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Boker Pocket Knife History: From Blades to Kitchen Knives If you're looking for a German pocket knife, chances are good that Boker is one of the first brands that comes to mind. The company has been making knives since the 1600s, and today they offer a wide range of blades for both collectors and everyday users. Whether you're looking for a traditional folding knife or something more modern like a kitchen knife, Boker has something to suit your needs. The earliest known record of the Boker family is from 1617, when Hans Heinrich Hochberg married Apollonia Boker in Solingen, Germany. It's believed that the family began making knives around this time, though there are no records confirming this. The first official mention of the Bokers as blade-makers comes from 1762, when Johann Heinrich and his son Heinrich Wilhelm registered their business with the city government. In the early 1800s, they began using the trademark "Tree Brand" on their knives, which is still in use today. By the mid-19th century, the company had grown significantly and was exporting knives all over Europe and even to America. In 1868, Robert Klaas founded a company in New York City to import Boker knives for sale in the US market. Around this same time period, other companies like Wusthof and Henckels were also importing German knives into America. In 1897 Robert Klaas passed away and his sons took over the business; they expanded it significantly and began producing their own line of American-made pocket knives under the Klaas name. In 1964, Hugo Korn (great-grandson of Robert Klaas) sold his share of the business to Hermann Heirs & Co., another cutlery manufacturer based in Solingen; at this time "Tree Brand" was dropped from all American-marketed products (although it remained in use elsewhere). A few years later Hermann Heirs & Co., now known as "Böker USA," moved its operations to Denver, Colorado; shortly thereafter they began selling both imported German blades and American-made blades under one roof. Today "Böker USA" is part of HEGLA GmbH & Co., which also owns Wusthof and other cutlery companies; however they continue to operate out of Denver with a staff of skilled craftsmen who produce high quality pocket knives (and kitchen knives) for sale all over the world. Looking for Boker Pocket Knives? KnifeCritic is here to help you find the best Boker Pocket Knives for your needs. We have gathered information about the top Boker Pocket Knives on the market to help you choose the right one for you.

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Boker Plus CFR - First Responder Pocket Knife

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