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Spyderco’s C109 “S” is insanely lightweight, cuts like crazy and is comfortably priced. The blade is made using MIM Technology, the latest in metal injection molded blade construction. 440C steel is injected into a spider web shaped blade, then ground fully flat. It’s matched to a web-cut anodized aluminum handle that has a hard-use rated nested Compression Lock®. On the blade’s spine and choil is jimping, a ruddy texturing that generates friction and tactile resistance when in contact with the thumb and index finger. While cutting, this keeps the knife firmly in hand and controlled. An ambidextrous tension wire pocket clip carries the closed and pocketed knife facing tip-up. One of the strongest, safest lightweights to enter the 2007 cutlery ring, the “S” weighs a nominal 2 ounces and delivers an eyeful of cool with cutting performance expected from Spyderco.

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Brand Spyderco
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 5.94"
Blade Length 2.44"
Cutting Edge 2.13"
Blade Thickness 0.13"
Blade Material 440
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 3.50"
Handle Thickness 0.54" 0.26" 0.46" 0.38" 0.375" 0.40" 0.43" 0.35" 0.42" 0.20" 0.48" 0.74" 0.53" 0.50" 0.49" 0.76" 0.45" 0.25" 0.093" 0.55" 0.47"
Handle Material Aluminum
Color Gray
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel Titanium Steel
Weight 2.00 oz.
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Knife Type Manual
Opener Thumb Hole
Lock Type Compression Lock
Model S
Model Number C109SLP
Designer Ed Schempp Eric Glesser Marcin Slysz Massimo Salice Sanna Dmitry Sinkevich Nati Amor Kevin Smock Paul Alexander Laci Szabo
Country of Origin USA
Best Use Everyday Carry
Product Type Knife
Sheath Polymer
Closed Length 4.56"
Blade width 1.125" 1.25" 1.375" 1.13" 0.88" 1.00"
Handle Width 1.00" 0.75" 1.125" 0.875" 1.25"
Pivot Type Washers
Material Adamantium

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The perfect Compression lock

Pearce S.
2 years ago

Perfectly sturdy, no flexing, doesn't feel like a bugout, overall a really great cutting tool. Scales are kinda meh, but there's a workaround for that. The blade came to me ultra-sharp out of the box, damn near all the way to the heel, unlike Golden.

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I love it but hate it at the same time

Peter P.
2 years ago

Ok, so I will start off by saying it’s a great knife and I love the blade shape, compression lock, action of the pivot system and M4 is solid steel.

I knew that going into this purchase and I took out my Delica and endura and was like “you know what I don’t mind these scales. I’ve beaten the crap out of these for years and they are still solid knives.” VG-10 vs read more M4. That being said this FRN handles on the Sage 5 with a compression lock just don’t belong. They are ultra-thin where the compression lock is and I feel them bend every time I go to close the knife.

Is this a bad knife? No, not at all. In fact, I really genuinely like the ergonomics and blade shape of this over my PM3. Even if it was S35VN/S45VN. I’ve started I don’t know how many fires and made feather sticks with my PM3 and that isn’t happening with this knife with the FRN scales. It’s not built to be able to and I get that. I just feel like they will crack in due time where the compression lock is.

Great price

Maxwell M.
2 years ago

Amazing knife, great materials, fun blade steel, corrosion resistant
If you are thinking about getting one you should absolutely get it. If you aren’t thinking about getting one you should get one anyway, you won’t regret it.

This thing rocks!!

Scott T.
2 years ago

Big fan of this knife, its very light and a solid EDC. It also looks really good to me!


Chris L.
2 years ago

Love this knife! Everything about it is awesome. The only downside is, I don’t like the texture of the scales the knife comes with personally. Hoping to soon find a replacement since it seems that they are limited but other than that the knife is awesome.

Nothing but good things

Bradley H.
2 years ago

I used to carry a para 3 as my edc but this will be taking over my pocket for the foreseeable future. There really isnt anything negative to say about this knife. Full milled liners, compression lock, perfect centering, m4 steel, great ergonomics and excellent fit and finish from spydercos taiwan factory. The color combination might be hit or miss for some people but I tend to like read more to have a little color in my gear. Considering this is basically the same price as a standard para 3 I don't think you can go wrong.

Best compression lock Spyderco out of the box

2 years ago

This is by far the best compression lock Spyderco out of the box that I've ever had, on my other compression lock knives its taken months for them to feel as smooth as this one did the first time I used it. On top of that this blade shape is great for breaking down cardboard, and M4 is quickly becoming one of my favorite blade steels. And the TiCN coating on the blade looks awesome, read more its way more reflective than the DLC and seems to resist getting marked up a lot better. This is my first Spyderco from Seki City, Japan but the fit and finish is so good I will not hesitate to pick up another from there. Being the lightweight model I knew it would be light, but I didn't expect it to disappear in my pocket so easily. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Spyderco knives, if you are looking at it just buy and you will not be disappointed. They did a great job on this one for sure.

