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About Spyderco Para 3

The Spyderco Para 3 made a name for itself as one of the best EDC Knives out there, and the Para 3 Lightweight made it even better! It is a joy to operate, and thanks to the bi-directional texturing of its FRN handle, it is lighter and grippier than ever. Instead of the classic spoon clip, Spyderco employed a wire clip that is gentler on your pocket, carries much deeper, and further reduces the weight. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better ultra-light folder anywhere, so slip this guy into your pocket and learn what it means to EDC with ease!If you like this MODel, we guarantee you'll enjoy our otherSpyderco Para 3 folding knife variations. We offer a range of different handles, blade finishes, and blade steels.

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Brand Spyderco
Category Folding Knives
Overall Length 7.27"
Closed Length 4.29" (109mm) 4.26" (108mm)
Blade Length 3.00"
Blade Thickness 0.14"
Blade Steel BD1N S45VN
Handle Material FRN
Pocket Clip Tip-Up
Lock Type Compression Lock
Weight 2.40 oz.
Country of Origin USA
Blade Finish Satin
Blade Style Clip Point
Edge Style Partially Serrated Plain
Handle Thickness 0.46"
Manufacturer Ref. # C223GPS C223GPCMO
Length 2.125" 4.25" 2.50" 3.00"
Thickness 0.04" 0.30"
Material Titanium G-10 Micarta Aluminum Kydex
Color Black
Model Para 3, Paramilitary 3, Para3, PM3
Product Type Knife
Blade Material CTS BD1N
Blade Grind Flat
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Handle Length 4.27"
Frame/Liner Stainless Steel
User Right Hand, Left Hand
Knife Type Manual
Opener Thumb Hole
Model Number C223PBK
Best Use Everyday Carry
Blade width 1.38"
Handle Width 1.10"
Width 1.25" 2.25"
Carry Neck

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Not for lefties

Ron P.
2 years ago

1st let me say that this is a well-built knife. Its lite weight is fairly easy to carry. It is NOT designed for lefties. The compression lock is almost dangerous to use properly because you have only your thumb and index finger holding the knife. The action is quite stiff when new, but it doesn't take too long to smooth out. Get a lefty model if you like this type of compression read more lock knife if you're a lefty.

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Great Balance

Joshua H.
2 years ago

Incredible balance between weight, strength, lockup, and price. Top 5 EDC of all time.

My favorite lightweight EDC

Victor R.
2 years ago

For the price this is an amazing knife as an urban EDC. It just disappears in your pocket. Frankly, outside of work my utility in an everyday urban environment is limited to looking cool opening Amazon packages and simple non heavy duty things like picking my nails, cutting threads, and fidgeting. Amazing EDC, just amazing.


Sam W.
2 years ago

I absolutely love this knife. It can prepare food as well as work hard.
Insanely ergonomic as well.

My only con. I wish you could upgrade more than just the pocket clip.

Good general purpose pocket knife

2 years ago

This knife was razor sharp out of the box. To me It's in that perfect size range where there is a decent amount of blade but nothing alarming if you pull it out while doing everyday tasks. The handle is substantial enough to get a good purchase on it but the handle is also my one and only complaint. The FRN material is extremely light but even with the stippling design, its very read more slippery and feels like plastic. There isn't enough texture to keep the knife from slipping through my fingers. Once its in my hand it stays there, but when doing things that require just the fingers like removing it from my pocket or using one hand to close the blade, its easy to drop the knife. The lock mechanism positively locks the blade when opened and can release easily with one hand. It doesn't close with the same positive click, but it will stay closed. I was not able to shake of fling the blade open without intentionally using my thumb or middle finger in the hole to push the blade open. Its important to know a tip up carry blade will stay closed and I have confidence this one will.

A perfect EDC knife

Derek Jimenez
2 years ago

This knife is really really nice and everything you'd expect from Spyderco in this price range. The fit and finish are superb and the action is buttery smooth. I'm new to the EDC knife world but I can say that this knife screams quality. I own a Paramilitary 2 and it is nice but it sometimes seems a little too big. The Para 3 fits nicely in my hands even though it is considerably read more smaller than the Paramilitary 2. A lot of people make a fuss about the pocket clip but I never clip my knife to my pocket so it doesn't matter to me.

S45VN Para 3

Greg Somerlot
2 years ago

This knife came razor sharp and perfectly centered. Great purchase, fast shipping!

Shop Local

Lee Jackson
2 years ago

Fine knife
Great seller. Local to me here in the mid-west with very fast shipping times.
No worries.

Para 3

Chris Dobbs
2 years ago

Awesome knife and great service.

Don’t think. Just buy.

Joshua pichette
2 years ago

This is my first nice EDC. The quality is noticeable. It’s fun to just flick open. It’s pricey but worth every penny. The excitement of ownership has not worn off. Some reviews said the g10 handles were too rough. False. This may be true for someone that has dainty hands. If you do maybe you should get a safety whistle instead of a razor sharp knife. #america

Actions is a bit stiff

Sean Fenske
2 years ago

Action is a bit stiff if it doesn’t break in I’ll play with the pivot but the rest of the knife is perfect. Always prefer to order from DLT is possible, great service and love the rewards program.

Great Folder

Brent brian
2 years ago

Great knife. Lightweight and easy to use. DLT was great again.

