Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0450

Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0450

Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0450

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About Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0450

The Dmitry Sinkevich designed ZT 0450CF knife is a compact version of the award-winning 0454 Zero Tolerance Folder. It has an S35VN stainless steel blade with a black DLC finish. A FLipper and the KVT ball-bearing pivot produce reliable, quick one-hand deployment. The titanium handle has a sturdy frame lock and a stylish carbon fiber scale that contrasts nicely with the black blade. A reversible tip-up carry pocket clip rounds out the package. Add a Sinkevich designed Zero Tolerance knife to your collection today!

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Brand Zero Tolerance
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 7.375"
Blade Length 3.25"
Blade Thickness 0.12"
Blade Material CPM S35VN
Blade Style Drop Point
Finish Black Stonewash
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.125"
Handle Thickness 0.40"
Handle Material Carbon Fiber, Titanium
Color Black, Gray
Frame/Liner Titanium
Weight 2.45 oz.
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Knife Type Manual
Opener Flipper
Lock Type Frame Lock
Model 0450
Designer Dmitry Sinkevich
Country of Origin USA
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Model Number 0450, zt0450, zt450

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Review Rating 100%

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Paul S.
2 years ago

The moment i put this knife in my hands i had to have it. Typical ZT build, action and quality. Lightweight and razor sharp. One of ZT's best models in my opinion.

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Very nice.

Michael Sterling
2 years ago

My first ZT and I like it a lot. Smooth action, drop shut once you get past the detent. I love the look of this knife; the blade design and handle look perfect. Shipping was fast and it was packed well. Dealing with DLT is always a pleasure.

First ZT

J. T.
2 years ago

Initially I was very disappointed in the action. It just felt like something was grinding. And, while very sharp out of the box, I knew I could do better. But first, that grinding needed to be addressed or else it wasn’t going to be around long enough to sharpen. My look-see after opening it up for inspection revealed absolutely ZERO lubrication on the pivot and detention ball. read more A touch of pivot lube where needed and reassembly and now it’s like butter! I’ve never had a knife open so smoothly! S35 should be all you need to know for sharp, and it is, indeed! My final thought, at this price, I shouldn’t need to pull out my tools first, but I’m glad I didn’t just send it back with an angry note. I did add a deep carry clip! Happily, it’s now my EDC and it DOES NOT get loaned, to anyone, for any reason.

Awesome EDC! However...

Chris P.
3 years ago

I bought this knife about a year ago now and it's wonderful to carry and use. Edge is robust but still cuts reasonably well. Slim and lightweight, yet very well built and I have no doubts that this knife will outlive me. The only issue I had is that the edge bevels were very uneven from the factory. This made it a challenge to sharpen initially but was fixed after reprofiling with read more a KME. Overall, one of my favorite knives to date!

Overpriced due to lock bar issue

3 years ago

This knife has some very good pros and some distracting cons. If it was a sub $100 flipper than the cons would not really register, but at $201.63 after tax, the cons really fight with the pros.

- aesthetically pleasing design
- full titanium construction with high
quality machining
- Good steel
- very light and small in the pocket
- You get a read more lot of edge for a small amount of knife
- fair ergonomics once opened
- Satisfying action
- Sharp out of the box

- awkward to open due to small size
- Can't open with any touching of the lock bar
- Clip can dig in sharply during opening

At this price point, there should not be any concerns or discomfort opening up the knife, but it takes a lot of conscious thought to make sure you are not on the lock bar due to the small size. On other frame locks that are larger I could see this not being as problematic because you have more area to rest your fingers while avoiding the lock bar area. This is a tiny knife, though and I wish ZT had taken this into account and maybe gone with a liner lock or upsized it a little bit to make the grip requirements more forgiving.

Additionally, the small size coupled with a firm detent means you may find the pocket clip digging in uncomfortably when you open. If this was sub $100 I would find that acceptable, but at $201.63 after tax, this should not be an issue, especially for a company that is built on providing premium frame lock flippers.


After having this for for about 2 months the action has improved significantly to become satisfyingly crisp. The lock bar issue still exists, though after enough times opening it I don't need to consciously think about finger placement anymore. I still find this to be an overpriced knife with these issues such as the lock bar, but I place a lot of weight on a good action so I added a star. I am noticing with minimal use also that this steel has below expected edge retention yet poor sharpenability, likely due to a poor heat treat which I hear is common with ZT S35VN, just a heads up.