Great EDC

Darren H.
2 years ago

I own a handful of Spyderco knives, and this model has very quickly risen to be one my favorite that I own. If you are in the market for a good knife that feels great, slices well and carry’s well, I’d highly suggest this knife in any of their configurations.

One of the greatest ever

Amanda C.
2 years ago

From the fit and finish, to the perfect hollow grind, and the perfect swage Grinds,The butter like action not to mention the contoured TI!! When you take that pocket clip off and run the knife like it was designed to be in my opinion the ergonomically‘s on that knife or magic like I said one of the greatest knives ever to come out of Spyderco in a very long time

Perfect EDC

Matt B.
2 years ago

I had an on-and-off of my wishlist again relationship with this knife for quite some time due to the price and mixed reviews. I finally committed -- and I can honestly say it's now my favorite EDC folder I own (it's far from being my most expensive).

The Good:
- The blade came perfectly centered and sharp. There was no lock-stick whatsoever (I bought mine on BladeHQ read more in 2021, so I got the newer version with black hardware and ceremic detent ball). - The ergos are just incredible and it fits perfectly into my hand without any hotspots (size XL gloves). The wire clip nearly disappears on a firm grip as well.
- The weight is exactly as listed.
- I'm really enjoying the blade shape. It can poke and gouge better than I thought it would as well, thanks to where the blade comes to point, unlike my sheepsfoot Caribbean which struggles in that particular task.
- I'm a big fan of LC200N as a steel, but the entire package from blade to hardware being nearly rustproof is pretty fantastic for me, as I work in a humid warehouse environment for 12 hours a day.

The Bad:
- The lanyard tube does have a faint "ticking" sound if I wiggle the knife. This is easily fixed with a thick oil or loctite, but for me the sound is faint enough that I will just leave it as it is.

If you're on the fence about this knife like I was, don't be. It's genuinely fantastic to hold, to carry, and to use -- all while providing you with next-level rust resistance.

Fantastic folder

Charles A.
2 years ago

This is a great every day carry knife. Much lighter than my PM2 and Para 3, but with the same great compression lock. More of a gentlemen’s carry than a hard use knife. It is a great addition to my Spyderco collection.

A great knife stuck in a sea of hate

Callum h.
2 years ago

if you like the style of this knife I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.

Bad Blade Grind/Dull

Robert W.
3 years ago

This is my 3rd Spyderco knife.I was very disappointed to see this knife out of the box has a bad uneven blade grind. The edge was dull also. I also found the knife to be heavily loaded with thick oil, unlike my other Spyderco knives. Date coding on box said 2018. Where has it been all this time? I wonder if it was a return. Disappointed.

What A Pretty Knife

Ethan U.
3 years ago

First off, I'd like to mention that I love it when Spyderco does collaborations, because they always come out gorgeous! This is no exception with the SpyOpera. Blade stock is just thin enough to slice nicely and the natural mirarta scales really offer style and grippiness all in one Spyder-Lion package!

A great introduction to Spyderco

Thomas K.
3 years ago

I spent a LOT of time trying to choose my first Spyderco knife. In the end, I decided i wanted the compression lock, about a 3 inch blade, and low cost. This one won out over the Para 3 LW based on looks, to be honest. (I like the leaf shaped blade over the deformed hump. What can I say...)
This thing is SWEET out of the box. Very easy for even a first timer to flip open, and read more NEARLY drops closed with the compression lock opened. I'm sure that a little use will break it in even more.
Love the look, feel, and function of this knife.

Overall a good knife

Leonard B.
3 years ago

The Spyderco Swayback has a great/cool blade, smooth action and goes into my pocket easily.
There has been a lot of talk about the pocket clip and I admit I would have preferred a wire clip. But the stock clip has grown on me, so I have decided to not replace it with a deep carry clip.
The only thing that keeps this knife from rating a five is the access to the spydie hole, read more which is tight. You can easily open the knife once you learn how.


Alan d.
3 years ago

this is a high quality piece yes the clip and the hole issues but overall quality and who knows maybe a collector like the bowie someday

Form and function

David K.
3 years ago

This is a beautifully designed knife, but it's also very functional. No frills, just thoughtful engineering and perfectly executed manufacturing. Great choice in materials! Functions perfectly as an EDC, and is useful for food prep. the corrosion resistant materials make it easy to maintain and keep clean.

I wanted to love this knife

Tyler G.
3 years ago

I, like everyone else, LOVED the Bowie and the Chef, and have eagerly awaited getting my paws on the Swayback. On the good side, the fit and finish are outstanding. However, the negatives outweigh the positives. 1-- The spydie hole is hard to access and the blade is difficult to deploy. I'm sure it could be broken in over time but it just wasn't a great experience overall. 2-- The read more upswept ergonomics aren't great. I know it's a swayback but the larger size of the knife makes it less comfortable than smaller sized swaybacks I own. I have small/medium sized hands so your mileage may vary. 3-- Lastly, I'm able to prick my finger on the tip of the knife while it's in the closed position. Again, I have smaller hands but still think this will be an issue for most folks. For all the above reasons, I returned the knife.

