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The foundation of Boker Knife Company was laid in 1800 by Heinrich Bernhard Römhildt in Remscheid, Germany. In 1831 Heinrich's son, Carl August Boker moved his company to the "Solinger Dorfkrug" and started production of straight razors. The company became successful and soon started exporting products to the US. Around 1860 they decided to add pocket knives to their product line and they began producing large quantities of knives for soldiers during the American Civil War. After the war they turned their attention back to producing straight razors and it wasn't until 1879 that they once again started making pocket knives on a regular basis. In 1906 they opened a new factory in Solingen and began using new machine tools which allowed them to mass produce their knives. This increased production efficiency and helped them keep up with demand. The company continued to grow and by the start of World War II they were employing over 1,000 workers. During the war they were contracted to produce trench knives for the German military. At the end of the war their factory was destroyed by Allied bombs but they were able to rebuild and continue production. In 1957 They opened a second factory in South America which helped them increase sales in that region. Today, Boker is one of the world's largest knife manufacturers with over 1,000 employees worldwide.. Looking for Boker Knives? KnifeCritic is here to help you find the best Boker Knives for your needs. We have gathered information about the top Boker Knives on the market to help you choose the right one for you.

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Boker Magnum X-Over

$27.95 $25.16

Boker Plus Hawkit

$29.95 $26.96

Boker Magnum Hope

$41.95 $37.76

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