My !st ZT: My !st $200 Knife!

William M.
3 years ago

I never intended this knife to become my EDC. I bought it for its name, history, reputation, looks, etc., as an upscale addition to my extensive collection. But guess what? It climbs into my pocket everyday without me even noticing! I may have to buy a second just to have a pristine example in my collection! This one will continue to have its work cut out for it!

Awesome Knife!

Andrew F.
3 years ago

This is a perfect knife: Extremely well made; Perfect size; Light weight and carries well. Zero Tolerance knives are in a class of their own and the best knives on the market at this price range.

It's a 10!

Craig T.
3 years ago

Perfect size and weight for everyday carry. Great materials and action.

Too small for me

Nick C.
3 years ago

I love ZT and BladeHQ, but this one doesn't do it for me.

It's got some obvious quality to it, but it's too small and lumpy to fit well in my hands. The framelock often binds and makes it hard to flip open if you don't hold it just right.

I think I may try a 0452 instead.

Gentlemen Folder Sinkevich CF

William B.
3 years ago

I have had a ZT before. It was a collaborative between ZT and Emerson. Certainly a lot bigger than this one. What they have in common is the great build quality, smooth deployment and quality steel. The Sinkevich is a gentlemen folder or exec if you will. It is light for a ZT. Fits in my pocket with clip and I hardly notice it. Unlike my Emerson ZT. Blade is certainly long enough read more to get the office job done as well as other "tasks." The S35VN steel is quality. The carbon fiber scales are cool and reflect a bit giving the knife a stealth look.With lifetime sharpening. Blade HQ has excellent service and fast shipping times. Pick it up. You won't be disappointed.

Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0450 Flipper Titanium Knife (3.25" SW/Satin) ZT

Wayne m.
3 years ago

The reasons I bought this knife
The S35VN steel,the KVT ball bearing pivot
smooth deployment and good lockup of blade
its a Flipper and closing the blade smooth.
The price was very good and ZT quality..

Super sleek carry

Ryan L.
3 years ago

This is my first Zero tolerance and I doubt it will be the last. It has the smoothest action of any knife that I own while also maintaining a tight lock-up. The bearing still has some spots in it such that I wouldn't classify it as "butter", but I'm certain it will break into that point given time and my pension for playing with knives in front of the TV. My only complaint and the read more reason for 4 stars is that every other premium knife I have bought, spyderco, benchmade, etc have come shaving sharp out of the box. Given the quality of the steel I expected that to be the case with this knife but it was not.

Maybe Just me

Mathew G.
3 years ago

I first want to say that i love Blade HQ and will always for my knife needs. However this ZT has really been a letdown. When i first opened the box i was greeted with an uneven bevel. after countless attempts to sharpen the blade i am now stuck with something halfway sharpened knife that can barely perform basic cutting tasks.

Great every day

Shawn P.
3 years ago

04/01/2017 was the date i ordered this knife off this site. this was my first "expensive knife" and no matter how many i buy this is still the one that ends up in my pocket 9 times out of 10. its been lost twice, stolen once, used and abused still great, other than some clear damage to the finish on the blade after years of abuse. this knife holds a great edge still. light in the read more pocket. still opens smooth and fast. i only ever have had to work on one thing, other than sharpening it on occasion, i did some damage to the pocket clip at some point some how and had to remove it and bend it back to proper shape so it didn't sit loose on my pocket. great knife has never let me down. if you can afford it this is it. if you can't. save up and get it.

Awsome knife

Kenneth C.
4 years ago

knife is awsome and the 2 day delivery in the mist of covd19 pandemic is unheard of keep up the good work.would order again

First "Expensive" Knife

Michael H.
4 years ago

I have about 12 knives in my collection so far. I bought this ZT because it stands out as almost uncharacteristicly small and thin for what ZT has been known for in their past. It is a great execution of a nearly perfect action. I haven't had to tune it, oil it, nor sharpen it. Now I can see and feel the justification for a $200 knife. So I'm wondering what happens at $350? :)


Mark b.
4 years ago

This is my new EDC. I am a devoted benchmade man and it took quite a bit to sway to get this knife. WOW!!! This knife is not only masterfully designed and crafted but also a beauty to look at. A the action is slick as snot. It came sharpened razor sharp. I get a lot of people who ask me about this knife. The only thing I had to do was order a deep carry clip. Other than that it's read more a marvelous knife.