Remove the clip

Robert S.
3 years ago

(This is a different Robert S. than previous)

I was surprised to see poor reviews on such a beautiful Sway Back example. Then I realized it had little to do with the knife. Also, the knife is made in Taiwan. NOT China.

I am quite certain that the clip was added mainly to prevent complaints that an expensive knife didn't come with one. In truth, the Sway Back style read more shouldn't have a clip. It is a "throwback to a traditional design" when clips weren't expected. Look up other Sway Back examples to see what I'm talking about. Or look at something like the Benchmade Proper.

Just take the clip off...It shouldn't have been included in the first place.

Great Tool, Not So Great Pocketknife

David M.
3 years ago

Complaints about this knife's lack of hand comfort are largely correct-- the clip is a miss, the handle is a bit too big for the pocket, and the flick-ability is minimal. It is a great tool, however, and for what it is the Slycz Swayback is a honkin' good knife that future enthusiasts will appreciate as a masterpiece of simplicity & function. The only Slycz Spyderco that will not read more work for food prep, the Swayback is both elegant and rock solid.

Premium build with one glaring flaw

Jacob A.
3 years ago

- excellent fit and finish
- very thin behind the edge
- beautiful hollow grind and nice swedges
- contoured ti handles
- smooth action both flipping and disengaging lock

- undoubtedly the pocket clip!
- depending on who you are the access to the spydie hole could be an issue but it doesn’t bother me too much

like the para read more 3, this guy isn’t great until you replace the stock clip. I used a mxg non-deep carry stonewashed ti clip and it completely changed the look and feel of the knife for the better. I really like the look and feel now and it performs great at edc tasks.

Superb knife

Rick U.
3 years ago

Exceptional build quality. Great blade shape especially for slicing. The locking mechanism is well engineered and strong. Deployment is satisfying. The knife carries nicely in pocket and is thinner than many of my other knives. Good job Spyderco!

Could use some improvements

Mitchell W.
3 years ago

I was really excited to get this knife. The hype around it is real and I've enjoyed using and carrying it in my EDC rotation. There are a few things that for $234 should have been obvious in my mind.

First is the fact that you can actually touch the edge of the blade with your fingers when it's closed, potentially cutting yourself. This is a serious design flaw in my mind...your read more knife shouldn't be able to cut anything when it's closed!

Second, the cutout for the frame lock just feels too small and not close enough to the pivot to be able to close easily. This might just be how my hands work but it just doesn't feel very natural to me.

And finally, why is there no steel lock bar insert? Just....why? Why would you not put one in....I'm just at a loss for words.

Besides all of those factors, I still enjoy carrying and using this knife. The fit and finish give it a premium feel and the LC200N makes me comfortable using it for all kinds of food prep, including citrusy fruits.

Holy flippin' hotspot, batman!

Nicolas V.
3 years ago

This is just an awkward knife all around. This is not helped out in the least by the absolutely horrendous pocket clip. For some reason, Spyderco chose to forgo the standard hight pocket clip seen on all their other knives and go for one that's dang close to 1/8 of an inch taller, resulting in just about the worst feeling knife in the hand of any Spyderco knife I've held to date. read more I highly recommend either getting your hands on this knife in person to see if its right for you, or buying this with the intention of getting an aftermarket clip. After having this in hand for a few days, I've settled on the fact that this knife is more of a showpiece more at home on an Instagram feed rather then a knife meant for real-world use.

She loves it!

Ed b.
3 years ago

This is the third Spyderco I have gotten my wife. She carried a Ladybug and a Dragonfly and used both of them. When she received the pink Squeak she told me to go ahead and put the older knives in the safe. Not sure if it’s the color, the knife itself, or the fact it has her name on it. In the end the only thing that matters is she loves it.

Love it!

Troy D.
3 years ago

This is my EDC. Love the shape. Actually bought two now because I messed the blade up on the first one. It is my favorite knife. I've used it to cook as well and love it.

What more can be said - it's great

Mitchell B.
3 years ago

I took this camping to check out all the great food prep capabilities.
Pros: Great blade shape and steel for food prep, appreciate the pinch grip contouring in front of the pivot, wire clip

Cons: A bit expensive - you can get a Caribbean for 50 bucks less with a longer blade which is easer-to-find on a small table

As much as I love and appreciate the excellence read more of this knife, I find myself grabbing other less expensive options that are equally capable. That said, this would probably be the answer to the question, "What if you could only carry one folding blade the rest of your life?"

I love this knife!

Tyler M.
3 years ago

I think this knife is awesome. I love the shape of the blade and the ergonomics of the handle, the locking mechanism is super sturdy and perfect, it opens well but is different than my other Spydercos. I often use it for food, especially apples. I also use it for pretty much everything else, opening things, cutting meats, gardening stuff, edc. My favorite part about it is how Well read more it slices. Very functional and sturdy knife. I’m Impressed! Have been using it most days for 5 months or so still cuts the same all I do is strop it once in awhile.

