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About Benchmade Puukko

The Benchmade Puukko is a traditional Scandinavian-style knife that has been reimagined for modern use. The blade is made from durable CPM-3V steel, which is renowned for its toughness and edge retention. It has a full tang construction, which means that the blade extends throughout the entire length of the knife, providing added strength and stability. The handle is made from a beautiful combination of stabilized wood and G10, which provides a comfortable grip and excellent control.

The Puukko is designed with a classic drop-point blade that is ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and maneuver, while the razor-sharp edge is perfect for slicing through everything from rope to wood. The knife comes with a leather sheath that can be worn on the belt or attached to a backpack, making it a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike.

Overall, the Benchmade Puukko is a top-of-the-line knife that combines classic design with modern materials and construction. It is built to last and can handle even the toughest cutting tasks with ease. Whether you're camping, hiking, or just need a reliable tool for everyday use, this knife is sure to exceed your expectations.

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Benchmade Puukko Detailed Review

This review will examine a knife's materials, construction, shape, functionality, durability, and usability to provide an objective assessment of its quality and performance. We will evaluate the blade material, construction precision, handle quality, cutting ability, durability, and maintenance requirements to provide valuable insights into the knife's usability.


The materials used in this product include a blade made of CPM-3V steel, which is known for its toughness and resistance to wear and corrosion. The handle is made of santoprene, a synthetic rubber that provides a comfortable and secure grip even in wet conditions. The knife also features a leather sheath for safe storage and transport.


The [product name] Puukko is constructed with high-quality materials and attention to detail. The blade is made from premium steel and is hardened to optimize its durability and sharpness. The handle is crafted from wood or synthetic materials that are designed for comfort and grip. The design of the knife includes a Scandinavian-style blade that allows for easy maintenance and versatile use in a variety of situations. The construction of this knife is backed by the manufacturer's warranty, ensuring its quality and reliability.


The shape of this knife features a traditional Scandinavian design with a slightly curved, drop-point blade that is perfect for carving and slicing tasks. The handle has a simple, ergonomic shape that provides a secure and comfortable grip, even during extended use. The overall design is sleek and functional, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and anyone who needs a reliable cutting tool.


The Benchmade Puukko is a versatile and functional knife that is designed for a variety of outdoor and survival tasks. Its blade is made from high-quality steel and is designed to be both durable and sharp. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip, and the overall design of the knife is balanced and ergonomic. The knife also features a full tang construction, which adds to its strength and durability. Additionally, it comes with a leather sheath that makes it easy to carry and store when not in use.


Based on numerous reviews and expert opinions, the durable construction of this particular puukko knife is praised by many. Its blade is made from high-quality steel that can withstand rigorous use and maintain its sharpness for an extended period. The handle is typically composed of sturdy materials such as G10 or Micarta, which are resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the ergonomics of the handle design provide users with a firm grip and comfortable handling.


The usability of this product is exceptional. Its ergonomic design and high-quality materials make it comfortable to use and durable. The blade is sharp and easy to maintain, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Its compact size allows for easy portability, and the sheath provides secure storage when not in use. Overall, this product is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile knife.

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Brand Benchmade
Category Fixed Blade Knives
Overall Length 8.25"
Blade Length 3.75"
Blade Steel 3V
Blade Finish Satin
Handle Material Santoprene
Country of Origin USA
Cutting Edge 3.50"
Blade width 1.00"
Blade Thickness 0.14"
Blade Material CPM 3V
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.50"
Handle Width 1.28"
Handle Thickness 0.79"
Color OD Green
Weight 4.54 oz.
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Sheath Leather
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Model Puukko
Model Number 200
Best Use Camp/Hike
Product Type Knife

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Useful Knife

Grant Price
1 year ago

The Benchmade Puukko is a pleasure to use. The handle is comfortable, and the blade came razor sharp. The sheath doesn’t hold the knife tightly, but that's easily fixed by placing an inexpensive felt tab just below the mouth of the sheath. The sheath has a plastic liner it will adhere to. A very good nice for a reasonable price.

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Great service and price

Martin Clennon
2 years ago

great service and price

Great knife - terrible sheath

Scott Blevins
2 years ago

This is a great knife especially for the money! You can't go wrong here. The sheath, however, is completely useless! If you trust your knife in this sheath you will soon be without a knife. 0% retention unfortunately. Benchmade should definitely know better! DLT was awesome as always with outstanding customer service and speedy delivery though!

Great knife - poorly designed sheath

2 years ago

The knife was great for the price, 3V for $127 is awesome, but the bevel was uneven at the tip (one side seemed thick), which was relatively easy to fix when I put a convex grind on the knife. That being said the sheath is terrible hence the 4 stars. if you plan to go from a sitting position to standing while wearing the knife you will likely loose it eventually in the woods or read more in my case, in the bay when getting out of a kayak. Do yourself a favor, get a new sheath to protect a good knife.

Benchmade Puukko

Bruno Oberto
4 years ago

Great knife, just what I wanted, DLT kind precise and timely. Thanks

Puuko perfection

John Kelley
4 years ago

Benchmade nailed it here. Fantastic design and price.

Great Knife

Cody Villella
4 years ago

Very nice knife at a great price!!!

4 years ago

I bought this knife for my son at the recommendation of my grandson. He is very pleased with it. Made a very nice Christmas gift.


4 years ago

Happy with the experience in ordering and happy with the knife!

Love the knife....absolutely hate the sheath

Matthew Pusic
4 years ago

3v blade is great..Knife handle is wonderful, and so is the price. Only question I have is why not the full scandi grind till the edge of the blade..the sheath while well made has absolutely no knife retention unless you rely on gravity, and I don't like to rely on gravity to hold my knife in its sheath...that's it...Mora Garberg for me is still the better bang for the buck here...