QC Issues

Ryan a.
2 years ago

Oddly enough, despite owning another Para 3 -- I had a few issues with this one. First, the clip comes loose so quickly and needs near constant retightening. Secondly, I'm not sure if it's the DLC coating but this one isn't nearly as smooth as my non-DLC coated Para 3. If you want a Para 3, I recommend another version.

Very very good quality!

Johnathan s.
2 years ago

This is my 3rd spyderco knife. I love it!! It’s been in my pocket everyday since it came in that mailbox! Very fast shipping (always fast shipping. Thanks BHQ) very well made high quality knife. This is my first time with the lightweight scales/FRN.. I always thought it looked cheap. But after pretty much flicking, fidgeting, and holding it on the first day, I really started to read more love the lightweight scales. Sharp out the box like all spydercos. I like the wire clip as well. The only thing is that I wish they sold different lightweight scales for this knife. It would be nice to buy some different color scales for this knife without having to buy a whole other knife. With that said. I love this knife! If you are looking at this and having a hard time pulling the trigger on getting this knife. Id say just get it. And if you don’t like it you can always send it back. But give it a day or two to grow on you!!

Pocket clip came out in two months!

Girish N.
2 years ago

I liked it because it was lightweight and solid metal however the pocket clip came out in 2 months despite the glorious claim of Spyderco that their clips lasts as long as the knife does! Approached BladeHQ who in turn passed me Spyderco's contact details! They never responded! ... so I would recommend getting the G10 version of this knife which has a solid clip with screws on it.

Para 3 S45VN

Adam Hermosillo
2 years ago

The knife is perfect out of the box and is very sharp. Excellent quality all round. Shippinh was fast and well packaged. Great knife and DLY is a great company to order from.

Father's Day Gift

Harold L.
2 years ago

One of my son's gifted me this knife, engraved with my name, for Father's Day. A fantastic knife and gift.

Ask the man who owns one...

Robert Patterson
2 years ago

DLT came highly recommended by the Spyderco Forum. Having already owned the Paramilitary 2, G-10, the decision to buy the Para 3, G-10 was a natural. My order was a seamless experience, and as expected, my knife arrived in flawlessly perfect condition. Simply so you can say reading this review proved informative, my title is a throwback to the early Packard Motor Company. I’m read more absolutely thrilled with my knife, and have learned to expect nothing less from Spiderco, and now the same from DLT.

Bob Patterson

Good knife, scales feel a little too cheap

Sam M.
2 years ago

I ended up returning this and ordering a full-weight para instead, as the scales felt a little too flimsy to me, but no complaints otherwise.

Favorite knife.

Martin Whitaker
3 years ago

Favorite knife so far. Carry it every day. More robust than para 3 lightweight if you don’t mind the little extra weight,this is a better choice.

Better Than Expected

Timothy Shreve
3 years ago

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how thick and beefy the blade was. Unlike my Delicas and Endela, side to side movement is minimal, despite the usual tiny bronze washers. Why can't they put a decent sized washer in a knife like this? The washers in the Griptilian are massive and do a great job limiting side to side movement. Spyderco seems to often really focus read more on ease of deployment, which usually means tiny washers that reduce friction, and a small amount of metal around the pivot area to reduce leverage when opening. This knife has a solid amount of metal around the pivot area. I didn't know if I would like the compression lock very much, but I like it. I would like it to be a little easier to push when closing the knife, but it also is used to hold the blade closed. It's already easy enough to open, so I don't want to lower the spring tension and then have it opening by accident in my pocket. This knife was tuned in a way that I would consider ideal for a brand new knife. It has only a slight amount of tightness at the pivot and I expect the washers to smooth out very quickly and give it a looser action in a few days. I plan to buy another one.

Meh. Has serious flaws

Danny L.
3 years ago

I really wanted to love this blade. The idea of it is awesome: light weight, compression lock, decent steel, decent price, etc... The execution is where it falls apart. It only has one washer which I think is it's fatal flaw. Due to this it's impossible to get the blade centered, and for the life of me I can't get the pivot screw loose enough to make the blade drop without having read more side to side play.

I hope Spyderco comes out with a 2.0 that has two washers. Until then I'll continue to EDC my Bugout.


Patrick Cavenah
3 years ago

The best product from the best distributor.

First real knife

Austin F.
3 years ago

this was my first real knife that I got for christmas. I love it is so lightweight and great edge retention it is far better than the bugout Jamie and kurt and you can fight me on that. But all kidding aside it is probably the best knife under 100 dollars

My favorite EDC carry

RIch Mihalek
3 years ago

Love this little blade, fits in the pocket nicely, not too big not too small - jusssst right. This one ticks all my boxes for an EDC. The pocket clip sucks like all Spyderco blades, just throw a lynch deep carry on this bad boy and enjoy!

Carried for 1-year

Matt R.
3 years ago

I got this knife for my birthday last year. I had been carrying a Spyderco Resilience which I like but it is way too big. I wanted a smaller lightweight knife that I could use in public without terrifying anyone. The Para 3 has been perfect! Stays sharp and I hardly notice it in my pocket. I highly recommend

Very Good Quality

Robert W.
3 years ago

First, BladeHQ got my order out quickly and it was packed excellent.This is the first Spyderco purchase for me. Long time Benchmade owner and buyer(Since 2004). I can tell any of you sitting on the fence about a Spyderco- BUY IT. The quality of this knife is awesome. The blade is razor sharp out of the box. The fit and finish is amazing. You are getting a lot of knife at this price read more from a company that obviously takes pride in their product. Do not be afraid to buy this knife. I also own a Bugout and can tell you this Para 3 LWT is leaps and bounds above it. The blade on this knife is what shocked me. A lot of attention went into that blade. Buy one, you won't be sorry! And to put the icing on the cake buy it from BladeHQ.