My favorite Spyderco so far

Marty M.
4 years ago

Many Spyderco knives in my house but this is my first titanium frame. I mostly use my EDC for food prep and so this is my absolute favorite.
It is comfortable in hand, the quality is spot on. The opening and closing is smooth. I put away my para 3 and started to carry this one instead. This is a costly knife but it is a good value for the price.
Mostly designed for a righty read more but could work for left handed use. I recommend this as one of the best Spyderco’s yet!

Salt 2, keeper

Michael E.
4 years ago

The salt 2 is what I waa looking for, a Delica that is completely rust free. Great knife.

Fishing beater

Adam S.
4 years ago

Can throw this knife around and let it get wet. Son uses it while fishing. Perfect for the boat.

Great EDC Knife

Robert C.
4 years ago

This is a very light, very slicey little knife. It came extremely sharp, the build quality is very good, and I really enjoy the compression lock.

It doesn't quite disappear into the pocket as well as my Native due to the wider blade, but it still carries very well.

My only real complaint is that I'm not a huge fan of the FRN scales. I hope that BHQ gets some customs read more in for it sometime in the near future.


Dane T.
4 years ago

If you're looking for a heavy knife with pore edge retention and a thick blade this sage 5 lightweight is not for you , but if you're in search of maybe the best edc knife out there, this Spyderco might be what your looking for , 6 stars out of 5 .....again wow

The compression lock folder I've been waiting for

Braden W.
4 years ago

I fell in love with the compression lock when I got my first PM2, but I tend toward using less beefy knives. The original Sage 5 was nice, but the action just didn't hold up to the PM2's. The Para3 is great, but I still found myself wanting something leaner. Thus far, this knife seems like an awesome middle ground between the two; lean and slicey like the original Sage 5, but with read more an action reminiscent to that of the PM2, thanks to that bushing in the pivot. This is a lot more than just a regular old Sage 5 with different scales. This may just be the compression lock folder I've been waiting for all this time.

Great fit and finish

Connor W.
4 years ago

I bought this knife after wavering on buying it for months. Its definitely on the pricey side, but it is beautifully made and is great materials, and practically disappears in your pocket. Great for EDC, and very glad I made this purchase despite the initial wallet pains.

If youre by water

John R.
4 years ago

I won this in my search for the #ifoundthesaltbladehq as a second place winner. I love the knife. It has become my main EDC knife and its got a great belly and stays sharp. It is nice that i dont have to worry about any rust on it. It made me a bigger fan of spyderco

Love it

Duane P.
4 years ago

This knife has become my surprise daily driver. I actually love it so much that I bought a second one so I have a backup for when this one eventually goes to that magical butcher block in the sky. I can't recommend this enough.

What a gem. Worth the wait

Joey E.
4 years ago

First, let me say this is not my first expensive knife. However, it is my first Spyderco! With that said, I must say this knife is a beauty! Excellent finish and tolerances. Solid lockup and easy disengagement. Upon first getting it in my hand it felt like I would not be able to flick it open, but just a couple days worth of use and she broke in perfectly while still keeping tolerance. read more
One thing I can say is this is definitely not a knife for lefties due to the RIF design, so that is one thing to consider.
A lock bar insert and an over-travel stop would complete this knife to near perfection in my mind. Similar to what Nick Shabazz had on his example, my only issue is that the lanyard hole does rattle a bit. But you can't hear it unless you go searching for it and hold it up to your ear. So I couldn't care less about that minor flaw.
I think this knife is an amazing design for EDC, office carry, and I've found it quite the joy on picnics and other times when a slightly more food capable knife comes in handy. I'm very happy I waited for it to come back around. If it isn't sold out, get one. Especially considering it is a Slysz design. Don't miss out like on the Bowie!

Curious Bit

Jozef J.
4 years ago

I really didn't want to like this knife. It's more expensive than I typically buy for and it looks kinda funny but I actually love it. Wire clip is amazing. The weight is a little heavier than I expected which I like. Nice high grind. I use my knives a lot for food and this blade shape is perfect for food prep. The steel too. Oh man the steel is a winner. Good enough for NASA good read more enough for cutting up some hotdogs.

New Favorite

Matthew M.
4 years ago

I bought this knife specifically to carry on the job. I work in a hot, humid environment and have a problem with corrosion on my pocket knives. It's nice and light and super slicey. I only have 2 issues with it. It didn't come as a sharp as I have come to expect with Spyderco, and the action is very tight and stiff. It was also totally covered in lubricant. Those are minor details read more really, and this is an awesome knife, and there's a lot to love about it. Glad I got it

The Master Chef

Curtis F.
4 years ago

When this came back in Stock at the good folks of Blade HQ, I said done and done..bought without hesitation..I had to have this classic..the Slysz Bowie is still on my list but presently unavailable, so the Spydiechef is..it’s great fit and finish and super steel blade makes this knife a prized possession..did some oiling and it is awesome action in the hand makes me want to carry read more it every day..so glad I bought it.

