
5 years ago

This knife is easily one of my favorite knives I've ever carried. Period. I had one of these in my pocket for about 4 years, and I NEVER ran into a task it couldn't handle. The VG-10 steel, although it isn't a super steel, is a very formidable steel and is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. The handle on the Endura 4 is outstanding. Fits most any hand. I love the long, sleek read more blade as well. Performs amazing. Super light weight. Basically the same as a the Delica, just bigger. And for me, that means better.

Sturdy and Dependable

Louis R.
5 years ago

Love this knife. Great steel, and the serrations tear right through just about anything you need.

Great Knife

Cody B.
5 years ago

I wanted a thin, light, edc knife with a longer blade. My favorite color is purple. This one was a no brainer. I’m not hard on my knives but I use them daily and this one has been great.

Killer knife

Matt V.
5 years ago

This is the first fully serrated knife i have purchased. This thing cuts like butter and is a beautiful carry. A bit stiff at first as to expect but it has grown to be my favorite out of all 16 of my knives over the 5 month period of owning it.

One of my favorites

Chris S.
5 years ago

I was initially concerned that the FRN scales would feel cheap, but this knife is surprisingly solid. One of my favorite Spydercos. I love that you get a relatively sizable blade, while remaining lightweight. VG10 blade steel is pretty solid, and at the price I'm not afraid to beat it up a little.

Love at first sight

Jaime N.
5 years ago

This has to be my favorite spyderco knife. I got well over 30 different models but this one was my first love. I really love everything about it. Its simplicity, functionality, ergonomics, blade size, blade grind, grip. Its a workhorse of a knife and great quality. I prefer larger blades and this one is just perfect for me. I will always love my Enduras and their lockbacks.

Great mid-range knife

Michael F.
5 years ago

I've been carrying an Endura 4 for about 10 years, and love it. It was my first knife that cost more than $20, and opened my eyes to higher end knives.

Put simply, it's now a classic design that works great, and will take a beating.

Work edc

Jorge R.
5 years ago

This is my work edc, very solid overall knife. Not the prettiest blade shape but very effective. Feels great in hand and nice blade size. Same problem as many other spydercos, to much handle sticks out of the pocket.

A Classic Improved

David K.
5 years ago

I have always had lock back folders from Spyderco. Now with the addition of the Emerson Wave, it makes it that much easier to operate with either hand. The wave is perfectly cut to allow smooth deployment every time. I had a Fox with a wave that was more rounded and it would often catch one the pocket.

What a knife should be

Nic G.
5 years ago

My favorite spyderco to date. Once you go emerson/wave opener, you can't go back. I carry this when out in plainclothes, and the quick deployment gives me a great degree of confidence.

-Super affordable

-Lock-up can fail if you draw it too fast/forcefull
-Non-neutral handle ergonomics

Awesome Knife!

Brett T.
5 years ago

I've been carrying this knife for four months now and I couldn't be happier. Quick deployment and feels great doing all cutting with it. I added the Wise Men Co. signet ring for a bit of customization and made this knife even more awesome!

Yes. 5/5.

Eric R.
5 years ago

Light. Thin. Quick one-handed deployment.

This knife is everything an EDC should be. It feels great in hand, the jimping is incredibly functional and again that deployment - so good.

I bought this after falling in love with the Matriarch 2 with the Emerson Wave, this knife has the same handle so the imprint is virtually the same - except pulling this out in public read more for some menial task like opening a letter doesn’t raise awkward questions.

This won’t be the last knife I buy (because I have a sickness only new knives can cure), but it could easily be the only one I carry everyday for years to come.

Buy this knife.

Outstanding service

Ronald Sisk
5 years ago

Thanks DLT! I love my Endura. Been a fan of the knife since purchasing one during the first year of production...and realized just how powerfully the full serrated blade cuts. Only wish I would have utilized the the DLT Personal Engraving Option with this purchase, like I normally do.

Great Knife and Customer Service

Michael S.
6 years ago

This knife is came razor sharp and feels solid. I prefer the saber ground version over the FFG for the durability. I’m sure the FFG is plenty strong and a better slicer, but it’s just my preference. I’m even more impressed with BladeHQ. In my order notes I requested the pocket clip moved to the tip up left hand position and the knife came set up to my preference. I’m impressed!


Cyle B.
6 years ago

The Endura is my favorite knife I own. It looks awesome in brown with the black clip. I have nothing bad to say. This knife is the best.

Absolutely perfect. ZDP-189 is arguably

Bryce D.
6 years ago

Absolutely perfect. ZDP-189 is arguably the best knife steel available and the Endura is the best EDC knife. Large, lightweight, grippy and impeccably manufactured. All for a price much lower than plenty of lesser knives. A+

My EDC for 6 Years Now

Jordan S.
6 years ago

It all started when I laid eyes on the Spyderco Police and I knew I had to get a my hands on one. I looked and finally decided to get the Endura 4 and I have been happy ever since it's arrival.