Alex h.
3 years ago

i will say after numerous months of owning this I have not had a problem and use this every day for work .PS to those who have to wear gloves for work this is great for it

Carried for almost a year

Eamonn H.
3 years ago

I carried this knife for about a year and it was a fantastic knife.
It kept its edge relatively well, disappeared in my pocket, which unfortunately was its downfall since I did lose it.
Needed some tweaking out of the box, but nothing to bad. The only real gripe I had with this was the wire pocket clip which although did not bend out of shape was a little flimsy.

Sage 5 LW is Better

Antonio M.
3 years ago

For a few more bucks I’d get a Sage 5. The weight difference is insignificant. The problem with the Para 3 are the shortcuts Spyderco made in the design. For example there is only one washer and half a compression lock. I found this knife very difficult to center the blade and still get smooth blade action as a result.

Middle of the road.

Seth G.
3 years ago

Overall I was not as impressed with this knife and I was hoping to be by all the rave reviews it has across the internet. The action was sticky and did not deploy reliably, even after tuning it to be better than it came stock. The same can be said for the closing action as well. The blade never seemed to make up its mind about if it was going to close of not. I blame this solely read more on the design of the compression lock. Press it in too far and the blade sticks on close, don't press it enough and the blade stays locked in place. The sweet spot for getting it to work properly was about 1/4 of a mm. Way too finicky for my taste. All that being said, I really did like the blade and the ergos were pretty nice. I can think of worse blades to buy for $112. Ultimately though, I ended up returning mine.

Missing a body screw but still wonderful

Elisabeth L.
3 years ago

Great condition other than missing a body screw. Compression lock is super solid. Blade was razor sharp out of the box. Very smooth action and suuuper light.

The baby pterodactyl

Matt L.
3 years ago

Spyderco Para 3 LW. If I had to describe in one word, about what sets this knife apart from others in its price range, I would say "surprised". Pleasantly surprised. Not really sure what I was expecting, but I'm pretty sure, I got more. 1. Compression lock is wonderful. Liner lock that you access from the back. How clever. The knife is incredibly smooth to operate. Even though I read more am awful at the spydie flick, there are many (easier) ways to open this knife. 2. Handle is light (imagine that) and has a neat directional grippyness to it that reminds me of shark's skin. 3. Pocket clip is also surprising; cheap, flimsy pocket wire, or well designed, minimalist, pocket clip? I choose to believe the latter. A little worried that it will get caught on something and get bent, but so far so good. 4. The blade is short, pointy, scratch-resistant, and very sharp. The Para 3 is a little on the small side for me personally, but I know the good folks at BHQ really love their tiny blades. Despite that, the knife feels good and looks good. However, is it worth the price? Almost. Nearly, but not quite. It is a lot of dough for not a lot of knife, regardless of how much I like it. Would I discourage a friend from buying the Para 3? Absolutely not. Would I tell them to check out the Para 2 or Tenacious first....maybe yeah. Love my Para 3, and it gets loads of pocket time. Great knife, good purchase. 87/100

I hated it...

Bradley M.
3 years ago

I was so disappointed when I first handled this knife! It felt like a toy compared to my PM2; too small, too light, too plasticky, didn't swivel as smoothly...but at least it looked great. I decided to give it a go anyway and boy am I glad I did! Everything that I once hated about it, I now love. It completely disappears in my pocket, I can't even feel it. The blade is sharp and read more just the right size for every EDC task I've needed it for, the scales are deceptively super tough and feel good in the hand. The swivel broke in nicely and actually flicks more readily and smoothly than my PM2. Alas my poor, trusty PM2 has become one of the center console knives in my truck.

Just okay

Vincent H.
3 years ago

Pros: The knife came sharp and is lightweight as the name suggests. It sits well in the pocket and works well in a light EDC roll
Cons: I have larger hands and the ergonomics of this knife just don't work well for me. This is also my first spyderco knife and I have to say i'm not a huge fan of the blade shape of this knife either. The hole in the back of the blade hurts the ergonomics read more of the knife for me and creates a hotspot just behind it and at the base of the knife.
This knife is a good knife for someone who has smaller hands, or just wants a smaller knife that's unobtrusive for light EDC type tasks.


3 years ago

This knife fits perfect as an alternative carry to the para2. To me there is no advantage in the para3 over the para2, but the para3 lightweight is just perfect.

Lightweight yet sturdy

Matthew C.
3 years ago

Bought this knife after seeing all the hype videos for the Para 2. Wanting something a little bit smaller I chose this and am loving it.

The Para 3 is the perfect size for an EDC and is so light you don’t even notice you are carrying it. Despite the light weight the knife is super sturdy, and came out of the box exceptionally sharp. The one-handed opening and closing is read more a nice feature too. Highly recommend.

Para 3 LW

John G.
3 years ago

I have been carrying the Para 3 LW in my EDC rotation for a few weeks now and this knife is a beast. It disappears in my pocket to the point I forget it's even in there from gym shorts to hiking pants you dont even notice it. The deep carry wire clip I had my doubts about but no issues and it hasn't moved at all. The BD1N steel is amazingly sharp and easily handles paracord cardboard read more boxes and food prep. I also made some feather sticks for the bonfire and the blade is still hair shaving sharp. Shipping was fast and what else can I say except 5/5.