It's only a knife

Marcello a.
4 years ago

BUT! It's a GREAT Knife! Perfect size to carry anywhere. Some think it's too plain.I love the function, high quality AND the fact it's not a flashy in your face knife.
It is a beautiful knife and feels good in the hand. The s35vn steel will hold up to heavy use. It will last a lifetime.
Buy it! You will love it!

Fantastic Knife!

William T.
4 years ago

Absolutely Amazing!
Super sold knife, amazing lock-up, no blade play at all. Buttery-smooth action. Razor sharp right out of the box. Wish the pocket clip was a deep-carry though. Feels good in the pocket also.

I have a benchmade 940-2. The Zt 0450 doesn't feel as good in the pocket as the 940 to me, but the zt is way more solid than the 940, The zt0450 lockup is just read more phenomenal. Was surprised at how solid it is. But the 940-2 to me feels better in the hand but the 940-2 quality feels cheaper in my opinion. No where near as solid as the zt 0450.

Perfect EDC for me

Stephen G.
4 years ago

I own a number of ZT knives but this one fits the sweet spot for me. Super light, and i love the all black. No surprise with the high quality and great, razor sharp blade.

This will replace this knive's big bother as my EDC. Always nice to have choices, God bless the USA

Great finish

Harvey N.
4 years ago

Grind is even. Blade came centered. Lockup is solid. Beefy blade fits well into a compact handle. Wish it came with a deep pocket clip, but ergonomic is good enough.

Good but I don't find myself carrying it.

Jacob B.
4 years ago

If this is your only ZT then you'll love it. It has a $300 action for $200 and titanium scales. However, my ZT 0470 is $100 more and improved everything about this knife, so if you have some extra cash I suggest getting a higher end model.

Really nice EDC knife to carry to work

Grant M.
4 years ago

The quality of this knife is exceptional. Comes razor sharp right out of the box. Very hard steel though and won't take abuse but regular chores it just slices right through. It's slim, slippery, fairly light and I don't even know it's in my pocket. Pricey? Yes, but the quality build alone is justification enough.

So dang nice!

James F.
4 years ago

I own a lot of ZTs, some Benchmades and a few Spydercos. But this is the first knife that's motivated me to write a review. Love this little flipper! It is so light, so snappy and the appearance is so refined ... this knife makes me happy. My most frequent EDC is the BM 940 and I'd say this may be it's rival. It carries similar to the 940 with a little less weight, a little less read more blade and a little less handle but it's better looking IMHO. As a matter of perspective, this is my smallest knife. (I don't like blades smaller than 3.25.) If you're similarly inclined, you might find this to be your favorite "little" knife.

My current favorite

Alejandro R.
4 years ago

This knife for me was love at first flip. Blade flies out with minimal force. This blade also looks very classy, but as a ZT can handle working hard.

The action is perfect

Izzy F.
4 years ago

I love the action on this knife. It is smooth and make a beautiful sound. Solid materials and a great design make for a sold knife. This is also a slim knife out of ZT is a beautiful thing.


Dane T.
4 years ago

Super sharp out of the box but handle is pretty slim , action is awesome but handle Argos are not great

Didn't think I would like it this much...

Matt C.
4 years ago

So I've had this knife for about a year now. When I first got it I was looking for a light weight EDC with a classy look. I love ZT so i went with this one. Despite what the reviews said I wasn't sure I was gonna like the knife that much. I tend to lean towards knives with thicker blades, but as soon as i got this knife I knew I had a new EDC favorite. I've carried this knife almost read more everyday for the year I've had it and I've never had to sharpen it. This knife is a total beast! Especially considering the weight and size. If you don't have one get it. The carbon fiber is super nice and the action is smooth as butter. It can hold an edge like crazy and fits in the pocket amazingly. Point is, get one!