Lives up to the hype

Patrick B.
4 years ago

This knife has a lot of hype around it and for me it has lived up to all of it. I usually carry smaller less than 3" folders and this knife is larger than most of them. However because of its thin size it does disappear in my pocket. The blade shape is also proving to be very useful. I have not used it in any hard cutting task but day-to-day task it is really good. I am very excited read more about the steel on the knife. Whenever I go fishing or I am near the water I am always very apprehensive about the knives I bring because of the rust issues. But the steel on this knife will make it an easy choice to EDC when it gets wet!

Awesome knife

Luke h.
4 years ago

super light, great action, and literally a great chef edc. great slicer, 100% recommend.

Surprise Favorite

4 years ago

Bought this knife cause of the hype. Not my typical type of knife. But soon became one of favorites. I just love the lines its such a cool looking knife. I like the wire clip. I love how it slices and how sharp I can get it.

Thankful for the Re-Release

William J.
4 years ago

So I missed out on the first run of the Chef and I wasn't going to this time. I have a pretty decent collection of Spyderco's Salt series and hated I didn't pick one up the first run. I looked to buy one on the second hand market and they were going for $3-400 for BNIB which was too much. Then I missed an amazing deal for a lightly used one...Magically they were Re-Released this read more time updated with "upgraded hardware" per Spyderco. I received my new Chef on Saturday and finally got around to opening it on Sunday, only took it out of the box then posted a question about the coating of oil that comes on it. After I was told that it is just how it is sent from the factory, I wiped it off then boom...Blade centering was all the way to the right and scrubbed the inside when closing. Thankfully BHQ's customer service was great! While I was on hold waiting for a return label, I went ahead and ordered a second one and sent the first one back. Hopefully this new one will not have any issues. Will update when it arrives.

Great size, wonderful pocket knife

David K.
4 years ago

This knife is fantastic. I'd love to see spyderco release this in different blade steels and a lockback version. It's a helk of a knife for what it is though. The slipjoint strength is strong and sturdy.

Imperfect, But my Favorite

Noah H.
4 years ago

Objectively the action is not perfect. It doesn't quite drop shut despite my best efforts, but it is still a good action and I can get it to have a minimal amount of play and still drop with a small amount of wrist movement. My favorite of the knives I own. The carbon fiber (even though it is not fully CF) is classy and the Spyderco wire clip is great. Fantastic ergos with the finger read more choil. I would recommend this knife to anyone.

Vacation knife

Aaron G.
4 years ago

For my vacation knife it has to be
1)salt water resistant.
3) not to expensive to loose.
4) low maintenance.
I really like this knife it is very light weight, the pocket clip is titanium and has good retention. I did wear it in the ocean and the H1 steel worked well. One small spot of rust formed by the H1 logo after days of swimming but wiped read more right of with 3-1 oil.

Great Knife

Brandon W.
4 years ago

Cuts great. LC200N is Awesome. The titanium construction makes this knife hard comfortably slim in the pocket.

Everyone should own a Salt Series!

Joshua G.
5 years ago

I love the Delica 4 and this was my second EDC purchase, I leave it in my Disc Golf bag since I live in a rainy area and have many rain rounds. The Salt 2 goes thru all sorts of water and deals with all sorts of random small cuts. It's a great knife design, the all back hardware is my favorite, and the H1 completes the trifecta!

The worst action. Slow shipping. Didn't send my free t-shirt

Jeff P.
5 years ago

This would be a great knife if it were made in the US factory like the Paramilitary 2. The action is so ridiculously tight that I can press the compression lock and shake it hard and it still won't close. In fact the blade doesn't even move. Very disappointing (especially for the price). I'm now second guessing buying the Kapara when its available again as it's made in the same read more Tiawan factory. Which sucks because I was really looking forward to that knife.

If the action is because of excessive use of thread lock than shame on Spyderco for not fixing this problem after so many complaints. Another thing I noticed was the detent ball gets caught in the compression lock cut out on the blade when closing. This is why you have to press so hard that it hurts your finger tip. Also, as others have stated, the edges of the hole in the blade are sharp.
I hope this saves someone else the irritation of thinking they are getting a small compression lock knife that works like its a mini PM2.

This is a great, well made knife that is ruined by minor manufacturing issues that would be easy to fix. Could see the Sage 5 being as popular as the Paramilitary 2 if this happened.

Blade Hq shipping is the slowest I've encountered so far in my knife collecting. I was also supposed to receive a free Spyderco t-shirt with my order. It wasn't sent. The free shirt isn't a big deal for me but I still would have worn it around the house if it came. For my first order here I'm not impressed.

Great Dragonfly Alternative for the Restric5ive Jurisdictions

John V.
5 years ago

Great fit and finish, great ergos, and better-than-VG-10 steel at a lower price than the DF2. Factory bevels were even. The wire clip is perfect. Strong half-stop and a useful finger choil.