Para 3 is Good

Rod M.
3 years ago

After a few years with a Para 2 I needed something lightweight for shorts and a T-shirt. Initially I wasn't too impressed after the G2 scales on the Para 2 but it has grown on me little by little each day to the point I'm swapping out my $300 cf ZT for it. The action is smoothing out now so it's almost as good as my Para2. Almost, ;)

Spyderco fidgety!

Patrick M.
3 years ago

This is my first Spyderco purchase. Honestly, I never liked the look. But, after much research, video watching, etc., I decided to purchase. I've had it less than a week, and the "Spydie flick" took me about a day to get it. Now, I can't stop playing with the thing! I am not an everyday, hard use guy. I carry this most days, use it some days, but am absolutely enjoying this knife. read more Very light, and so fun to flick. So far, so great!

20 Year Anniversary Present

Reed T.
3 years ago

20 years of marriage deserves something special. I got this for my wife, also got it engraved. Blade HQ did a fabulous job on the engraving. It was smooth action out of the box, smoother than my Yojimbo 2 out of the box. I am glad I have it engraved as I am so tempted to just pocket this for myself. Spyderco is so awesome and fun functional knives. This is a total lightweight winner read more that is going to be appreciated and used for years to come.

Para 3 frn scales

Noel F.
3 years ago

Just the right sized edc knife for me. I liked how the frn handles are not too aggressive to the touch but still grippy enough for an easy slip proof grip. Rounded edges on handles makes them comfortable for long hard use. Blade came sharp enough to shave hair on my arm.

Great knife so far

Jeffrey E.
3 years ago

I've only had this about a week, but love it so far. The compression lock is my new favorite lock, and I love a wire pocket clip. It was really tight when I got it, but loosening the pivot a little helped. Came razor sharp. The weight makes this an ideal EDC knaf. If only I could master the spydey flick.

Bugout pesticide?...perhaps

Mitchell B.
3 years ago

My second knife ever was the G10 blacked out PM3 in 2013, and that is all I carried for 7 years. FF to 2020, and holy crud had things changed!
Pros: Great strength & toughness to weight ratio, super light in pocket, Spyderco fidget factor out of the box, typically excellent blade grind and a perfect pocket clip (Spyderco - learn from yourselves and start moving most of your models read more to the wire).

Cons: After a good month of carrying, the BD1N steel definitely lost that popping edge that my S30V PM3 took 2 or 3 months to lose - not a huge deal because it stropped up very quickly on the Sharpmaker fine stones. The jimping on the thumb ramp is great for ergonomics - but it catches and drags pretty severely when I pocket it tip-up right side.

Overall a great value and a great evolution to the PM3 for lighter carry, but I would not call it a Bugout killer - my Bugout out slices, has better edge retention, carries easier in the pocket, and matches the fidget factor of this PM3. The PM3 only wins outright on scale toughness and grip in hand. This is still a great knife and a standard for sure!

Buy it

3 years ago

To me this is a must have knife. It is my all-time favorite EDC. Great to carry, lightweight but hardy. I love the wire clip. The knife feels great in my hand whether open or closed. I think the all blacked out color looks awesome.

Business up front. Party in the rear.

3 years ago

Great knife, but it just seems a little imbalanced to me. The blade is relatively thick and heavy, which I like, but it feels odd with such a ultralight, and slightly slippery, handle. That said, the quality is top knotch. I love the Spydie hole and the compression lock.

Great choice

3 years ago

Just received my new Para 3 and I love it. This is my first real knife - I chose this one on the recommendation of a very knowledgeable family member, and it fits exactly what I was looking for. Big enough and textured enough that I can get a good grip, but thin enough that it conceals well in dress pants pockets. The blade opens easily and the compression lock is simple to operate. read more And at under $100, it was an easy decision. Very happy with it!

Not for me

William E.
3 years ago

This is my first Spyderco knife and probably my last. I own several quality knives such as, ZT, Benchmade, Kershaw, and more, so I thought after reading so much about Spyderco that I needed one for my collection. After just recently receiving my Para 3 lightweight I was very satisfied with the fit, finish, and materials used! Knife is a GREAT pocket folding knife! But I must need read more to stay with a flipper, auto, or spring assisted knife. I could not open this knife one handed with any comfort no matter how long I tried...and the knife was to tight to do the finger flicking I have seen done. Maybe I could adjust the screws and make the blade more loose, but if that was necessary it should of came that way. Maybe I just need more practice or maybe I just need to stay with a good flipper.

Fantastic kinfe

Skip M.
3 years ago

Sits in your pocket so light you forget it's there, but it's plenty sharp to handle any cutting task....

First Spyderco

Nick M.
3 years ago

Received this knife a few weeks ago and love it. Came sharp out of the box and with only a few adjustments on the pivot screw it flies open and drops shut. The wire clip, overall weight, and compression lock are also great features. A great introduction to Spyderco knives for less than $100!

Probably the best knife i will ever get!

Ian D.
3 years ago

This is a great knife for EDC! It works great for every day cary and is also stands up to hard work.

Worthy of the price and reputation

Jeremy j.
4 years ago

I have collected knives and swords for 20 years ranging from hunting to EDC and collecting.
Lately I've been looking into lightweight EDC knives for different possible situations and kept coming back to the para 3.
Its razor sharp and the blade locks into place tightly with no play in any direction. It has a good grip that doesn't want to snag on gloves or clothing. Its thin read more and obviously light.
I LITERALLY forget I'm carrying it.