Awesome knife and service

4 years ago

I want to start this review out by saying this is my second zt 0450cf my first I lost so I knew this was an incredible knife for edc. I was worried about the engraving of the knife since I wouldn't have been able to return it if I didn't like it (no fault to dlt trading) but it arrived super fast using two day shipping and I choice the free shipping option so that was a huge surprise. read more Great customer service that was helpful and the knife was excellent, perfectly centered and incredibly sharp. Couldn't have asked for anything better. I'll attach an image so you know what the engraving looks like it's more of an laser etched.

Classy EDC

Dan E.
4 years ago

This is sweet. The real cf scale and the green back spacers are a beautiful combo. My only gripe is the detent on the flipper is pretty strong so you really gotta overkill the press to get it to flip out. My office EDC. I love the s35vn and want to get more knives with it after using this blade. Wouldn't take it out with me. Just a touch too small, but that makes it a perfect light read more weight and sleek model for the office. Pocket clip is really nice and not too strong either.

Favorite carry

Max d.
5 years ago

This knife is amazing light and very ergonomic

It's great

Anthony M.
5 years ago

It's nice for EDC and lightweight

A sexy beast!

Joseph M.
5 years ago

This knife leaves me speechless. It’s so lightweight, great action, and it’s freaking sexy! Great steel too.

Popular for a reason

Matthew C.
5 years ago

Great knife with fantastic materials. My only thing was that it didn't feel the best in hand and I found myself struggling to find that sweet spot.

Most practical ZT on the Market...

Austin C.
5 years ago

This has an excellent minimal profile for everyday carry. Thin profile with a long well crafted blade. Locks up really well and comes razor sharp out of the box. The red standoff accents are a nice touch as well.


Nick C.
5 years ago

Better than I even expect. The action on the knife is beautiful!

Instant classic

Jared S.
5 years ago

We all know the hallmarks for everyday blades. Spyderco pm2 and the Benchmade 940. Both of these knives have stood the test of time for good reason. They’re great. It takes something real special to become the next great edc. That’s what ZT has done here. The 0450 has to be one of the very best blades for everyday use. It’s light, slim, sharp and has absolutely beautiful construction/fit read more and finish. This was my first “big boy” knife and even after another 40-50 models I handled after it, the 0450 still remains my favorite. EDC perfection.

Just get one!

Scott S.
5 years ago

Amazing knife! Carbon Fiber and titanium scales. S35VN steel (good enough). The smooth action is incredible. The blade has a low-ish profile, perfect for EDC. Wish it came partially serrated

Great small knife from zt

Hunter A.
5 years ago

Zt doesnt make very many smaller size knives but this one is the perfect size! Smooth action! Wish it was 20cv steel but s35 is good enough

Perfect, but....

Andy G.
5 years ago

Buy this knife if you want to be disappointed in every other knife in the sub $200 price range. A bit tight at first but once it breaks in, it’s smooth as can be. I liked it so much I bought another.

A must have

Michael M.
5 years ago

If you want a quality flipper, get this. The action is perfect, no blade play, secure lockup, and it carries great. Just get one, you'll be happy you did.

Koji Kawamura
5 years ago

Good cost performance!

Small but effective

James D.
5 years ago

This knife is so light, I actually thought they had shipped me an empty box (also because the standard ZT box was five times too big for this knife). Overall I agree with everthing said in other reviews. It's a great knife to have in your pocket and forget about, to tackle the basic daily tasks. The edge out of the box was very good but not quite excellent, and the thin blade stock read more makes it ideal for cutting through denser media (e.g., thick cardboard). My only gripes are the backspacers, which are a weird shape and I'll be replacing, and the action on closing the knife. As you bring the blade down it will catch and stop on the detent unless you keep the frame lock pushed aside until the flipper hits your thumbnail. Not a big deal, but something I haven't experienced to this degree with any other flipper. It just requires a little attention to technique.

Great knife bad pocket clip and pocket clip screws

Luke V.
5 years ago

I really love the knife, the S35VN blade, the Bering system, the titanium scales, and the red back spacers that make the knife pop! But the pocket clip is not good, the screws to put the clip on striped out a week after I got the knife, and the clip rusts relatively fast but I can’t take it off to clean it. Over all the knife is great but the clip isn’t.