If you cannot have a locked blade and/or are limited to smaller blades by your city/county/state/country, this is a great option.


Mark G.
5 years ago

Replaced a lady bug with this for my mother beinf had issues with the lock and small size too. She loves it and can safely use her pink spyder as needed without cause for concern . love it so much just put another in wishlist for my daughters graduation .

Ergonomic beach knife

Joshua B.
5 years ago

I bought this knife mainly for the rust resistance and was a little worried I wouldn't love that ergos but it's perfect. This knife fits my large sized hands amazingly. The fit and finish was great right out of the box and this has knife jumped straight up into the top 3 favorite knives I own. Can't wait to take it to the beach!


Dan M.
5 years ago

Love love love this knife.

Favorite knife to date

Michael M.
5 years ago

Bought this for the blade shape and rust resistance. This has easily become my most carried/treasured knife. Great factory edge, still going strong after much use. I've brought it in many outings and used it for a plethora of tasks including food prep, cutting up wood, opening boxes, and more. Only trouble I have is keeping it out of my fiancee's hands. She likes to think it's hers.

Great knife but not for me

Joseph M.
5 years ago

This knife,in my opinion, has its certain purpose for use. I carried this as an EDC and the H1 steel gets dull fairly quick with medium use. I’d for sure carry this if I’m heading to the beach or when it’s raining!

Got through QC......

Kyle R.
5 years ago

Great knife. But had a huge bur that made the knife unusable until I sharpened the factory edge......

My grandmother loves it!

Taylor w.
5 years ago

I bought this knife for my grandma who has arthritic hands. She has trouble manipulating locking mechanisms on most knives. Thanks to the half-stop on this knife, my grandma can open and close this knife, and feel confident doing so. She loves the "Squeak" name and the pink color too. The knife is very comfortable in her hand while using it to cut too. If you have someone who has read more arthritis in their hands, and doesnt like to use auto knives, I highly recommend this knife!


Noah A.
5 years ago

This is a great knife one of my favorites

Awesome little blade

Jared S.
5 years ago

This knife is honestly all anyone really needs during a regular day. We all want more but this will handle that box and that dirt under your fingernail just the same. Spring could be stronger but it does have a nice half stop that allows this to not only be a very safe slip joint, thanks to that forward choil, it also makes it very comfortable to operate completely one handed without read more fear of chopping into your fingers. It’s a great knife for lightweight carry. Good companion knife or a knife for places with iffy laws you’d rather not get landed in the slammer for.

Lives in my pocket

Joel C.
5 years ago

Super sharp and smooth. I might buy 1 more I love it soo much!

No rust, but easily scuffed

Walter C.
5 years ago

I got this for an upcoming fishing trip off the Florida Keys. While I like the look and design, and it will serve its intended purpose (corrosion-proof), I was surprised at how soft the steel is and how easily it scuffs. I'm still glad I got it though.

By far the best Spyderco I own.

Erin R.
5 years ago

To start the Spyderco hole bump is not something I’m a huge fan of so the fact this doesn’t have that “problem” already is a huge bonus. I love the design it fits well in my hand and the blade is a good size without being a “scary” shape. I love how thin it is, which allows a big knife fit in girl pockets. I also like knowing that this knife is a knife that you can basically read more use for anything because you don’t have to worry about it rusting. This is an amazing knife and I hope Spyderco keeps making it for years to come.

Cutting Machine

Christopher M.
5 years ago

I first saw this knife when scrolling through Spydercos on blade HQ (one of my favorite a s moat expensive pass times). It was available for the 5 dollar pre order and I jumped on it! To my pleasant surprise, it wasn't like g before it shipped and I had this beast on my hands.

It feels just like a delica 4, but even lightweight and that serrated h1 in a wharncliffe is a read more no brainier. It cuts everything in front if it and holds an edge very well. I've only stropped it once and it just keeps going, honestly my favorite knife and it's basically no maintenance.

Decent little Knife

Andrew O.
5 years ago

This knife is overall, pretty good. The great wire clip is a plus, the blade is an Excellent slicer, and the lockup is snappy and solid. The only issue I have with it is the spyderco's peel-ply style Carbon fibre scales are very poorly done.

My favorite knife

Hansen M.
5 years ago

Other knives I have I can nick pick about things I don’t particularly care for. Not the case with this one. Fit and finish are top notch. The feel in the hand is just outstanding. And the smoothness, this thing is butter! Drop a tiny blue lupe and just open and close this thing for hours binge watching Netflix documentaries until your women yells out you like I do.


Clint T.
5 years ago

I loved this knife. It quickly became my favorite EDC until it opened in my pocket as I was pulling it out. Cut to the bone and I haven't carried it since. The tip of the blade is too close to the end of the handle scales and not recessed enough in my opinion. It grabbed my pocket material and bit me like a snake.

A spyderco staple

Jacob C.
5 years ago

This is a perfect do it all knife. The steel is perfect, action is great, and is the best slicer I’ve ever owned.