It's worth it in every way possible.

First but Not Last

Charles E.
4 years ago

This was my first Spyderco. I just couldn't get my head around the odd design with the big hole in the blade. But I wanted to at least try one. I'm glad I did. This Spyderco is as light as a feather, with the injection molded nylon-backed handle and it's as sharp as any knife. It is easy to grip and hard to slip out of your hands. And the wire clip is the best I have experienced, read more because it goes on easy and won't damage my pants pocket like most others will eventually. Great knife!

Maybe best deal of 2020 period,

Henryk B.
4 years ago

Para 3 imho is the best deal currently available anywhere. Best combination of usability and edc friendly. Easily hides in the pocket. Great action and ergonomic.

Handles like a dream

Tripp B.
4 years ago

This is my first Para 3, as I’ve previously owned Enduras and Delicas, and it’s my first compression lock. I love the fact that the lockup is solid, yet the blade swings free when the lock is engaged. All that in a knife that I forget is in my pocket. Speaking of pockets, I’m a new convert to the wire clip. Love it. The BD-1N steel sharpened very well, and we’ll see how read more it holds an edge, but thus far it is still sharp after numerous cuts on wire insulation and cardboard. All in all, I’m thrilled to carry this knife daily and I’ll likely buy another when new editions are released.

Great Knike

Horace S.
4 years ago

Fine blade, light weight, great ergonomics, and good clip. Can’t ask for much more.


Zachary p.
4 years ago

i really like the style of pocket clip, the style of the lock as well. very smooth knife. now we just need more color options for these.

Good knife!

Oliver L.
4 years ago

If you are looking for a budget friendly knife to EDC then this is it. Comparing it to the bugout, the FRN handles don't feel as nice as the Grivory on the bugout but the price makes up for it! Love the compression lock but makes it hard to carry southpaw which I knew that. All in all its a nice budget friendly knife with an amazing brand behind it!

Great Lightweight EDC Knife

Mark D.
4 years ago

I usually tend to like slightly larger EDC knives. I never had any interest in any of the standard Para 3 knives, but when I saw the Para 3 Lightweight I thought it looked cool and bought one. I was shocked how much I loved it. It quickly became one of my favorite EDC knives and it has a regular rotation in my pocket. It opens smoothly, and although it is very lightweight, it still read more feels good and substantial in your hand. It is often compared to the BM Bugout and I have one, but prefer this over the Bugout (which is also a good knife). The PM3's handle just feels more solid in your hand. If you are thinking about getting one, pick it up. It's an awesome little knife for under $100.

The best Everyday Carry Knaf

Jesse G.
4 years ago

I've owned other Spyderco knives. I've always wanted a Para 3. Now that I've purchased one, I understand what all of the hype is about. This knife is perfect. The deep-carry clip. The fact that it's lightweight in the hand. Great blade steel. And it just looks so darn good in all black. Easily the best purchase I've made on a knife.


Caleb M.
4 years ago

This is probably one of my favorite knives right now. I wish I had gone with the black bladed one but that's just me (I love tactical knives). Mine came with a little blade play and I've tried to tighten it up but haven't gotten it yet. other than that I love it. Very lightweight although I don't have a regular Para 3 to compare. P.S also the blade centering on mine is a little read more off but no big deal.

Just, yes.

Luke T.
4 years ago

It is my favorite EDC. It is incredibly comfortable, looks fantastic and cuts like a champion. It nearly disappears in your pocket! i have honestly forgot about it a couple times and nearly washed it. Lesson learned. Also, the compression lock it just wonderful. It definitely has the fidget factor! If you're on the ropes, get off them and buy the knife already

Wins the lightweight Title belt!

Dyami M.
4 years ago

Great innovation on this knife. Kinda feels like where the Para 3 was always meant to be. I own the original Para 3 as well ( and a paramilitary 2). I find the grip is better and the clip is better (deep pocket) than the original para 3. I do think there is some strength lost in not having the steel liners, but I didn't buy this as a "heavy duty" knife. I think for the type of knife read more it is, it's just perfect. I haven't had time to see how well the blade steel holds up, but seems promising. I am a big fan of spyderco's compression lock and was happy to see them integrate it into their lightweight series. Thank you!

1st time buyer and user for EDC

Juan M.
4 years ago

right off the bat love it.
i really didnt know what to expect as i've never owned a real folding pocket knife beyond a leatherman wave. I needed something that was light, durable, ergonomic, & made in the USA (just a performance). after much research (thanks for all the info from BladeHQ & GideonTactical) i went with the Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight.

As soon as i held read more this in my hand i knew i made the right decision.All the corners felts smooth but held a great grip in my hand. Pocket clip is amazing! And performing a Spidy Flick sounds so nice.
Overall i think this knife is great for anyone looking for something that is easily tucked away and can perform many daily around the home/office tasks.

Blade sharpness is pretty dang hot. This knife is slaying any amazon boxes that look at me the wrong way.

My Primary Purpose: Around the Office & house tasks

Material (USA!)

Wish the bi-direction texture grip was flipped or even vertical based
The Spidy-hole is a bit sharp around the edges.

Regrets?... should have picked up the blacked out version too

Amazing EDC

Branden M.
4 years ago

Absolutely amazing knife. I was expecting it to be a little stiff, only having a washer on one side of the knife, but it falls shut easy! Love the all black design, and it really is weightless. If you are debating, buy it, you won't regret it!