Jake H.
5 years ago

I absolutely love this knife. The lock up is amazing with zero wiggle at all. And on top of all that it is made with a great blade steel that holds an edge very well (can go well over a month of everyday use and still be shaving sharp) and is very easy to sharpen ( can go from unable to cleanly cut paper back to shaving sharp within 5-10 min on a wet stone). I have had this knife read more for about 3 years and have only EDCed another knife while I'm hunting because I like a bigger blade for hunting.

Awesome Knife

Thomas F.
5 years ago

I bought this knife a month ago and ive have had this little guy in my pocket ever since. Great steel, very smooth, great price for the premium materials and the detent is perfect. If I had to give one complaint about this knife it would be that the ergonomics aren't that great for large hands.

This knife is incredible!

Dylan P.
5 years ago

I have both the carbon fiber and the titanium versions of this knife, and the steel and the quality/construction is second to none!

Perfect gentlemen’s knife!

Reese D.
5 years ago

This knife is my go to “dress knife”. It is so small in the pocket, but yet you get a huge blade on bearings that comes out as if it were on glass. Thanks Blade HQ

Awesome EDC

Glen E.
5 years ago

Just got this delivered today on national knife day. Action is amazing and it's really the perfect size for EDC. Very excellent knife!

Small but capable

Jon M.
5 years ago

This knife is awesome, it disappears in your pocket and handles every kind of task. If you have a larger hand or just want something larger check out the 0452.

Just right.

Trampas H.
5 years ago

Was looking to up my knife game. Have carried Kershaws for some time now. Wanted all around quality but something I wouldn't be afraid to toss around. Found it in this knife. excellent blade, handle, lock, and clip quality. After a few months of heavy use, other than a cleaning, can't even tell it has been used. Has stayed sharp and still smooth opening without assist despite the read more dirty enviroment. Also doesn't hurt that it isnt crazy bulky.

My favorite ZT for EDC

Brian M.
5 years ago

Of all of the ZT knives out there, the 0450 is my all time favorite EDC. It's the perfect size and weight, all teamed up with telhe excellent fit and finish that ZT always delivers!


Travis m.
5 years ago

Great little big knife. Good flipping action and high quality! Great job on an EDC.

EDC Goodness.

Jacob C.
5 years ago

After over a year in my rotation it is tied for my favorite EDC knife with the Benchmade 940-2. It’s perect size, buttery smooth especially for the price point, good steel, and very customizable. I have a deep carry clip and burlap micarda scales on her.

Update been kicked out of my rotation by higher end knives but at this price point is a very very competitive option.

Great EDC!!!!

Eugene N.
5 years ago

This is a wonderful life, easy in and out of the pocket, I liked it so much I have Two, can’t go wrong with this one


Eric H.
5 years ago

As far as I know, this is the perfect EDC knife. I haven't had the chance to carry and use all of them, but I can't imagine one doing what I need to do better. Action is smooth, lockup great, terrific ergos, looks great, holds a good edge, and I'm confident the warranty would be great if I ever need to use it. Overall, just a great knife.

Awesome Fit and Finish with Incredible Action

5 years ago

This is an incredible knife. It’s small enough to carry comfortably as an EDC yet big enough to handle all the tasks that I use a pocket knife for.
It’s also an incredible value when you compare it to similar quality knives.
The most impressive thing about this knife is the action! Wow! It flips open faster and easier than any of my assisted knives!
As read more always, the service that I received from DLT Trading was fantastic!

Great choice for edc

Joel N.
5 years ago

Awesome light weight and compact carry knife that can get stuff done. Carbon fiber scale looks amazing and the action is buttery smooth right out the box.
Only issues are that the dlc coating on the clip, blade and lock side scale aren't great and the handle felt a little small for larger sized hands.
Other than those little gripes, the knife performs amazingly and I'd definitely read more would recommend picking one up.

Awesome EDC Addition!