It's got great size, weight, and the aesthetic of the blade is just amazing. I always receiver compliments on it.

At first, I didn't like how it couldn't deploy with a thumb read more flick as quickly, but the way I pull it out of my pocket by the hole and flick it out works perfectly and is just as quick.

Overall excellent knife, I had to buy two.


Tristan I.
6 years ago

Like this way more that I thought I would. I have much more expensive knifes but I always find myself carrying this one.

Perfect large EDC.

Andrew H.
6 years ago

I got this knife to add to my camping pack and I love the full flat grind. It's super rugged and perfect for almost any task. Huge value for the money.

Great combo

Dale o.
6 years ago

Spyderco an emerson combo! Great construction of spyderco an emerson wave makes this a outstanding EDC. Light my usual dress up knife.

Great Knife and High vaue

Antonio K.
6 years ago

I got this exact knife 3 years ago and it is still carried today. This was my first quality knife and have since grown my collection. The knife is so light weight and thin that the big profile on paper does not translate to a huge knife in the pocket. Steel is very corrosion resistant by doesn't hold an edge as well as some other steels. But man does it sharpen easy and it takes read more a VERY fine edge.

Good Option

Ryan W.
6 years ago

This is a good option below $100. Throw a zip tie on this guy and you'll have a generic emerson opener. VG-10 is an easy steel to sharpen, so you won't have to spend a lot of time on it like other steels. The knife is also pretty light. This is a good knife to have if your on a strict budget.

My favorite knife

Ryan D.
6 years ago

This knife is amazing. it was the first spyderco I purchased and i love it it’s lightweight yet has a very big blade which is something I like . The blade came incredibly sharp and was easy to resharpen after some use at work. Would definitely buy this knife again and recommend it to anyone!

Ultra thin, light and razor sharp.

Reynaldo B.
6 years ago

Great knife. The FRN handles make it a super light option for edc. The FFG blade makes it a smooth cutter. The orange colored handles are extremely bright!!! The spyder hole seems to rust kind of easily so some maintenance is required.

Awesome for edc

George S.
6 years ago

This knife is great at everything and the color of the handle looks nice with the black pocket clip. This blade shape will tackle just about any task and the handle feels just right.

Awesome EDC

Brandon C.
6 years ago

This is my first spyderco and I love it. Lightweight yet more than enough cutting edge for day to day tasks, comfortable handle with good texture and ergonomics to give a good positive grip, and a super thin blade that will slice through about anything. After some practice, one handed opening and closing becomes pretty easy (and there is some good fidget factor to the spydie flick, read more haha). And I think the orange handle lools great. I'll definitely have this in the EDC rotation for a long time to come.

Solid EDC Option

George S.
6 years ago

This version of the Endura has a unique aesthetic, is highly functional, and the extra blade deployment options are a fun bonus. This knife has seen some rough usage and it had no problems. I am completely satisfied with it and it's a fun alternative to the other Endura's I carry.


Trevor N.
6 years ago

Great knife excellent steel, strong lock up, awesome grip. Sadly I lost mine in the field but I'm sure who ever finds it will enjoy it just as much as I did.

Best Bang for buck

Juan C.
6 years ago

I love the color of the scales, paired this blade with a wise men company signet ring and a deep pocket carry clip it's a big package, but if i wanted something smaller i would have went with the delica

Perfect slicer

Carl R.
6 years ago

I use for food prep on day hikes. Long thin blade is ideal for slicing fruit, cheese, salami whatever. Light weight like the frn too

Better than Emerson

Grayson V.
6 years ago

This has better fit and finish than any actual Emerson, and the wave works better. The way the wave is done makes it much easier to snag on the pocket. Amazing knife


John S.
6 years ago

It's a simple knife. It's designed to open smoothly, lock up well, and cut. It does all three things well. It's old-school and well made. Honestly there's not a task I think it couldn't handle.

This was my second DLT

Doug B.
6 years ago

This was my second DLT order and the product arrived in perfect condition and on time, My new Spyderco knife is as described and having owned Spyderco knives for years i am confident i will enjoy it for years to come. Will definitely be purchasing all my knives from DLT in the future.

Beautiful knife and engraving!

Becky B.
6 years ago

Beautiful knife and engraving!

Wave feature is nice Can't

6 years ago

Wave feature is nice Can't go wrong with any Endura.

Fantastic service and execution on

6 years ago

Fantastic service and execution on the engraving!

