Best Hunting Knives in 2024

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There are two features common to all knives — a handle and a blade. Beyond that, knives can get very specialized depending on their ultimate use. For example, so-called survival or camp knives typically feature large, stout blades meant to help tackle the most common outdoor cutting tasks. “Everyday carry” knives or flipper knives are usually more svelte and foldable so they’re comfortable to carry in a pocket all day.

Even more specialized are hunting knives. As the name implies, they’re purpose-built for processing game meat after a kill. For that reason, hunting knife blades are roughly 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches long. Anything much longer or much shorter might make the knife a bit difficult to control. The handles are typically about four inches long, with a grippy texture for when things get messy while processing game. Blade material is similar to other types of knives, with steel formulations such as D2, M4, and Crucible Industries’ CPM series being very popular.

Mostmodern steels can be sharpened relatively easily and the best hold that edge for long enough to get through hunt after hunt.