Para 3 lightweight

Douglas h.
4 years ago

best buy under 100

EDC Perfection

Drop S.
4 years ago

I've always wanted a Para 3 in my knife lineup, but the G-10 version wasn't for me. I bought this knife instead & after a couple weeks of carrying it I really love it. The "QC" on this knife is flawless. Looks great. Disappears in the pocket. Ergo's are incredible. Wire clip for the win. Compression locks rock & the DLC coated blade is quite impressive. This knife outperforms its read more price tag. My Bugout has been replaced. Thank you Spyderco & BladeHQ.

Nice carry

Michael M.
4 years ago

Really enjoy carrying this light knife. It has taken the place of my Para 2. Now if I can only figure out how to skydive flick it!

First Spyderco Wow

Brad J.
4 years ago

This was my first Spyderco knife and it won't be my last. I got the hang of "the hole" pretty quick and it beats flippers and studs by a lot. The knife opens smoothly and is comfortable in my hand even holding it closely. I've used it for box cutting, big surprise, with no perceptible edge dulling. It's now my carry knife.

Thanks Spyderco

The best got better!

Kelly A.
4 years ago

If you have a Para 3 already, you'll love this knife! When i first got it, i was a little concerned that it was too lightweight and that the FRN handles needed to be chamfered a bit more, but after use it has proved to not be a problem at all. Ergos are even better than the normal Para 3 and despite its size, it vanishes in the pocket. I love it!

Great EDC knife

Duane C.
4 years ago

I've been carrying a Kershaw Clash for the last couple of years. This is my first Spyderco, and, other than learning how to deploy it quickly, and it being a little tight, being new, it is a really nice knife. I really like how lightweight it is and yet it is sturdy and seems to hold an edge well. My new EDC knife. Thanks!

Stunning! A masterpiece!

Nick R.
4 years ago

Larger than I thought it was going to be! I paid close attention to the specs but it still seems larger than it should! No complaints but i was curious what the thirteen extra dollars over the Delica were getting me. I am not disappointed! Not knocking the almighty Delica, but I'm obsessing over every detail right now and cannot find anything negative to say about this knife! The read more lock is my first like this so still getting used to it, but it seems solid and out of the way. The blade is beautiful and opening is smooth but not loose at all. The clip looked a bit dodgy at first but seems to be tighter than i thought it would and I think the rounded wire may be easier on pants than some other clip designs. I strayed from Spyderco a bit recently just because there are so many choices for us spoiled knife guys these days but this has me refocused! Great job Spyderco and great job BladeHQ! I'm digging that glow in the dark Delica you just added to the site!

Good knife

Leanna F.
4 years ago

I bought this to see how I felt about the para 3 in general and the price point wasn't bad. I gave it to my mom because of its lightweight handles. She carries a lot of knives and multitools on her belt, so I thought one with a bigger blade that wouldn't weigh her down would be a good addition. I'll end up buying a heaver one at a later date. I liked this knife, but she'd get more read more use out of the lightweight aspect.

Great Knife & Good Price

David D.
4 years ago

This Para 3 Lightweight has exceeded my expatiations, after a short breaking in period. I was unsure of this steel as I had never heard of it and researching the steel resulted in mixed reviews but I have been impressed with it so far and after 2 weeks of moderate use, it is still razor sharp. The compression lock definitely has a lighter, if not "cheaper", feel compared to my other read more Para 3 & Para 2 knives and took a while for me to get used to it's different feel but it does do it's job and locks solid every time. It's a great lightweight & dependable option for those times when you're not wanting (or able) to carry a little heavier Para 3 (or 2) and I'm glad I have it for those times but I prefer the slightly heavier weight and feel of my G-10 handle Para 3 for my EDC Knife.

Outstanding Small Knife

David W.
4 years ago

I've only had the Para 3LW for a couple of weeks but have a few observations: A few people (I was one of them) seem to have confused the new CTS-BD1N steel with the older CTS-BD1. Not to worry--Blade HQ's Knife Steel Guide says that they're completely different, BD1N is the budget BD1's "bigger, badder brother" and would likely rate as a high end or premium steel. There are a couple read more of cutting and edge retention tests on YouTube that bear this out--BD1N appears to rank between VG10 and S30V, very good for an unpowdered steel. I've been using it daily, mostly for cutting cardboard and food prep--I did one five-minute touch-up with Sharpmaker fine stones and it remains shaving-sharp.

When I received mine the action was pretty tight--I loosened the pivot screws an eighth of a turn on each side, worked it for 20 minutes and now it's fine, easy to open and close one-handed. The blade swings free when I depress the compression lock, yet there's no side-to-side play at all. The grind and centering were spot on. I have large hands but the handle fits them fairly well, considering. The FRN has a good, grippy texture. I like the jimping on the thumb rise and finger choil. I like the compression lock. I really like the wire deep-carry clip, it's effective and nearly invisible. I like it better than the Delica or the standard Para 3 (especially for the price). It's indeed lightweight and I forget I'm carrying it, yet it serves well enough for 90 percent of my knife chores--it's small but it gets the job done. Overall the knife has a feel of precision and quality. At $91 the price is fair.

The Para 3 LW has been billed as a major competitor for the Benchmade Bugout...I don't own a Bugout but I've handled and used one briefly and it felt a little tacky in comparison--I definitely prefer the Para 3 (especially considering the $45 price difference). I like the compression lock just as well as an axis lock, and I've grown fond of a Spydie's wide, flat blade. The Bugout is a tiny bit lighter and a fraction of an inch longer, not enough to make any noticeable difference. The steel quality is about equal. For ease of opening and fun fidgeting the Spydie hole beats thumb studs hands down.