Ben W.
5 years ago

I've had this knife for about 2 months now and it has quickly ranked itself higher than 95% of my other edc knives. The blade came perfectly centered and the fit and finish is superb. The design and ergonomics are awesome...and the action is extremely smooth...Like fidget spinner smooth. Found myself actively searching for the knife to flip while watching tv, working, even while read more driving..(not recommended). I will say that I wish the knife was a little bigger, as I have larger hands. This of course is not any fault of the knife, just personal preference. However, I will say that although it's a little small for my hands, it's so ergonomic and lightweight that I'm able to overlook the snug fit and still use it on a daily basis. I was a little apprehensive about the coated blade but it's held up very well so far. If you're even considering this knife, get it! It's a good value for the price considering materials, fit and finish, and overall design.

Zt knives

Aaron G.
5 years ago

I've owned this knife for 1 year now. It came razor sharp. The way the blade deploys is crazy cool. It's a knife I can carry into the mountains or to church and it would fit right in. I do think it's going to work for smaller hands though. I love it

Awesome edc knife

5 years ago

Really high quality. Great fit and finish. Easy to carry. One if the best higher quality edc blades. ZT should do more smaller knives because this one was done so well.

ZT 0450

Shawn Crane
5 years ago

Great EDC. Lightweight, slim profile, smooth flipper, that's strong as a tank. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and with the services from DLT Trading. Thanks guy's.

Fabulous Knife

Chuck T.
6 years ago

This is my first BladeHQ purchase and I will definitely be ordering again. The shipping was incredibly fast and the price was extremely competitive. I've been carrying a 940 for about two years and have elected to send it in for some preventative service. This prompted me to shop for another knife to have on-hand while mine is away. I decided on the 0450 because I don't like huge read more knives and have been impressed with other ZTs. Having said all of that, this knife is incredible. Right out of the box, I flipped it open and couldn't believe there was no spring. It's very very smooth, came set-up with no blade play, perfectly centered and very sharp. It's a teriffic EDC knife and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves 940s or really just smaller lightweight EDC knives in general.

Good, not great for a lefty

Leischen N.
6 years ago

First BHQ is top notch! Fair prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service.
Second, Love the ZT Line of Knives, own six!
The 0450 is built with high end materials and well built as are all ZT Knives.

The 0450 is not a good piece for a left handed person. When the clip is mounted for left hand tip up, your thumb falls naturally against the lock bar. This significantly read more impacts deployment.

The 0450 is very light and feels good in the hand once deployed. However it does not feel substantial. As a result it feels like an $80 Knife rather than $180 knife. An 0350 looks and feels like a lot more knife for less money.

When deploying the blade right handed it is very fast and locks up solid.

A little buyer remorse from a lefty 🙁

Best EDC knife!!

Ronni B.
6 years ago

Came down to the 0450CF and the benchmade 940-2. I picked the 0450 because of the light weight design, blade material, and the biggest deal breaker for me was the action. The action is by far better than the 940 and i prefer the flipper over the thumb stud. Only wish i have is they make more color options and accessories for this knife. would love to see this knife in the color read more scheme of the 0452 with green barrels on it. I would buy it in a heart beat.

Awesome flipper

Jaret D.
6 years ago

Received this knife as a Christmas gift and couldn't be more pleased. I like that it's not a typical ZT (like my 0920). It just disappears in the pocket. Sharp out of the box and action like butter.

Slim EDC

Lionel J.
6 years ago

I got the limited edition CF with ZDP189 and I love the knife. It is a great EDC and super lightweight. It has a snappy action, great quality, and is super functional so I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a lightweight ti frame lock flipper.

Outstanding flipper

Michael A.
6 years ago

My first blade from zt and quite frankly it has blown me away. The titanium and cf handle scales look and feel amazing in hand, the weight of the knife is extremely light which adds to how sleek it is. The green anodized aluminium spacers add a nice amount of contrast to the black blade and handle. The action on this knife is buttery smooth, this will be my edc for most of 2018.

Perfect EDC

Shawn M.
6 years ago

Best action ever. First purchased 0452cf & 0562cf. Fell in love. Actionnon 0452 in beautiful but a little big for daily use around the office. 0450 is perfect size. Has replaced all my benchmades also.

Borderline perfect

Alex M.
6 years ago

Smoothest action I have ever used. Superb ergonomics and very solidly built. My only complaint at all is how high it rides in the pocket, but that's just me being picky.