Peter P.
5 years ago

Really nice knife. I own multiple Spyderco knives now and I definitely prefer the leaf-shape blades like this and the Manix 2 over the more common Spyderco blades. Love the compression lock, but honestly I prefer the feel of G-10 to the carbon fiber.

Favorite edc

Michael J.
5 years ago

pretty much put all my other edc knives out of a job. slices like no other, solid build and feels great in hand. people say it's ugly, but i love its atypical and functional shape

Really worth!

Harry Y.
5 years ago

It is good looking, easy to open by both hands, fitted hand well, easy to sharp and have supper corrosion proof steel.
Its disassembly is also easy so that I can maintain it well.
What a amazing knife! I should say, I paid what I want to have. Wonderful deal.

Best EDC I've ever owned

David C.
5 years ago

This knife is phenomenal on so many levels. S30V steel is durable and easy to sharpen, the CF scales don't show wear, even when scraped against metal tools in my pocket all day at work. It's lightweight, has super smooth action, and the ergonomics are unbelievable. If I could rate this 6 stars, I would.

One of My Favorite EDC's

Daniel p.
5 years ago

Super slim and lightweight. Excellent blade and action. It took me quite a while to buy it due to the price tag, but I have not had a single regret since placing the order!! If you're on the fence, do it. This knife makes me happy every time I handle it!

Great small knife

Nathan B.
5 years ago

This is a good pick for travel. Because this is a short blade without a lock I would expect this to be legal anywhere you can open a knife one handed. Obviously check any applicable laws. Being slim and lightweight helps make it easy to carry.
Keep in mind that the back spring isn't super strong. It works well but it can start to fold if you pull up while it's jammed in cardboard. read more Fortunately the choil helps hold the knife open and keeps the edge from closing on fingers.
Because the blade is short it can be difficult to scoop and spread peanut butter without getting any in the pivot. It's possible but not easy.

Perfect serrated knife

Daniel J.
5 years ago

This isn't a vegetable chopper, a firewood chopper, or an attack helicopter.

This isn't a skinning knife, nor is it something you'd want to cut 3/4" sisal rope with for hours at a time.

But for opening packages, cutting string or twine, picking an occasional splinter, or even for taking the pit out of a cherry, it's nearly perfect.

The main design consideration read more here is a knife that carries invisibly. It doesn't spyder-flick well, and it's certainly not drop-shutty. It's like a flat, smooth rock in your pocket, and there's always something I've found comforting about that.

Definitely buy the serrations. Serrations get in the way on some knives, but for the tasks this knife is actually good at they're a major plus.

One of My Favorites

5 years ago

This knife really is great. It just finds its way into my pocket. If I'm going hiking around water, fishing, going for a run, food prep, or if it just looks like it might rain. Takes a great edge and its so light weight that it disappears in your pocket. Absolutely a must have if you are an EDC type of person. Now about that hatchet from Knife Banter ....

Baby Chainsaw

Derek O.
5 years ago

I love this knife! Ive owned 3 and my wife owns 1. Ive cut through thick vines and ivy with it. Cut up coffee cans with it to make a scooper. Cut through tons of zip ties with it. I even sawed my wAy into a broken bear canister with it. You can take it anywhere. You can even hold it like a claw and act like a velociraptor! Best spyderco ever! There is nary a thing this knife cant read more saw through! Buy it! ......By it!!! Also, I want that spyderco tomahawk. I too would like to destroy cars.

Perfect for my beach job

Maxx N.
5 years ago

I work in Miami near the beach and salt is a major concern especially when my pockets get wet. This knife was the perfect answer for me. Now I’m completely worry free and with Spyderco’s amazing quality it’s the perfect combination. This is my 2nd Spyderco and there will be more in the future!

Possibly the best Spyderco ~3" Spyderco ever made.

Mikael P.
5 years ago

A bold statement in the title, but one that I can easily stand behind. The Sage blade is just amazing and with the compression lock Spyderco has really hit the jackpot. It flies open like any Spyderco, the lockup is solid and with no sign of play. It is not the smoothest knife I've ever owned, but it is a fantastic user that can be trusted to hit way above it's size.

Worth Your Time

Forrest D.
5 years ago

Got this on an impulse. I wasnt certain that I wanted it because it looks like a dumb banana when it's closed and not too much of a looker when it's open either, but it is massively functional. Saved a few family dinners last Christmas when the rental house had completely dull knives.

A must for spyderco fans

Michael M.
5 years ago

I own many spyderco knives but lately the sage 5 has been monopolizing my pocket. I love the textured peel ply carbon fiber and compression lock but most of all I love the ergonomics. It’s so comfortable. If you’re thinking about picking one up, stop! Just get one, you won’t be sorry.