This isn't my only knife, but for those times when a smaller, lighter, unnoticed knife is all I want (when I'm wearing a suit or light shorts for instance) the Para 3 LW is a great choice.

Updated 9-4-20
All of the above still holds true. One comment...nearly everyone's top 10 or top 5 knives YouTube includes the Spyderco Delica (not the Para 3LW) and I don't get why when for $14 more you can get the Para 3LW...similar size, weight and shape with two major differences: BD1N steel scores about twice as high in edge retention tests as VG1 and also the Delica is a lockback, making it nearly impossible to Spydie flick...I don't own a Delica and see no reason to, with the Para 3LW in my collection.

Never had a Spyderco

Dane T.
4 years ago

This is my first Spyderco. Blade is awesome, super sharp and lock is fantastic, wire clip feels a bit janky, but we will see, overall wow light and sharp, wow

My first Spyderco

Allen G.
4 years ago

Absolutely wonderful EDC, its replaced my Benchmade for the time being until I need a skinnier carry for suits and the like. Love the weight and ergonomics.

Beautiful/Discreet Knife

Michael B.
4 years ago

Came out of the box shave ready(Literally) Great EDC, Glad I invested in it.

Lightweight edc

Scott g.
4 years ago

Nice size. Love the frn handles, very grippy. No liners and wire pocket clip make this very light. The only con is the steel. I have a few bd1 blades and they are just a bit better than vg10, but not much. Sharpens and hones easily, just wont hold an edge like something better such as s30v. It's a good steel for the price. In order to get premium steel ,it would probably cost alot read more more.

That there's a para 3 lightweight

Andy Haacke
4 years ago

I purchased the DLT exclusive para 3 in M390. It was the first para 3 for me and I was really impressed. I actually ordered a bugout and called to change my order to this knife. I thought, why not get the lightweight version of a knife I recently enjoy. I'm glad I did. It may not be the same build quality but for the price and the wire pocket clip I love on Spyderco knives ?. It's read more a great purchase. I actually prefer the FRN and the edges are smooth. I carry this, the dragonfly 2, and stretch 2 in v-toku 2 most out of all my knives. Nothing wrong with a lighter FRN edc!

Best EDC I own

Russ W.
4 years ago

This knife has everything I look for in a great EDC knife. It has a great sized and shaped blade in a really decent steel. It has easy one hand opening and one hand drop close. Light weight at 2.4 oz. The deep carry wire clip is my favorite as well. The FRN handles offer plenty of grip. The jimping and finger choil are just-right too. What do I not like? I would of liked the option read more of other colors but I'm sure that's coming for this future classic.

Great Light Weight EDC

Jeff m.
4 years ago

Perfect knife for my daily needs. Edge was even and sharp. Quality build. Action was very smooth out of the box, more so now since a little break in. Great ergos. Highly recommend.

Awesome locking mechanism

Mark F.
4 years ago

The FRN handles make this a great lightweight EDC. My favorite feature is the locking mechanism. The compression lock makes one handed opening and closing truly effortless. The only issue is that it is really right handed only. I used to keep my phone in my right (dominant) pocket and keys and knife in my left. I had to switch pockets because opening the blade with my left hand read more was awkward at best.

So far so good!

Michael S.
4 years ago

I'm very fond of this knife. Super lightweight of course and feels good in the hand. Plenty sharp out of the box. Good action overall.

Can't wait till they release more colors!

Lightweight and handles well

Steve O.
4 years ago

This knife was sharp right out of their box and had great opening and closing without adjustment. The FRN is grippy and the knife fits well, even in my big hand. The engineering of everything is amazing for the price. A real winner. Big improvement with a clip for deep carry. Very lightweight.

Great knife

Stephen M.
4 years ago

Wish this was available 9 months ago when i purchased my Bugout. Small complaints about the Bugout with the axis lock breaking and waiting 3 weeks for a turnaround but in all fairness i did use it allot. This knife performs better in the food category for me and it is used for apples and that it does well. Not too much else to say besides the ergos on most any Spyderco are impressively read more well thought out and that the compression lock is a great lock mechanism at this price point. I am also enjoying the wire clip allot to I am always a but fan of the style.

My New Favorite Knife!!

Eric B.
4 years ago

Love this knife! I have the original Para 3 and I love it too, but this knife is so light and it feels like it can take a beating! Length of the blade is perfect and it feels really good in hand. The blade steel is good and this knife is very sharp out of the box. I have given it to others to use and they always ask about it and I send them to BHQ and tell them to buy it! It is read more a great all around user EDC knife. Spyderco has a real winner here.

Functionally perfect

Eduardo G.
4 years ago

Great size, lightweight, has a compression lock, great blade shape, carries well, great ergos. Its a small PM2 that is lighter than the para 3 G10 version, if you dont mind the FRN handles, this is a fantastic option.

Awesome EDC Knife

Ivan J.
4 years ago

I have a couple of EDC knives and got this one because I didn't have a spyderco knife and liked the idea of the compression lock. I like to have a knife that is lightweight so i had been wanting the Para 3. When this one came out, I knew this is the one I needed to get. I also have a benchmade bugout and i feel like this knife is on par with it. The blade is smaller but it looks read more a bit more tactical. I work in an office so I don't want to pull out a scary looking knife. This knife is ok in that aspect. I would say that this knife came razor sharp out of the box. I has become my daily EDC mainly because its light and the wire clip is so nice and easy to slip on and off of my pocket. The knife broke in very nicely after a couple days of use. Highly recommend this knife as an EDC!