Spyderco f.
6 years ago

This knife is simply superb. Fantastic action, great looks. It is well worth the price. This knife has an action that rivals some customs. You cannot go wrong with this awesome blade!

You get alot for what you pay for.

Matthew D.
6 years ago

I was trying to decide between this and the 940-2, but you just cant beat ZT's bang for buck. The only company I can think of that can get this close to quality for the $ is Kizer, but you dont get the same amazing warranty, costumer service and USA made pride. The action is perfect and smoooooth, its not too hard to keep your fingers of the lock bar, just place them on the clip. read more Speaking of the clip, its ok but its the only thing that i dont like about the knife, it doesnt go with the design, but everything else is clean and pleasing to the eye. The ergos are great, that is if you have medium sized hands, and it came in wicked sharp. If $160 seems like alot, just remember you get $200+ quality for a great price with this blade. its worth it BUY IT!

Fires like a dream

Han L.
6 years ago

This blade fires every single time. The closing action is also smooth like butter. Construction is solid just like every ZT. The blade stays dead centered even after substantial use. This is my work horse. When I'm not certain about the situation I'm getting into on that day, I always put this knife in my pocket. The only improvement for me would be an OEM deep-carry clip.

Smoothest flipper under $200

Crystal A.
6 years ago

This guy really surprised me. I was so used to my shiro NeOn and had a sort of snobbish attitude toward ZT. I picked this guy up and was blown away. It has a great detent and fall shut action. It is easy to maintain and the perfect size for EDC.


Dan W.
6 years ago

Love this knife got it for my birthday great knife in every way possible smooth action razor sharp ecstatic are great very light way! Great price for a great knife!


Ben P.
6 years ago

This thing flips like a dream. Super smooth. Blade came razor sharp and that titanium is great.

Just wish the grip area was a fraction longer.

Amazing Knife!

Tyler K.
6 years ago

The quality of this knife is amazing! I was also impressed at how cheap it was considering the materials used! Looking at it online I thought it might feel fragile but when I got it in my hand... another tough knife from ZT! This is very comfortable to carry (I have medium sized hands) and the flip action is smooooth.

The 940 of Ti Flippers

6 years ago

This knife is a definite must-have for anyone who might enjoy a flipper. The shape is great, aesthetically and functionally, S35VN is fantastic, the handles are nice if a bit plain, and the action is utterly flawless. It won't misfire even if I want it to, and it's a borderline finger guillotine on the close (despite the gory connotations, this is a good thing as long as you're read more careful). I thoroughly believe this knife deserves fame every bit as much as the 940, and would even say it's a step above in materials and quality.

Excellent light carry

David H.
6 years ago

This knife feels so light and small when folded but man the blade length makes full use of the space available, you would never guess a more than 3” blade was inside! This thing is classy with the carbon fiber and green barrel spacers. I have no problem flipping this knife, just make sure the pocket clip isn’t resting on the lock bar. It happened to mine once, so just untighten read more the screws on the clip, shift it over so that the clip is resting on the frame, and then re tighten the screws: problem solved.

This is the smoothest flipping ZT I have, great little folder!

Great knife

Chad B.
6 years ago

With the carbon fiber and the size the knife feels like it disappears in your pocket! The action is smooth with great fit and finish. An amazing knife.

Incredible edc knife!

Ryder L.
6 years ago

This knife blows me away!! For the price and quality you revive from this knife is incredible! This knife was razor sharp out of the box and one of the smoothest knives I own (about 22 in the collection 95% being $150+-$300 knives) it’s life it’s sleek and you don’t know it’s in your pocket! Titanium scales s35vn blade steel and bearings for a sub $200 knife blows me away! read more I love it and carry it all the time. Only thing that bugs me just ever so slightly is the s35vn that zt put on this knife seems to be a little soft and loses that razor edge kinda fast, but other than that I have 0 complaints!!

Great EDC

Samuel R.
6 years ago

•super smooth action
•comes sharp enough to shave from the factory.
•really comfortable.
•nice to carry because its small and light.