Very pleased. Quick shipping and

Brooke B.
6 years ago

Very pleased. Quick shipping and delivery.

I own 3 original Endura

Ken Shannon
6 years ago

I own 3 original Endura 1s - just can't kill em.
Ordered an Endura 4 from DLT and love it.
It's so similar in the hand but so much improved it's a bit tricky to describe. Find one and pick it up and you will instantly understand . Great job, Spyderco!
As always, dealing with DLT was easy- fast- and fair. Great job, folks!

Getting this as a gift,

Dennis T.
6 years ago

Getting this as a gift, I already own one.

Nice simple knife , love

Paul godsey
6 years ago

Nice simple knife , love the Emerson operation.. great service also as always

Good knife

Robert girard
6 years ago

Good knife

Great knife!

Riley S.
6 years ago

This was my second Spyderco after the Tenacious, and it is one of my favorites to carry while outdoors. The color makes it easy to spot if you set it down. The back lock is super strong. The steel is great, just make sure to take care of it (like any steel). Don't be like Jeffrey.

Great knife, just a bit disappointed

Hayden L.
6 years ago

I really do like the Endura. Is a great value for a VG-10 blade. The FRN is textured very nicely and is way more effective and grippy than I predicted. However, mine did not have a very nice finish to it. The grind on the blade didn't have a very nice surface finish, the spine was almost scored from overly aggressive grinding, and the thumb hole was only drilled out. My Tenacious read more has a nice finish inside the thumb hole, why can't the Endura have a good finish too? Also, when the blade is appropriately tightened, is has more vertical blade play than my Salt when it's very similar in construction. I still enjoy the knife, I just expected a little bit more after all of the love the community has for it.

Truly amazing!

Miziel G.
6 years ago

I know there is a lot of hype on this and the Delica but this is a great blade! The VG 10 is great and takes a great edge that last pretty good doing your day to day EDC tasks. Also the Zome is a really kool way to have a unique and personal twist to your Endura because the patterns are all different to each knife!

Good knife but already rusting

Jeffrey M.
6 years ago

Really like the knife but after only a couple weeks, my finger prints are rusting the blade right next to the thumb hole.

Met all expectations

Blake J.
7 years ago

DLT met all expectations. Great job!

Endura 4 ZDP-189

Joshua fixx
7 years ago

What can I say, it's a spyderco and in ZDP. Great knife holds an edge forever. Great fit and finish! The best is DLT's shipping, man was it fast! Highly recommend DLT! Thanks


Colin M.
7 years ago

It can be hard to find a good knife for a price like this. But Spyderco came through with this one. The blade holds a nice edge. It fits well in hand and is pretty large. The only complaint I have is that the side to side lock up can be a little loose.

Another classic.

Aaron L.
7 years ago

Everyone needs an Endura.

Update review

Larry M.
7 years ago

I've gone from almost hating this knife to loving it. It's broken in nicely and is super sharp. At first the scales felt like cheap plastic, but I've grown to appreciate how "grippy" it is.

Not a great edc only because of its blade design, but it's my go to knife on days I cannot Carry a firearm. And the wave feature is so much fun!

Great Large EDC option

Aaron T.
7 years ago

If you are looking for a large EDC I think you will be hard pressed to find a better one. This knife is large and for the size you will be hard pressed to find a lighter option. The only reason I dinged it a star is mine is very hard to sharpen. It holds its edge very well but I had to take it and have it sharpened I just couldn't get it to work no matter what I tried.

Outstanding EDC Knife

Shaun J.
8 years ago

I bought this knife for every-day-carry. It is extremely sharp out of the box. Knife is very light and the pocket clip can be re-positioned to four locations on the handle. Definitely a useful tool when working on the farm.
Shaun J.

The splendid sharpness

Hiroyuki S.
8 years ago

I polish the knife which usually arrived and use it.
However, this spyderco is the sharpness that is great in the state that the box produced.
I am satisfied with this sharpness very much.

Great TNP recommendation

Joe P.
9 years ago

Ordered it as my first TNP suggested knife and it is awesome. Been using it for a couple of months and it still looks great.

Love it

Brian T.
9 years ago

Awesome value.If you only could have one knive this would be it.It is very light for its size and slices great.It can be fit into many roles such as food preparation self defense and normal edc tasks.Im liking this Vg 10 steal.The only downside is i need more spidercos now.

May be the best EDC for personal protection.

Eric J.
9 years ago

The Emerson Wave on this Spydey, and the Delica Wave, is larger than on any Emerson product. The ergonomics are such that reliable auto deploy with an authoritative snap makes this blade like no other. The blade shape and size is better than the standard Endura. Very light weight. High Spydey quality. Great color. Will not disappoint.