Not perfect but good

Cody D.
4 years ago

Mine came significantly off on blade centering, that's why I didn't give it five stars. It also has a slight bit of blade play. Very light and holds edge very well. If your skeptical about the cts bd1n dont be. I had a native 5 lightweight in s35vn and I can't tell the two apart as far as ease of sharpening and edge retention. I would say over all it's a solid tool, I just think read more fit and finish could be a little better.

Fantastic EDC blade!

Sean L.
4 years ago

I'll save you some time. If you're a Spyderco fan, or you've ever thought about trying a Spyderco, buy this knife!

I love Spydie's but I never liked the Original Para 3. The LW model is superior. It's lighter, just as functional, and the repositioning of the lanyard hole allows for a deep carry wire clip. It's what the Para 3 should have been from the start.

In my read more mind it's main competition comes from the excellent Benchmade Bugout. (My favorite EDC knife). I took them both on a camping trip this weekend and they performed equally well. Both feathered wood with ease, both are great slicers, both are lightweight, and both are small in the pocket. I would give the edge in ergos to the Para 3 LW, but I feel the Bugout's pocket clip kept it better secured in the pocket of my shorts. The Bugout is lighter, but I didn't notice the weight of either one of them while hiking.

The blade in my example was very slightly off center, which looks to be caused by the bronze bushing being slightly thicker than the plastic on the other side of the blade. (The Para 3 only uses one bushing). Not a big deal to me.

This is an excellent knife. Try it, you won't be dissapointed.

Great Knife!

Mark L.
4 years ago

Love this knife for edc. Light, sharp and great one hand open and close action. Wouldn’t recommend it for hard duty, but for my type of edc, opening packages, cooking and other light cutting uses it is perfect.

Spyderco Para 3

Addie Cunningham
4 years ago

Why offer a fine quality knife like that with sub-standard CTS-BD1???????
At minimum give the little knife a chance with CTS-XHP!! S35V, S30V is better than BD1. Setting it up to fail!

Quintessential EDC

Douglas E.
4 years ago

The Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight ticks every box for the ideal EDC pocketknife. I can even overlook the lack of bottle opener (joking)!

Seriously though, the blade length is short enough to keep the life-fearing masses from running in terror, but long enough to get all the jobs done. The blade stock gives you some durability, but the FFG keeps it nice and slicey. The compression read more lock and drop-close action on the pivot is so smooth, that you will just want to hold the lock and swing the blade back and forth for hours (maybe that's just me). The handle has some pants-smacking good ergos (I'm not even sure what that means, but it's good), and feels well polished despite how crazy-light the FRN makes this knife.

Of negatives on this knife, I count 2, but I'm not sure they are all that negative. The first is that the pocket clip will only allow for tip-up carry. I'm one of those weirdos that likes the tip-down back right pocket carry my knives (mostly due to all the other EDC I keep in my front pockets). So, I'm trying to get along with a front pocket carry, because back pocket, tip-up means you have to flip the pocket knife around like a bali before you can even try to flick it open. The second negative, is that my poor Delica 4 sits all alone on my dresser reminiscing about the good ol' days of riding high in the back of my dungarees.

tldr: Get one! Only your Delica 4 will regret it!

Has the BM Bugout on its sights!

Gregory C.
4 years ago

Here are my observations vs the Bugout (I own two 535's).

-Hair shaving sharp out of box
-Ergonomics is near perfection as far as FRN goes
-Wire clip wins every time
-Compression lock pin doesn't come up to your index finger when disengaging
-Lightweight af (still not under 2 oz though)

-Unproven new CTS-BD1N steel compared to CPM-S30V read more but looks very promising
-Compared to the Bugout, it is thicker and wider in the pocket
-Also heavier by about .50 oz. Not a big deal
-Order back-log. Ordered this on Feb 5, 2019 got it on May 17, 2019

So far, really good!

Egan R.
5 years ago

This knife came razor sharp and drop-shutty out of the box. I know it sounds cliche but the P3L really disappears in my pocket. I've been carrying this knife exclusively since I got it a week ago and I love it!

Perfect EDC.

Ian McCoy
5 years ago

There’s so many little details to like about the execution of this little folder.

Great ergos. The handle shape due to the FRN are nice and contoured. The FRN isn’t as aggressive as something like the delica, but still grips in your hand.

The deployment is fast and snappy. And the closing was drop shit right out the box.

Mine came read more scary sharp. And the grind is symmetrical.

The deep wire clip is great. It carries very deep in the pocket and the knife is so light you’ll barely notice it there.

If there was anything I could nitpick, it would be the spacers, which are FRN casing steel cushings, but it’s a minor cosmetic niggle.

Overall, a fantastic knife and will be taking the top place in my pocket rotation for a long time to come.

Great smaller version of the PM2

5 years ago

Great build quality. Great steel. The sprint runs are nice but the basic black g10 version is excellent as well and easy to find.


Abner Mercado
5 years ago

Fast shipping, and excellent working on engraving the blade. Though i wish customers have the option of where on the knife it gets engraved. Other than that EXCELLENT!

Very Nice

Milton Maldonado
5 years ago

The Para 3 is a really great knife, a downsized PM2 yet it is still a fullsize knife and sits light in the pocket.