•may be a little too small

Best $180

Philip y.
6 years ago

For anyone looking for a smaller edc and is willing to drop $180 on a knife, I dont know of any better knife. This one checks all the boxes. Value, materials, fit and finish, ergos and design are all very good. Best part of this knife is the deployment, it is quick and very satisfying. Many people who I've shown this knife to, think its assisted. Really wish they would make the read more cf with a satin blade more readily availiable

Feels like a custom

Michael D.
6 years ago

The fit and finish on my example was perfect. The carbon fiber looks great, and the DLC is shockingly durable. The knife flies open without fail, and drops closed. The blade just cuts and cuts. ZT nailed it with this one.

My favorite small edc

Jon H.
6 years ago

I can't say enough about this awesome little knife. The KVT ball bearing pivot is as smooth as silk. Flips with VERY little effort. Locks up like a vault. The S35 blade holds an edge for a long time and sharpens up easily. Great knife for edc and light camp chores. Thanks ZT for a great knife.


Jack S.
6 years ago

This knife is great the detent is perfect making the knife very quick along with the bearings it pivots on. The carbon fiber and titanium frame lock make this knife extremeley light. I was surprised to find it was comparable in blade length and size to my benchmade 940 because of the weight difference. Overall this knife has been great and a favorite since I’ve had it.


Michael D.
6 years ago

The action on this knife is unbelievably smooth. Your wife will be annoyed, because you will be flipping this constantly. Fortunately, once it's open, it cuts well too, and it looks good doing it. It's a future classic for sure.

Gentlemens EDC

Anthony M.
6 years ago

I picked this guy up back in November after the clip on the knife i had been carrying for 4 years broke and it gave me an excuse to get a new one. I have carried this knife for the past month and a half every day. Its sharp, its sleek, and it is acceptable with everything. I carried it in jeans and slacks, shorts, sweats, and a suit (ZT will send you a deep carry pocket clip if read more you request one). This knife will be part of my edc for the forseeable future.

First but not last

Tanner W.
6 years ago

Great size overall, lightweight, and fits in pocket with an iPhone 6 Plus. Recommended to anyone who is thinking about buying.

The delica and mini griptillian better watch out

John k.
6 years ago

the zt 0450 is the perfect small-medium sized edc blade, it slots right inline to compete with the spyderco delica and the benchmade min-griptillian and in my opinion it is better. it looks killer, flips beautifully, locks up strong and cuts with confidence. zt has done it again.

The best knife I have!

6 years ago

The best knife I have! and I have all the important ones.
Very fast shipping to Israel.
Thanks DLT!

I bought this as a

Edgar P.
6 years ago

I bought this as a gift for my father-in-law. It's an incredibly elegant knife with an incredibly aggressive flip-out. I'm a knife amateur, but it doesn't take a knife fanatic to enjoy opening and closing this knife for 30 minutes straight. Also, DLT did a great job engraving the black blade, something I was initially nervous about. For a quality knife you expect someone to keep read more for the rest of their life, engraving it seems completely worth it.

Awesome well built edc

Chris Okey
6 years ago

Awesome well built edc

Awesome blade! Highly recommend.

Gary M.
6 years ago

Awesome blade! Highly recommend.

Light, sharp out of the

Javier Saturno
6 years ago

Light, sharp out of the box, veeery strong detent. Hopeful it will smooth out in a few days. Impeccable service, as always.

Perfect EDC blade

Ryan d.
6 years ago

Just what I was looking for! Most ZT knives are simply too big for everyday carry. I wanted something light, yet strong and that could still get the job done. This knife is the answer. Great ergos, fits perfectly in my pocket and weighs almost nothing! 10/10

G10 scale

6 years ago

@ David K: The 0450G10 sprint run version is still available. 2.6 oz, with one side G10 and the other titanium, containing the d??tente ball, framelock, etc.

Big knife

6 years ago

If u want a big knife, that carries little a small knife . You will love it. All quality, it's a ZT

My First ZT!

Justin T.
6 years ago

This is my first ZT and it didn't disappoint. The knife is fantastic and stupid sharp. The shipping was supper fast! Thanks Bladehq!


Charles M.
6 years ago

Sent one of these back where I purchased it... it was extremely difficult to open. The one that replaced it was just as difficult. Of all my flippers this is hands-down the hardest to open. It certainly doesn't "flip." I can open it, but it all but tears my rotator snapping my arm to do so. Kept #2, but I don't carry it. Looks good in the display case though.