Great EDC and Food Prep Knife

Scott J.
5 years ago

Great knife for everyday carry, ergonomics and blade profile make it a great knife for a variety of roles, I use it a lot for chopping vegetables and fruits while camping. LC2000N holds an edge very well considering its high corrosion resistance and I feel like you're not sacrificing anything for that feature. My ony gripes is the location of the spydie hole make it hard to do a read more right hand spyie-flick, I've learned to use my thumb instead. Unfortunately due to this feature paired with occasional lock-stick, I find my PM2 makes its way into my pocket more often than the 'Chef. Still an awesome knife, 4/5 stars considering everything else


Jack T.
5 years ago

My go-to knife when I’m in the water. It eases my mind when I’m snorkeling because of my irrational fear of sharks lol.

Love this Knife

Wyatt S.
5 years ago

The Spydiechef is one of my favorite knives in my collection. Lockup is rock solid and feels great in the hand. Works great for edc, especially in areas by the ocean because of the corrosion resistance. However, I will note that the lanyard tube can rattle ever so slightly. But everything is so great that it doesn’t even bother me.

Its very nice *borat voice*

Dustin M.
5 years ago

Finally picked up one of these bad boys the other day. worth the money 100%. No clue if it cuts good because i'm too afraid of hurting it so it sits in my room. This knife will help you land a date 100%. BTW anyone got a spyderco axe they want to get rid of?

EDC perfection 👍🤙✌🖖❤

Shane m.
5 years ago

I've wanted this knife for a long time and finally landed one last week. I couldn't be happier!! Its slim, lightweight, but also has a strong feel about it. The steel is amazing in the way that it doesn't need to be pampered or oiled all the time, also holds an edge comparable to s35vn.. it has tremendous cutting capabilities and the blade profile allows you to really get the whole read more blade down and into your materials being cut. Overall great knife, everyone who likes knives should at least have this in their hand one time...if your on the fence.....dont be.., this knife couldn't disappoint if it tried. Not to mention, you couldn't tear it up with a bull dozer and a jackhammer! Buy 2 , 1 for each hand lol! 👍😋

New ceramic detent

Ian H.
5 years ago

This knife is so smooth, no grit or blade play at all when you open it.

Squeak works

Doug B.
5 years ago

Gave this knife to my wife as a gift. She loves it. Hasn’t put it down.

Hard working knife

Dan D.
5 years ago

This is a great knife for someone who uses their knives hard. My line of work exposes me to all kinds of environments, from corrosive chemical to some pretty dirty waters, and this knife holds up great. The blade can take almost anything you throw at it. The yellow handle makes it easy to see for you and others around you. I would recommend this knife for anyone looking for a strong read more work knife at a good price point. Thanks blade HQ and spyderco.

What are you waiting for?

Lynn K.
5 years ago

This spyderco hits all the high points, 3 inch-ish leaf blade, carbon fiber for looks, upgraded blade steel, and a cool compression lock. Size, shape, toughness, and looks, this is a great EDC blade. Well above the middle of the pack.

Ultimate EDC

Lyndon D.
5 years ago

This is the best edc money can buy. It's super slim, phenomenal blade shape, great finger choil, deep carry pocket clip, and superb blade steel. This is the knife that started my obsession with the Sage line. I love you and my wife hates you for it. Thanks BladeHQ

My go to edc

Josh W.
5 years ago

Efficient, low maintenance, visibile, food prep, general edc task, easy to sharpen, after market deep carry clip, great edc for me since I work with water, chemicals and fly fish. Am also surrounded by the Great Lakes.😊

One of Spydercos best models

Joshua L.
5 years ago

Such a great design..... Disappears in the pocket....a little pricey but still a great knife

Bring on a exclusive!

Robert J.
5 years ago

I'm waiting on an upgraded steel - I'm spoiled by some of the other Spydercos.

Yep. It won't rust.

Brian G.
6 years ago

When they say it won't rust, they aren't lying. It won't rust. I took it playing, diving and kayaking in the ocean. Rinsed it off in water after and no issues at all. 2 years going and it's still one of my favorite knives. So worth the money you will want 2.

4.5 stars

Matt c.
6 years ago

The good: The blade shape is great, cuts tomatoes well, the handles are very thin. so it's easy to carry. There is no blade play and it feels like a solid knife.

The bad:

Many people love spyderco wire pocket clips, I am one of those people, I have a dragonfly and I like how thet clip is on that knife, however, the wire clip is pretty flimsy, on the dragonfly that read more doesn't really matter because the FRN handles don't show wear, but on this knife, the pocket clip slides back and forth on the titanium handle and show wear very easily and I assume it will only get worse with time, so I took the clip off and carry it in pocket.

The lockbar is also fairly uncomfortable to push down and makes the knife hard to close, but I suspect this will become easier when it breaks in.

The price is pretty high, $190 would be more reasonable.


It is now easier to dis-engage the lock bar.

The lanyard tube started rattling, I have heard this is a common problem, I guess I could use some blue locktite to fix this.

Simply Amazing

Justin G.
6 years ago

Currently my absolute favorite knife that I own. It is beautiful, comfortable in hand, perfectly sized (for my hands, at least), smooth, and simply enjoyable to use. This was my first Spyderco (and compression lock) and I am thoroughly impressed.